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Barack Obama’s Self Defeat


How did I go from being a God Tier Troll to being one of the most influential voices who’s name is unknown but whose words and ideas are in everybody’s mouth and on everybody’s minds?  In a word, my psychological models. 

The battle that we are seeing being played out in the world right now, not only locally but globally, is a classic study in the battle between the Psychopath and the Sociopath and only my psychological models explain it and can predict the outcome. 

Obama and Hillary Clinton are Over-Coddled Children (Psychopaths).  Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are Abused or Neglected Children (Sociopaths).  Psychopaths don’t create a Surplus they steal a surplus that was created by others.  While being abusive and Toxic Psychopaths don’t have an ability to withstand any real negativity because everything they had came easily.  When Psychopaths can’t compete the attack the playing field and change the rules, this has been demonstrated by the actions of the Corrupt Biased Media and the Unfaithful actions of the Disgraceful James Comey and Loretta Lynch.

The Sociopath always eventually defeats the Psychopath because they are willing and able to bide their time while waiting patiently under less than ideal circumstances (remember Putin crushed the food offered to him by Obama under a tank).  The Sociopath creates their own Surplus and Resources.  Having no respect for people that create their own Surplus the Psychopath Counter-Incentivizes the people who create a Surplus of Value, which they steal and use for their own means.

After 7 years of his Mocking, Ridiculing, and Scoffing at the American People only now does Barack Obama begin to realize how Foolish and Arrogant he has been.  Psychopaths seem to instinctively recognize each other on a magnetic level, Obama was embraced into their folds but he didn’t realize that he was a predator that was lower on the Totem poll.  When you can create a division amongst Psychopaths they will turn on each other and cannibalize themselves.  Obama, in his Narcissism, cares about his Legacy more than anything else in the world.  Now he has put us on the precipice of World War III and because of his war against the American Economy and his dismantling of our Military he is powerless to do anything about it. 

On top of that, his bombardment of Psychological Warfare has backfired on him.  His Racial Propaganda that he has used to force us to comply with his judgment and brought us closer to civil war has now created a situation in which all of the Good and Morally Evolved Minorities are now speaking out for Donald Trump and against him.  And like a Choir of Angels that Joyful Noise is getting louder and more confident.

Islam is Terrorism.


Open letter to Dr. Zuhdi Jasser: The fundamental problem is this, Islam is a religion created by a Sociopathic, Pathologically Lying, Serial Murdering, Serial Raping, Pyromaniac, Pedophile. You can tell all of the Happy Lies you want Islam is a powder keg and it will ALWAYS only take one match to set it off.  Judeo-Christianity & Western Civilization was created through Proto-Indo-European and the Evolution of Thought and Language in order to protect those that recognize the Authority of the God of Reason from the Tyrannical Invasive Persio-Babylonian Death Cults.  You and your efforts are doomed to failure and only a fool would forfeit his personal Suspicion of Islam based on the Moslem Promise that they will police themselves for our benefit.  Islam is against every Religion in the World and every single Non Moslem individual in the world is overtly threatened by the existence of the Moslem “Religion”.

Quran 3:151 Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, they thought they were friends with Allah, for which He gave no permission: their abode will be the Fire which is where all Non Muslims live!
(Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220) Mohammed said, “I have been sent with veiled rhetoric (Pleasant Lies) with hidden threats , and I have been made victorious with terror, and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.”

Translations by the Psycholinguist and Linguistic Philosopher Joxua Luxor.

 I tried to embed my tweets but I’m being Shadow banned by the Twitter Mafia after Zuhdi Jasser blocked me. When  I tried to embed my Tweets they disappeared so now I can’t screen shoot them.  I told Zuhdi that when he tries to rescue the reputation of Islam he is essentially protecting Terrorists, and then I told him to say “Hello”to his NeoCon buddies for me.  I tweeted this to him on the morning of March 22 at Fox news before he came on the show, he had refused to debate me and I had been on a Canadian Radio show right after him.  He has changed his tune since then as he has been researching my arguments.  That is fine but I’m not going to stop putting psychological pressure on moslems and exposing to non moslems what they believe and teach.  We have tried to be part of the solution and as I expose them I am also forcing them to take responsibility for themselves and reality…



zuhdi jasser


CAIR Freudian Slip.


Out of a vague sense of morbid curiosity, which Americans do you stand in solidarity with and which do you not stand in solidarity with?  I know that being a pathologically lying, covertly hostile, douchebag who blames us for the fact that you have to constantly conceal your contempt for us Kaffir has become a permanent part of your personality.  I understand that the psychological strain of living a lie and acting like you are not doing exactly what you are doing takes a toll on an individual until they “blow up”.  And I am very familiar with the arrogance, superiority, and different interpretations that make up the Arabic language and psyche, that presupposes one’s superiority, royalty even, but even I had to rewind the video 3 times to make sure I had heard your qualification correctly, as you stand there with your bored emotionless face not simply concealing your emotions, but genuinely not feeling anything.  I bet you stand in solidarity with Obama don’t you?  Maybe, Louis Farrakhan? Jay-Z?  Eric Holder?

Link to info about Muzammil Siddiqi on the left.

Orange County Chapter Representative for CAIR, which has been categorized as a terrorist organization by UAE


The men at the left hand side of the picture, his name is Muzammil Siddiqi, he is the leader of the Orange County or Anaheim chapter of CAIR.  After I got fired from the Jamboree Whole Foods Market for my anti-Sharia advocacy earlier this year, I moved 1,000 miles north.  At the time I was predicting exactly what is happening in the world and what just happened in Southern California.  I was predicting what happened in France, that is why I created the Ban Sharia Brand, to wake people up.  To let them know what the Quran says and to teach them Muslim psychology so their might be a chance of confronting the issue.

Friday the 13th: The Symbolism of the France attack.

freaky friday


At this point it is too early too know if there was any deep significance behind the attack on France or if it was just some childish, appeal to young people who would think it profoundly meaningful.  What is of interest though, is that France is where the original Knights Templar came from.   9 men from France went to the Holy Land and dug under Solomon’s temple and found something which they took to the Roman Catholic Church and they were sanctioned and granted sovereignty over themselves. In 1307 king Philip IV of France launched a surprise attack on the Knights Templar on Friday the 13th essentially decimating the order and it’s reputation from that point on.  Could it be that this attack is to remind people of the hatred that terrorists have for the Crusaders?  It is interesting to remember that Obama defended ISIS once by comparing them to the Crusaders.  Could it be that this Invasive Death Cult which protects its evil under the veil of being a Religion can carry a grudge for 1400 years?  You have to remember that the Crusades started as a response to the land grabbing caliphate that was being established by Islam.

The truth of the matter is that it started long before that.  The Holy Roman Empire is essentially Ancient Rome.  At that time the Persian/Babylonian Jews were already infiltrating Rome, the Flavius Caesars were making a secret alliance with the Babylonians.  Josephus, remember, was a Pharisee and the sicarii were using Hamas like tactics to kill Roman Centurions by hiding in crowds behind women and children.  Later Flavius Constantine converted to “Christianity” or at least claimed to since he was a worshipper of Sol Invictus and made Christianity the state religion after Rome had been killing Christians in the coliseums. Constantine must have had guilty knowledge about the deal between his ancestors and Babylon and he must have known that such an alliance had not been successful and was no longer sustainable.  Much the same lesson that Barack Hussein Obama should be learning right now.

Rome had lost much of it’s Empire to Islam before the Crusades became a necessary.  The Knights weren’t created until after about 300 years of Islam’s existence, Genocide, forced conversion, and kidnapping of women as sexual property for the breeding of the Muslim Jihadis.

Or maybe it is some highly intelligent tongue in cheek joke about Islamophobia and triskaidekaphobia from someone with a very bad sense of humor.  Some homage that both are considered phobias but both are actually real.  But understanding as I do the obsessive nature of the psychopathic brain, I would bet that it does have something to do, at least in part, with the Knights Templar and at the same time a ruse to inspire the minds of psychopathic children that want to be feared and want to share the pain that they are full of with everybody else.

The Concealed Narrative and Psychopathology

Something I wanted to point out about the difference between a Psychopath and a Sociopath, the psychopath has a concealed narrative, which is to say they have compartmentalized a portion of their identity, and you don’t know how much of their personality is concealed.  They are also closetedly narcissistic about this concealed part of their personality.  Psychopaths don’t advertise that they are psychopaths, they assume the mantle of mental health and even authority.  They think that you can’t tell what they are really doing because they were over coddled as children, their toxic mother figures protecting their issues and delusions as well as their health, and creating an environment for the Psychopath to manipulate their toxic mother figures (enablers) whether they were male or female.

Psychopaths have a guilty knowledge of their inability to compete, which is why they use the strategy of concealment, and opportunism.  They have to strike first without warning. Revealing their true self only at the last moment and only when necessary.  You might never have a clue that a person is a psychopath until they demonstrate themselves to be a psychopath.

Psychopaths are in relationship with their issues, closetedly morbid, covertly hostile, passive aggressive.

Sociopaths, are, often times in relationship with reality, overtly morbid, hostile, aggressive.

One is authentic in relationship and lets you know who they are from the beginning, not attempting to persuade you or to lie to you, or to make themselves appear as better than they are.  That is the Sociopath.  Many people are intimidated by the sociopath.  I personally believe that philosopers, including Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates, and Jesus, and the Founding Fathers, were all Enlightened Sociopaths.  People would be intimidated by their intellects.  This is the fear of being found wrong and exposed, this is being in relationship with your reputation and you authority, neither of which does one really deserve and the psychopath knows this, that is why Psychopaths and Sociopaths are natural enemies.

If you observe how Charles Manson switches easily between an angelic cherubic expression to an angry demonic expression, this is how he manipulates the female brain of others, which operates on “superficial aesthetic snap decisions” (https://terminclature.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/superficial-aesthetic-snap-decisions/)

I spent years trying to figure out how people relate to me and in doing so I had to create my own psychological models.  People kept changing the way they were in relationship with me and the relationship without communicating that something had changed.  This was a huge source of frustration for me.  I couldn’t rely on anybody to be predictable.  As soon as I thought they had my back they would pull the rug out from under me or stab me in the back or try to social climb on me, or try to get me to lie for them when they had screwed up.

The way I solved this problem is I began to treat their narrative and their behavior slash results as rhetorical tautologies of one another.  Because the Psychopath has to do their will psychopathicly, the sum of their actions have to take them in the direction of doing their will.  Every time somebody said one thing and did another, this was an act of depreciation based on Equity in Human Relationship Theory.  Every time this happened a person had gotten off their path with me, the path is the rational relationship, the rational praxis.  If this happened 3 times, I would start retaliating in kind.  As I observed this behavior, I realized that I could actually read the mind of the psychopath and figure out what they were thinking and what their hidden agenda was.  What motivated them, what was their end game, what the form of their conquest was.

My ex-gf was the worst, the most consciously evil person I have ever come across.  I communicated to her ahead of time what kind of relationship I wanted and that I wasn’t open to any other kind of relationship.  Our relationship would be a rational working relationship based on a meritocracy of results and reason.  She told me that sounded great and she would participate with that.  But everything she did created a disparate impact in her favor.  We would agree on an exchange, she would do something for me and I would do something for her.  I would succeed at what I said I was going to do and she would fail and she would expect that the show of effort was an equitable exchange.  Later in the relationship she came up with this pseudo philosophy about the evil of transactional relationships.  Which suggested that my kind of relationship, the kind she had agreed to, was bad, she didn’t mention the alternative, but that alternative would have been an emotional relationship that benefited her, allowing her to be the judge of the relationship based solely on the relationship created value for her, and she contributed no value to the relationship.

During the course of the relationship I caught her in lie after lie.  Saying one thing to my face but then when she was in private with EVERY person we were trying to do business with she would tell them what a horrible person I was and how I was taking advantage of her.  To this day people still come forward and tell me that she did the exact same thing to them.  She actively went out and sought people to tell them she was being victimized, at the same time she was telling me how they were victimizing her.  She was mooching off of her father for years, he wouldn’t even give her a key, he was paying her automobile bill.  She would tell me over and over how he was victimizing her.  She was life’s victim, life’s kicking post, victim of everything she touched.

The funny thing was, it became clear after a while that she was a liability, it took me a while to figure it out because I had never met a psychopath that believed their own lies.  In life she had always been rewarded for failing.  Her power play, her modus operandi, the form of her conquest was to act victimized and she could play the victim like nobodies business.  She had the face down, she had the body language down.  She had the tone of voice down.  She was so convincing.  Psychopaths manipulate your emotions.  

My current student, Patrick John Coleman, Elder Shaman living in Chicago, recently told me that she approached him online and told him terrible things about me.  It is so humorous, she literally couldn’t stop using this strategy all of the time with everyone.  They say that Psychopaths don’t reform, they just become more manipulative and this was the case with her.  even having named the form of her conquest, and confronting the behavior, she only had that one, terrible, stupid, strategy for her relationship with the world.  And she had never had to change it, because it had always worked a little.  She didn’t realize that eventually, her rope would run out.  You can only burn so many bridges in the same way before people get hip to your skip.  In the end she was antagonizing herself because people that were trying to help her she was cutting them off from the world, ruining their reputations, and making all of the people that associated with her mistrust one another, and refuse to participate with one another, thus creating no value for her peer group.  And all of this she did to feed her closeted demons, her ego, so that she could have a sense of superiority because she had managed to influence the world, and nobody had figured out she was doing it.  Even when I had figured out she was doing it. . .

ouble standard

Psychopathology and Blame and Responsibility.


In an ongoing effort to explain my theories on the difference between Psychopaths and Sociopaths. I will know explain how they are in relationship with responsibility and blame.  The Sociopath, and when I say sociopath I mean enlightened sociopaths, take more than their fare share of responsibility, not only do they want to survive, they want to have a surplus of survival so they can look out for their wolf pack or lion pride.

The psychopath who is the female mind, or the over-coddled child relies on other people to make up for the lack of value that they are creating.  Not even creating a surplus of survival, not able to survive on their own without the help of another, they complain when they are not being provided for well enough, they don’t even think about how they are behaving in the relationship and how it is affecting the group effort.

The psychopath, not understanding the problem and not comprehending the solution wants the male mind to solve the problem for them, but at the same time, they want to judge and criticize the solution.  They think that the solution should look good to them from their perspective and meet their approval.  In their behavior wanting to behave as they want the actively, unconsciously antagonize the solution.


Incentives and Psychopathology.



In a further attempt explain my psychological models and the difference between psychopathic and sociopathic brains.  Psychopaths are externally incentivized, which means that their is something outside of themselves that they need or want.  Sociopaths incentive themselves from inside.  They do what they do out of a sense of morality, and responsibility or obligation or a desire to understand.  Not all sociopaths are good sociopaths.   Religion was created to control the bad sociopaths.  Sociopaths are philosophical in nature, it is just that some sociopaths are not good philosophers, so authority had to be extracted from them in order so that they would not act on their worser demons.

The Egyptians, Greeks, and Hebrews recognized a religious “right of asylum,” protecting criminals (or those accused of crime) from legal action to some extent.[2][3] This principle was later adopted by the established Christian church, and various rules developed to qualify for protection and just how much protection it was.[4]

According to the Council of Orleans in 511, in the presence of Clovis I, asylum was granted to anyone who took refuge in a church, in its dependences or in the house of a bishop. This protection was given to murderersthieves or people accused ofadultery. It also concerned fugitive slaves, who would however be handed back to their owners when their owners swore on the Bible not to be evil.


Religion was created as a moral science and as one progressed up the ladder, more authority, more god, was put back in them so that they had more freedom.   I am not stating this arbitrarily, yoga is also a moral science, and Freemasonry in it’s true form is western yoga, I am willing to defend that position, I have copious amounts of evidence.

The Secret Societies were the religions back in the day.  Pythagorean cults were the origins of western religion.  Much wisdom and intelligence has been lost in the evolution.


The external incentivization of psychopaths is also obvious in their narrative and their behavior.  Psychopaths are social climbers, which presupposes their attraction to a herd in which they can social climb.  Sociopaths are more democratic and they like horizontal relationship not vertical relationship.  Psychopaths conceal their real intentions from scrutiny and reveal themselves falsely.   They hide from your threat filter by blending in.  They don’t attract negative attention to themselves.  If you ask a psychopath a question they will respond with whatever the most common answer is, blending into society, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Psychopaths want something they shouldn’t have and don’t deserve that belongs to someone else, like power over them or to trespass your boundaries (rape) or use your resources to do their will.  For this reason they conceal their intention and opportunistically bide their time.  Psychopaths manipulate your emotions.  The truth about what a psychopath says is based on the reaction they hope to elicit from you.

Ponder how much good has been done by monks and nuns for little or no money, only for the internal incentive of feeling good about themselves.  For being able to serve others, teaching them, helping them, etc. Image