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I started trolling and debating Atheists long ago but it wasn’t until 2012 that I really started sinking my teeth into them.  My criticism of Richard Dawkins and his God Delusion book was that he had conflated Atheism with Hatred of God and created a Meritocracy of Mocking & Ridiculing the Religious.  Being exposed to Nazi propaganda (as he was) in British schools (and as C. S. Lewis described) he created the Neologism “Meme” by benchmarking the Pollock Joke used by the Nazis as a form of Psychological warfare

Atheists claim that they aren’t organized so they can’t be a religion, but they are organized enough to have lawyers and lobbyists that attack small towns with vexatious litigations in order to remove semi-religious, secular objects of veneration that are popular with the majority of residents.

Atheists claim that humans are innately moral and therefore don’t need Organized Religion (as did Devin Patrick Kelley), ignoring the fact that Neural Myelination and Epigenetics is created by repeated patterns that were passed on to children through cellular memory.  Which means that in order to become “innately moral” mankind had to exert some moralizing influence on itself, namely, Religion.  If all religions were equal all people would be equally morally evolved, which is obviously not the case.

If Atheism is a Morally Superior, Saving Grace, which absolves all people of their ignorance and makes them more intelligent and a connoisseur of Science then please explain to me how the God of Scientism didn’t restrain this Sociopathic Atheist from committing this crime. 

Richard Dawkins is directly responsible and has leaked his own guilt by saying, “I have mixed feelings about the decline of Christianity, I feel it might be a bulwark against something worse (Islamic Terrorism).”    And that tweet was most likely prompted by myself.

Hating God doesn’t make people smarter, more scientific, or more moral.  It makes them obsessed.  

Einstein said, “Science without Religion is Lame.  Religion without Science is Blind.”  Why?  Because religion is the legs of science and science is the eyes of religion.  Conscience is a juxtaposition of the prefix “Con” with the word “science”.  “Con” means “with”.  Con-Science means “With Science” so what is “With Science”?  What is with science and has a moralizing influence on science?  What is the connotation (con-notation) of the word “Conscience”?


The Global Warming Fallacy

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Liberal Progressives malign people as “science deniers” because they don’t agree with the proposed solutions for Climate Change not all of which are actually stated, some of them are concealed, like depopulation.  Global Warming is a Trojan horse for Global Communism.  Carbon Taxes will allow Liberal Progressives to control the means of production by proxy which is the definition of Communism. 

They want to control every aspect of our lives including what we eat.  One of the largest producers of Methane is beef.  When they control the means of production and people start dying they can say, “We are not responsible because we can only produce this much in order to save the planet.”  The problem is that decomposing bodies also produces Greenhouse Gases, specifically the ones that they are trying to control. All life on earth is made of carbon.  Trees burn, BAM! Greenhouse gases. 

I am not willing to forfeit the right to choose who lives and dies to these tyrannical ass-clowns.  Look at what they are doing with Social Media.  If you say something conservative they demonetize your YouTube channel or PayPal prevents you from receiving payments.  Google censors your posts.  They deleted the original Ban Sharia group, my group.  700 advocates from all over the world including Kurds, Atheists, Christians, Jews, and Hindus.  

How to solve the Budget Crisis.



The Gordian Knot can never be unraveled.


I don’t know who I hate more the Consciously Evil Democrats or the Nutless Coward Republicans. The Freedom Cockless aren’t any better, their refusal to participate with Trump’s plans Healthcare Reform plays into the hands of the Democrats. They aren’t as Holy and Principled as they like to think they are unless they Worship the God of Failure at the Alter of No Results.

There are only a few Republicans that I still have Respect for, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pence, Ted Cruz, and Trey Gowdy. I had respect for Jason Chaffetz but I think he buckled under the pressure. We aren’t going to save this Country without a 24/7 battle to the finish. Stop trying to be reasonable with psychopaths. If you do that it is Game Over, YOU LOSE. Ted Cruz is really shining with Donald Trump as president. I originally wanted him as Vice President but he is exactly where he should be. Doing a great job to. Put him in charge and let others follow his lead in the Congress & Senate.

The Democrats know who is really in charge and they conspire with them, aggressively pursuing their agenda, knowing that when push comes to shove they will be indemnified by the people with Real Power. We saw the Shadow Government in the form of the Deep State reveal it’s existence with leaking of classified information. Now we have observed the Influence of the Hidden Hand of the Secret Government.

The Congress is supposed to have the Power of the Purse but the Secret Government has the Power of the Power of the Purse. These Obscenely Rich Moneyed Powers, not unlike the money changers that Jesus threw out of God’s Temple, control Congressmen through Lobbyists. Rush Limbaugh correctly stated today that they Congress doesn’t write Laws anymore, the Lobbyists write the Laws and tell Congressmen & Senators which Laws to pass. They have Privatized our Government. That is the definition of Fascism when the Corporations own the Government. Why do you think all of these Fascist tactics are being used all over the World to further their agenda???

These disgustingly rich Elitists, like the unapologetic NAZI George Soros, have so much money that they can fund revolutions and collapse entire Nations all by their Lonesome. Most of these Moneyed Powers have no names or faces and operate behind a veil of Secrecy. The FBI and the CIA never look askance of them because it would make their knees tremble.

This is the Gordian Knot of the Swamp. You can’t untie it because it is a Living, Writhing, Serpentine, Riddle. All you can do is kill it by exposing it to the light of day. Like Solomon the Wizard you must pronounce it’s unholy name and command it to stand in the Sigil with the Tetragrammaton under it’s feet so that it can stand judgment before the Lord God Jehovah. Only then will we rid ourselves of these parasites feasting off of our blood, our taxes, and our fears.

This budget is a big FU to We the People, it is designed to tell us, “You aren’t being Governed you are being Ruled and you will come to heel.” It funds everything that we voted against. It pays for Lutheran Family Services and Catholic Charities to continue housing and feeding Criminal Immigrants and future Muslim Terrorists. It fully funds Planned Parenthood. It fully funds the EPA which exists now to suffocate the American Economy and prevent it from creating a surplus of wealth that could pay off the deficit that Obama doubled during his Dictatorship. It also doesn’t fund the Border Wall, not one red cent.

This is what needs to happen:

All of the Conservatives with any Gumption need to speak out at the same time and name the people who are really running things in Washington D. C. If you can’t fight them let the American people do it. If you can’t protect us at the very least give us the opportunity to protect ourselves. If anything happens to those who named the Devil then the American people will know what is happening. At this point I don’t know how we are going to save America without a violent revolution.

Vladimir Putin doesn’t look that bad to me right now. At least he has the courage to stand up to and resist the Islam-O-Fascist, New World Order and tell them, “We will never practice Sharia Law, if you want to live under Sharia Law go to a Muslim country.” That is the reason why everyone, including the Democrats, CIA, Hillary Clinton, and the Neo-Conservatives are piling on him. You know and I know that some of these Moneyed Powers and Lobbyists are drunk on the blood of the prophets of Yahweh. They are Muslims that are killing off the Christians first and then they will go after the Jews & Israel. Mark my words.

FLICK, Glenn Beck!


The relationship between Mormonism and Freemasonry began early in the life Joseph Smith, founder of the Latter Day Saint movement, as his older brother Hyrum and possibly his father were Freemasons while the family lived near Palmyra, New York. Nevertheless, in the late 1820s, the western New York region was swept with anti-Masonic fervor, and the Book of Mormon, a foundational sacred text published by Smith in 1830, describes plots of murder and theft by conspirators acting under an ancient, secret oath.

By the 1840s, however, Smith and several prominent Latter Day Saint had become Freemasons and founded a lodge in Nauvoo, Illinois, in March 1842. Soon after joining Freemasonry, Smith introduced a temple endowment ceremony including a number of symbolic elements that were essentially the same as their analogues within Freemasonry. Smith remained a Freemason until his death; however, later leaders in the movement have distanced themselves from Freemasonry. In modern times, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), the predominant Latter Day Saint sect, holds no position for or against the compatibility of Masonry with LDS Church doctrine. (SOURCE)


Glenn Beck Referred to Ted Cruz as the Mormon Messiah, the same claim that was made about Mitt Romney.

In late Greek mythology as developed in Ptolemaic Alexandria, Harpocrates (Ancient Greek: Ἁρποκράτης) is the god of silence, secrets and confidentiality. Harpocrates was adapted by the Greeks from the Egyptian child god Horus. To the ancient Egyptians, Horus represented the newborn Sun, rising each day at dawn. When the Greeks conquered Egypt under Alexander the Great, they transformed the Egyptian Horus into their Hellenistic god known as Harpocrates, a rendering from Egyptian Har-pa-khered or Heru-pa-khered (meaning “Horus the Child”). (SOURCE)

Fearmongering Glenn Beck is Wrong.

Open letter to Glenn Beck: Mormons need to stop defending Moslems, they aren’t going to convert to your Crappy Cult.


The problems that are happening in America right now is because the Liberal Agenda has been shaming us for being Proud of our Country.  The Fascists are on the Left using Psychological Warfare in order to intimidate everyone into agreeing with them.  American Nationalism & Populism can never become Fascism because American Values are antithetical to Totalitarianism.  The Fascists are those that hate out Nation, those that don’t want to defend our Borders and those that want to come to our country but not Integrate, become one of us, and adopt our values.  Now you have moved so far towards the Loony Left in order to keep your Zombie Cult from supporting Trump that the Liberal Progressives are now actively attempting to recruit them to Vote for Hillary.  How smart do you feel now Dumbass?

Why do Mormons defend Moslems?


Why are Mormonism & Islam so similar?

Mark Levin is not Great

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I have lost all respect for Mark Levin. Everybody knew the Roll Call vote was a Trojan Horse for Ted Cruz’ shadow campaign. Mark denied this saying that the Grass Roots people had been silenced and this was undemocratic.  The Sour Grape One concealed the fact that they didn’t have the states to get a Roll Call Vote.  This is the same Idiot that was arguing that Ted Cruz wasn’t taking advantage of the Rules by stealing Delegates he was using the Rules that Trump was ignorant of, completely disregarding the Spirit of the Rules.  Now he’s arguing that they have the right to be offended because their voices weren’t heard and that they aren’t being included.  Unless they get everything they want they refuse to be included, that isn’t democracy Levinstein, that is some Neocon, Totalitarian Horse 5hit. And just to set everything in stone, Ted Cruz gets up and tells people to “vote their conscience” showing he was using the Roll Call vote as a Trojan Horse for his Shadow Campaign.  Fortunately for us the Cruz Crew had more loyalty than the Bernie or Bust people.

Ted Cruz didn’t deny his father knew Lee Harvey Oswald.


As a psycholinguist, & a profiler I can tell you that even Pathologically lying Psychopaths won’t lie overtly if they don’t have to.  They instead use different strategies to deflect, change the subject, or dismiss the question.  We are going to examine Ted Cruz’ interesting response to the suggestion that his father knew Lee Harvey Oswald.

Ted Cruz first says, “This man is a Pathological Liar.”  Not a denial.  He is attacking the character of the person who brought up the subject.  Trump merely asked why Ted Cruz hadn’t responded to the article in The National Enquirer and what was the nature of the relationship between Lee Harvey Oswald and Rafael Eduardo Cruz Senior.  I can tell you personally that I ran across this photo and this question MONTHS before it was published in the Enquirer.  Ted Cruz continues, “Donald’s source for this is the National Enquirer. The Enquirer is tabloid trash.” Not a denial.  This is a tacit appeal to the character of the magazine, it isn’t an assertion that his father wasn’t an associate of Oswald’s. “Donald Trump alleges that my dad was involved in assassinating JFK.”  Not a denial. And this is in fact not what Donald Trump said.

“Now let’s be clear, this is nuts.  This is not a reasonable position, this is just cooky. While I’m at it I guess I should admit, ‘Yes my dad killed JFK, he is secretly Elvis, and Jimmy Hoffa is buried in the back yard.'” The first statement is what caught my attention.  This appears to be a Lying technique known as “Telling the Truth Falsely.” The Liar sarcastically or humorously tells the truth as though he was exaggerating a Falsehood.  Upon closer examination you realize that he isn’t mocking specifically what Donald Trump said.  The accusation was that Rafael Cruz Senior knew Lee Harvey Oswald and that begs the question what the nature of their relationship was.  The next two assertions are intentionally absurd and they are intended to invite people to assume that the first assertion is equally absurd.  This is known as the Fundamental Attribution Error or thinking in terms of essences.  The Absurd-ness of the last to hyperboles is supposed to taint the first subject.  I have stated before that Ted Cruz is supposed to be a World Class debater but I have only ever seen him use his alleged intellectual prowess to manipulate people and obfuscate the issue, I have never seen him use it to clarify the issue or even really to educate people.  He is one of the most strategic and manipulative communicators I have ever seen and he takes fiendish, vindictive, delight in what he considers his Mind-blowing turn of phrase and his rapier wit. Hoist with his own Petard he finally went full Retard and jumped the Shark. 🙂

I think his Campaign later issued a denial shortly before he suspended his campaign.  Later in that same press conference he quoted Donald and suggested that had Sexually Transmitted Diseases, which was the exact opposite of the point Trump was making.  He went on to suggest that Trump “is an unapologetic serial philanderer.”  Which leads the listener to believe that Donald is CURRENTLY cheating on his wife and conflates Young Donald Trump with Mature Donald Trump and demonstrates an ignorance of how time works.  I might also point out that Ted Cruz could not state that he had always been faithful to Heidi Cruz he instead had the Bride of Frankenstein, Carly Fiorina interrupt and hijack the conversation.  Assuming that Cruz has indeed cheated on Heidi that would mean the difference between himself and his accusation is that he, Ted Cruz, has apologized for his Philandering and that would mean only that he admitted it to Heidi, but that doesn’t mean the events cease to exist.  Which in turn means Ted Cruz is concealing those happenstances or intentionally lying about their occurrence because he feels that the Lord (Himself, because he has a Messiah Complex & Delusions of Grandeur) has forgiven him for his shortcomings.

I know that you know who I am Ted.  When you idiot friend kicked me out of your crappy G+ group you started lurking my blog and using my talking points.  If you wanted me on your team you should have offered me a job instead of plagiarizing my philosophical calculus.  I bet you wish you hadn’t underestimated me now, don’t you? 😉