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The Direction of the Conversation.

direction of the conversation

Ludwig Wittgenstein said, “Meaning is use.”

Marshall Mcluhan said, “The Medium is the Message.”

Both were Linguistic Philosophers & both had discovered what I have discovered…

The word “Reason” comes from the Greek Word “Ratio” meaning Root. Perhaps that is why I am so fond of Etymologies. I want to know their Origins.

The meaning in Ancient Greece has something to do with Logic (Logos/Words) and refers to a Rational (not emotional or histrionic) conversation between two or more Philosophers.

The word “Authority” comes from the “Auctoritas” of the Ancient Greeks. Authority was earned through one’s ability to Argue with Reason & Logic in a Rational manner in order to arrive at a correct perspective on Reality. This is the origin of Science.

“Jesus didn’t speak like the Teachers of (Sharia) Law, he spoke as one possessing Authority (Auctoritas).” Matthew 7:29

Psychopathic Strategic Communication

Psychopaths are strategic communicators. The Truth of what they say is based on the reaction they hope to elicit. What they say is meant to manipulate your Emotions so that you respond in the desired way. As a Psycho-linguist & a Linguistic Philosopher I have done a lot to document the various strategies that they use. We will name some of them in this blog.

Psychopaths are herding predators like hyenas. They have no sense of honor, fair play, or any confidence in themselves or their abilities. Sociopaths, on the other hand, are Lone Wolves. The Psychopath seeks out a gang of criminals of like minds, constantly trying to increase & expand their personal Authority. Sociopaths rely on their own Knowledge & Abilities.

Psychopaths are Social Climbers so they rise to positions of Power Quickly. When they get into influential positions they sneekily seek out people who have similar biases. Having discovered Philosophical Brothers they collude & conspire with them in order to increase & expand their personal Authority.

They do this by:

  • Sabotaging or Promoting your reputation based on the amount of Control they can exert over you.

  • If you don’t do what is wanted they will mock & ridicule you.

  • Controlling who is allowed in the conversation, if you aren’t “on their level” you don’t get to speak.

  • Controlling what can be said in the conversation, if you don’t say what they want you won’t be included in the conversation.

  • Reification Fallacy through false consensus or an Imaginary Majority they agree on what is Real or True.

  • Controlling what you Hear & See while communicating to you Emotional Data in order to influence how you feel about what you are perceiving.

There are other more subtle strategies that they use but these are the Macro-Strategies. What you have to remember is that Psychopaths are in Ego Consciousness which is the False Sense of Self. Because they are Malignant Narcissists with no skills, abilities, or faith in themselves they Conspire & Collude with other Coyotes & Hyenas in order to circumvent the Peter Principle so that they can garner more influence than they deserve.

Their Purpose and Intention is to control the Direction of the Conversation & divert it from a Rational Conversation in order to force the Conclusion that they want, coerce your agreement, and then demand your participation. This is why you need to know all of the Logical Fallacies & every Cognitive Bias. Socrates exposed the Pretenders to Wisdom through Socratic Dialogue. This Logic is the Origin of Western Civilization.

Barack Obama’s Self Defeat


How did I go from being a God Tier Troll to being one of the most influential voices who’s name is unknown but whose words and ideas are in everybody’s mouth and on everybody’s minds?  In a word, my psychological models. 

The battle that we are seeing being played out in the world right now, not only locally but globally, is a classic study in the battle between the Psychopath and the Sociopath and only my psychological models explain it and can predict the outcome. 

Obama and Hillary Clinton are Over-Coddled Children (Psychopaths).  Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are Abused or Neglected Children (Sociopaths).  Psychopaths don’t create a Surplus they steal a surplus that was created by others.  While being abusive and Toxic Psychopaths don’t have an ability to withstand any real negativity because everything they had came easily.  When Psychopaths can’t compete the attack the playing field and change the rules, this has been demonstrated by the actions of the Corrupt Biased Media and the Unfaithful actions of the Disgraceful James Comey and Loretta Lynch.

The Sociopath always eventually defeats the Psychopath because they are willing and able to bide their time while waiting patiently under less than ideal circumstances (remember Putin crushed the food offered to him by Obama under a tank).  The Sociopath creates their own Surplus and Resources.  Having no respect for people that create their own Surplus the Psychopath Counter-Incentivizes the people who create a Surplus of Value, which they steal and use for their own means.

After 7 years of his Mocking, Ridiculing, and Scoffing at the American People only now does Barack Obama begin to realize how Foolish and Arrogant he has been.  Psychopaths seem to instinctively recognize each other on a magnetic level, Obama was embraced into their folds but he didn’t realize that he was a predator that was lower on the Totem poll.  When you can create a division amongst Psychopaths they will turn on each other and cannibalize themselves.  Obama, in his Narcissism, cares about his Legacy more than anything else in the world.  Now he has put us on the precipice of World War III and because of his war against the American Economy and his dismantling of our Military he is powerless to do anything about it. 

On top of that, his bombardment of Psychological Warfare has backfired on him.  His Racial Propaganda that he has used to force us to comply with his judgment and brought us closer to civil war has now created a situation in which all of the Good and Morally Evolved Minorities are now speaking out for Donald Trump and against him.  And like a Choir of Angels that Joyful Noise is getting louder and more confident.

Anthropomorphization in Taoist and Shinto literature.


In Taoist and Shinto literature they use an interesting literary device for communicating certain types of data.  They anthropomorphize animals, objects, and entities.  The animal or entity will essentially stay in character and communicate data that is consistent with it’s behavior.  These stories are written in an old style known as the “hieros logos” which is a sacred conversation usually between two people.  In the Vaigyan Bhairav Tantra this sacred conversation takes place between Shiva and Shakti.  Jallaladin Rumi had this sacred conversation with Shams.  In this sacred conversation deep spiritual, psychological, and philosophical truths are communicated to the reader.  In the story of the Scorpion and the Frog the psychology of the psychopath is communicated.  I refer to the information being communicated as sapiential data. 

In this style of literature their is a presupposition of the philosophical nature of the entity speaking and the observation of praxis which is the practice or process of living the philosophy.  Everything that is said is a rhetorical tautology of the philosophy or personality of the entity speaking, which allows this literary device to communicate sapiential data.  The western world has largely become irrational no longer philosophical or even attempting to live or acquire any manner of philosophy.  The entity speaking can’t say anything out of character for this reason.  This concept of praxis in my psychological models taught me that everything a person thinks is reflected in what they say and do, even if it is concealed or misrepresented.  I refer to actions as dynamic tautologies of thoughts and words when it is authentic and not strategic.


It is a huge source of frustration for me that the arrogant, snide, snarky atheists attempt to prevent the artistic and poetic communication of wisdom in this form.  Instead of looking at how something is true and useful they scoff and mock the fact that it could never happen and in doing so they miss the import of the message.  Atheists that do this are horrible people.  They act as though they have been personally attacked by the artistic expression of a person.  It is so stupid that it is evil, in expressing myself artistically I am not dictating to you or anyone else what they must think or believe.  It demonstrates not only the insanity of Atheists but their narcissism to think that they can get offended at anything for any reason and then to retaliate as though they were attacked by the expression of another.  To carry their tacit bias to it’s logical end all fiction books should be burned and science fiction movies shouldn’t be made or watched.  I find it repellent that these terrible people aren’t smart enough to evaluate how full of crap they are.  What they are scorning is creative intelligence.  Nobody that possesses creative intelligence in any discernible degree would criticize it in another.

It is one thing to dislike something and to not watch it yourself but to try to prevent others from expressing themselves in a creative way or to prevent others from reading or watching is evil and stupid.  I have seen these atheists maliciously slandering and lying about people expressing themselves artistically, creatively, and spiritually in an attempt to change how others think about those people.  Psychopaths disrespect the boundaries of others and that is what these Atheists are, psychopaths.  They can’t see that they have overstepped the boundary of common sense.  They can’t see that they are not offering a service but a disservice, they are not making the world better but worse.  I pray for the day to come when everything atheists have tried to do and have done to others will be visited on their own persons.

I often contemplate how much noise pollution is created by atheists, how much useless conversation that does’t move towards a solution and isn’t productive.  Just crappy, emotionally abusive atheists, wasting bandwidth, and everybody’s time.  They don’t exist for anything they exist against something.  They are defined by what they are against.  They are space fillers, oxygen thieves, light blockers.  They aren’t here to contribute to but to antagonize and detract from as a testament to their emotional morbidity and they are insane enough to think they have offered a service to the world…. insanity.


New World Order, The Danger of Arming the Beast,


Many people have a cognitive bias, they think that everybody else thinks like themselves, this is true for most people except psychopaths.  A reasonable person will think that everybody else is reasonable, a peaceful person will assume that everybody else is peaceful, a responsible person will presuppose that everybody else is responsible.  This is not the case.  Psychopaths game everybody else, fitting in, saying what they are expected to say, they conceal their true nature and reveal themselves strategically.  They try to maximize benefit to themselves while minimizing the amount of contribution.  They are strategic, manipulative, and opportunistic.  They are not interested in honor.  They do not fight fair.  They will lie in wait like spiders, until you are weak, until you can’t win and they can’t loose.


My personal philosophy is that Neural Myelination is passed on from parent to child through epigenetics.  Neural Myelination predisposes you to have a certain personality and world view.  Just like different types of dogs have different personalities, strengths and weaknesses.

“The essence of magic is this, you can’t repeat a pattern you never created in the first place.”  

Shivastus Solomonicus.  

Neural Myelination is strengthened by repitition, what they call Japa in japan, and Mantra in India, and what they call Torah in Israel.  When a people exert an influence on themselves to become Moral they predispose their children to becoming moral.  When a person or group of people exert an influence on themselves to hate and despise the world or to tyrannically and despotically take over the world and kill anybody that doesn’t submit to the superiority that they indoctrinated into their children their children are predisposed to this same mentality.

Neural Myelination is like Grooves in a dirt road through a village, and your mind is like a horse drawn cart, (chariot, car) as you walk your path, making your decisions your ancestors subtly influence you by the choices they made, they speak to you in your instinct, you are blinded by what they didn’t experience and therefore can’t remember, the people they didn’t interact with, the environments they weren’t raised in.


The black swan fallacy is the cognitive bias that tells us that everything we have experienced in our life has prepared us for everything that we will experience, unfortunately, I am here to tell you this is not the case.  People subconsciously edit their consideration sets to focus on the things that they are capable of understanding and things that make them happy.  The majority of people are happy or want to be happy, this is demonstrated by the fact that they are not in relationship with reality.  Only depressed people evaluate themselves correctly, this is known in the field of psychology.


There is a direct correlation between violence, stupidity, and rapid population.  People that breed irresponsibly don’t raise their children by educating them and exerting an influence on them to be good people and contribute to society.  This is evidenced by statistics throughout Europe showing that white people have more or less stopped reproducing.  They don’t want to raise children in this world where they can’t be certain that their children will have a good life.  They don’t want to have children for their own benefit but for the benefit of the child, wanting to have a child that will have a good and enjoyable life.  Recent statistics show that 72% of black children are raised out of wed lock.  The NIGHTLY SHOW WITH LARRY WILMORE, dismisses the import of this statistic by suggesting that black sons still love their fathers and their fathers were still part of their lives.  What they are ignoring is that these children were raised on Welfare, tax payers money, societies dime.  And they were raised to not contribute to society and to hate the society that creates the quality of their life.  Though that quality of life might not be great it is better than living in the deserts of Africa or Afghanistan.


I didn’t bring up the subject of Race, Obama did, he and his Regime, and all of the secret society members that are in cahoots with him.  Jay-z, Madonna, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Drake, almost all of the Musicians in America and some of the Actors and Actresses and a growing number of politicians.  They are trying to get rid of the Congress, they are trying to collapse the state Government, which means the police will be the federal government.  They are trying to destroy what it means to be a citizen of America by getting rid of the border.  They are trying to make a One World Government by handing over Authority to the United Nations and arming them.  Their Authority in that Novus Ordo Seclorum has already been assured.  They have nothing to fear, you do.  I haven’t even told you the scariest and newest developments because I don’t think you are ready to hear them.  I have been trying to prepare you for them over the past year, waking you up as quickly as I can.  They think you aren’t smart enough to figure out what they are doing.  They think you are to weak, stupid, slow, and lazy to respond or prepare.  They think that all of your authority and spirit has been extracted from you.



The majority of people in the world are not moral.  They are not good.  Evolution doesn’t happen when the fastest growing population of the stupidest and most violent people on the earth kills everybody else and submits everyone to their brand of tyranny.  That is the opposite of evolution.  However you in the western world have been programmed by media, and your parents have been programmed by media to have a feminine bias.  Which means that your brain categorizes stupidity, insanity, violence, and evil as feminine and you are programmed to be more merciful and yielding towards it.  You don’t scrutinize or criticize things that you see.  You don’t speak out against evil or stand up to evil.  They are intentionally putting women in positions of authority knowing that in the Western world women can get away with more.  Western men will be less critical of women, their instinct will be to defend them and agree with them even when they know in their hearts they are wrong.  You are being lead to your own destruction willingly.  People tell you that you are the cause of the bad in the world and you agree, apologizing for your existence, being the “bigger man”.  If you can’t increase your value, you can’t increase the value of anyone else, you certainly can’t protect anyone else, or provide for anyone else.  But they will ask you to, they are asking you to right now.  Jon Stewart and all of the liberal, elitist, femtards are asking you to not be self interested and telling you that you need to give up more of what you don’t have to evil people that want to take what you have and kill you.  Usurpers.


stealth paw

Parents as Gestalt Models for Gods


If you think about how children grow up, starting in the womb, vaguely being able to hear their parents voices, Daddy’s voice being lower and less comforting, Mommies voice being more soothing and more present, on an unconscious and sub-conscious level we imprint on our parents as god-like forces and we automatically think that is the way the universe works.  There is an incorrect conceit in the Atheist community that children are born as blank slates, this is the Skinnerian, Behaviorist, model that was falsified by Noam Chomsky, his model has been proved correct repeatedly.  Not to mention Anthropomorphism is a cultural universal.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_universal)

As the child grows they become partial usually to whichever parent is more enabling, this means whichever parent protects their issues and gives them the most things they want.  This is a toxic relationship in which the parents compete against one another for the affections of the children.  The mother has the pole position to win the affections of the child if she is so inclined.  She can also turn the child against the father with relative ease.

As the child continues to grow, they will find themselves more reliant on either the male or female paradigm for their success in life, feeling naturally more comfortable around one or another.  The father some times takes the place of reason, unless he is a toxic enabling figure, and the mother takes the place of Mercy and Charity, which even if it isn’t in it’s toxic form can steal be toxic in application since Mercy and Charity are often used to usurp the authority of Reason.  As Fritz Perls said, “when a person wants to win they use whichever behaviors they believe are dominant.”

A child that imprints on the Mercy Charity model will always use that to pre-empt justice, and reason, in order to expand and increase their personal authority.  At the same time they will not take responsibility for the final result.  They will argue what others should do with their resources for the benefit of someone else.  There is no real altruism.  Everything is done for personal gain, it just comes down to how we define ourselves and who we identify with.  At the same time we find that unconditional love isn’t really love, it is a bastardization of love, for the reason that a psychopath will take advantage of the openness of affection more so than a more rational child will, so unconditional love without being tempered by the other virtues, justice, wisdom, and strength, actually rewards evil more than good.  Like sugar as a form of energy for living organisms feeds everything equally but it feeds blood born pathogens and harmful bacteria more than those beneficial agencies in the body.  A more intelligent love or discriminating source of energy is required.  Only a principled love, with strength, can feed righteousness more than evil, because evil is greedy.


Structures of Authority extract Authority from people.


I am going to describe to you a process in my own terms.  I am all about and for the Authority of Reason, but I am completely against any other structure of authority and I will explain why.  Structures of authority extract authority from human beings.  They essentially extract god from human beings in the form of authority.  They are up down relationships in which one person gets to judge and punish another because of status.  I am up here and you are down there so the rules are different for us, and I benefit from them.  I am closer to our god than you are…

Structures of authority do our thinking for us and we begin to rely on them, and then we stop thinking for ourselves.  Once we know longer suspect them or are suspicious of them, once they have gotten used to listening to them and doing what they say, they can start slipping other information in there that they shouldn’t be doing or saying because they don’t have the authority to do it.  Immoral or incorrect things.  


Structures of authority attract psychopaths and they all eventually become corrupt.  Psychopaths feel innately superior and deserving of anything they want, so they gravitate towards structures of authority without even thinking about it.  Once they are in that office they abuse their authority.  Now you are in an up down battle with somebody with more power and a better reputation so the temptation is to acquiesce and say, “I guess this is just how things are.”  Psychopaths have to do their will psychopathicly.  Ask yourself, why is it that child molesters keep on getting into positions where they can molest children?  Because they have to get close to the children in order to molest them.  What incentive do they have to protect others from themselves?  What incentive do they have to reveal their intention and true nature?  You have to be able to recognize them for yourself.  So you make a structure of authority to do it for you.  You give the government the authority, your authority, to snoop on people, but a psychopath gets into that structure of authority and abuses his power against, you guessed it, you.  


The only way to prevent this is for every person to be able to recognize psychopathic behaviors and be able to confront the behavior of the psychopath and win.  Everybody needs their authority put back in them, they need god put back in them.  They need their responsibility put back on them.  You do this by educating them highly and equally, not just in the usual subjects but also in psychology, philosophy, and  ethics.  

Moral authority does our moral thinking for us.  The moral authority has a reputation for being moral, right?  How else could they be a moral authority?  They are apriorily moral.  Scientific authority does our scientific thinking for us.  Judicial authority does our judicial thinking for us. Legal authority does our legal thinking for us.  Presidential authority does our presiding for us.  


What I find so interesting about the majority of the Atheists online, is that they are not scientists or analytical philosophers or psychologists themselves, they accept received knowledge from those sources.  What they do is select a source for what is true.  As they receive knowledge from those sources they mistakenly make the fundamental attribution error about themselves.  F.A.E. is thinking in terms of essences.  They feel that they are increasing in sciency-ness, they feel very scientific about themselves.  With each factoid they accept they reify to themselves that they and science are becoming closer and becoming one.  They feel that their scientific authority is increasing and that they are increasing in stature and expanding their authority. They in turn expand the authority of science thinking that they are expanding their own authority.  

The curious thing is that they are conflating Atheism with science and correctness and themselves.  If a new idea is presented to them that they have never heard or it doesn’t come from the right source, they reject it.  They even reject things from scientific sources that falsify them.  It is a very fascinating phenomenon.  They are not science, and they are not debating scientifically, and they are not doing science.  Their authority, their god, has been separated from them.  I am about putting god back in people.  


Some of the Atheists online are man-hating women that see religious authority as masculine authority and reject it and want to remove all masculine authority, some of them are anarchists, some of them are pagans, some of them are people that have been traumatized by religious people and have come to associate their trauma with religiosity and god hate. 

Many of the Atheists on line are control freak parents trying to control what their children are exposed to and trying to influence their children to grow up being hostile to religiosity and concepts of god.  So what is going to happen?  When you create a meritocracy of god hate how does the next generation make their parents proud?  By being even more contemptuous than the last generation of religion.  I refer to this as a puritanical pursuit, all puritanical pursuits are dangerous because purity can never be attained.  You can approach purity but you can never attain it, so by it’s very nature it is obsessive and compulsive.  

Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, fear or worry, repetitive behaviors aimed at reducing the associated anxiety, or a combination of such obsessions and compulsions. Symptoms of the disorder include excessive washing or cleaning, repeated checking, extreme hoarding, preoccupation with sexual, violent or religious thoughts, relationship-related obsessions, aversion to particular numbers and nervous rituals such as opening and closing a door a certain number of times before entering or leaving a room. These symptoms can be alienating and time-consuming, and often cause severe emotional and financial distress. The acts of those who have OCD may appear paranoid and potentiallypsychotic.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obsessive%E2%80%93compulsive_disorder

Puritanical pursuits are not aware of the law of diminished returns.  

In economics, diminishing returns (also called diminishing marginal returns) is the decrease in the marginal (per-unit) output of a production process as the amount of a single factor of production is increased, while the amounts of all other factors of production stay constant.

The law of diminishing returns (also law of diminishing marginal returns or law of increasing relative cost) states that in all productive processes, adding more of one factor of production, while holding all others constant (“ceteris paribus“), will at some point yield lower per-unit returns.[1] The law of diminishing returns does not imply that adding more of a factor will decrease the total production, a condition known as negative returns, though in fact this is common.


How many of you know that when Hitler was a youth he war a cornflower in his hat to show that he was in favor of a “pure” Germany?  Remember to this simple concept, aseptic environments are also dead environments.  


So what will happen if Atheism continues on its present course and is successful?  Let’s say that they manage to get rid of religion and bring everybody to the tower of babel so that it can do everybody’s thinking form them.  Science without conscience.  Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science and Reason will start a youth program, to start exposing children to science and contempt for religion at a younger age.  Their will be no structure of authority to check the Scientific Authority.  When these youth grow up they will be prejudiced against people that are religious or even spiritual.  They will harass them in the work place and get in other positions of authority.  They will edit their consideration sets to preclude information from anywhere but certain sources.  This will leave them blind to other options, thoughts, and relationships.  They will work like a secret society to further their agenda believing themselves good and incapable of wrong, arrogant in their certainty that they are correct and that science can tell them what to do.  Rewarding their members for being ruthless and vicious towards differing opinions.  


In the end they will defeat themselves, I have foreseen it. That is what happens when you indoctrinate people into what to think and not how to think, you emasculate the brains of your progeny.  


Incentives and Psychopathology.



In a further attempt explain my psychological models and the difference between psychopathic and sociopathic brains.  Psychopaths are externally incentivized, which means that their is something outside of themselves that they need or want.  Sociopaths incentive themselves from inside.  They do what they do out of a sense of morality, and responsibility or obligation or a desire to understand.  Not all sociopaths are good sociopaths.   Religion was created to control the bad sociopaths.  Sociopaths are philosophical in nature, it is just that some sociopaths are not good philosophers, so authority had to be extracted from them in order so that they would not act on their worser demons.

The Egyptians, Greeks, and Hebrews recognized a religious “right of asylum,” protecting criminals (or those accused of crime) from legal action to some extent.[2][3] This principle was later adopted by the established Christian church, and various rules developed to qualify for protection and just how much protection it was.[4]

According to the Council of Orleans in 511, in the presence of Clovis I, asylum was granted to anyone who took refuge in a church, in its dependences or in the house of a bishop. This protection was given to murderersthieves or people accused ofadultery. It also concerned fugitive slaves, who would however be handed back to their owners when their owners swore on the Bible not to be evil.


Religion was created as a moral science and as one progressed up the ladder, more authority, more god, was put back in them so that they had more freedom.   I am not stating this arbitrarily, yoga is also a moral science, and Freemasonry in it’s true form is western yoga, I am willing to defend that position, I have copious amounts of evidence.

The Secret Societies were the religions back in the day.  Pythagorean cults were the origins of western religion.  Much wisdom and intelligence has been lost in the evolution.


The external incentivization of psychopaths is also obvious in their narrative and their behavior.  Psychopaths are social climbers, which presupposes their attraction to a herd in which they can social climb.  Sociopaths are more democratic and they like horizontal relationship not vertical relationship.  Psychopaths conceal their real intentions from scrutiny and reveal themselves falsely.   They hide from your threat filter by blending in.  They don’t attract negative attention to themselves.  If you ask a psychopath a question they will respond with whatever the most common answer is, blending into society, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Psychopaths want something they shouldn’t have and don’t deserve that belongs to someone else, like power over them or to trespass your boundaries (rape) or use your resources to do their will.  For this reason they conceal their intention and opportunistically bide their time.  Psychopaths manipulate your emotions.  The truth about what a psychopath says is based on the reaction they hope to elicit from you.

Ponder how much good has been done by monks and nuns for little or no money, only for the internal incentive of feeling good about themselves.  For being able to serve others, teaching them, helping them, etc. Image