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Lying Ted Cruz Campaign Coordinates with super PAC to attack Melania Trump.


In case you needed anymore evidence that Rafael Eduardo (Ted) Cruz is a pathological liar who allied himself with a sneaky, backstabbing, hateful, social climber in the form of one Carly Fiorina, above are screenshots to the P. O. Box for Carly Fiorina’s Campaign and that of the Anti-Trump super PAC MAKE AMERICA AWESOME. Below you will find links to those sights showing their addresses.  What is even more disgusting is that knowing he was responsible and benefitted from it he accuses Trump of an article posted about him which created the Cuban Mistress Crisis, knowing as he did that this story was being researched months before and originated from the Marco Rubio campaign.  It would have come out sooner but the Propagandist Schmuck, Shill, Ben Shapiro, whipped out his tiny White Knighting Schmeckle  blocked the story when he worked for Breitbart before he tried to cause a scene by quitting because of a non story claiming that a fellow reporter was thrown to the ground by the head of Trump’s campaign.  They forced this story into the media in spite of the fact that there was no evidence for it and when that evidence came out if proved she had lied.  These Liberal Media pundits need to stop trying to wag the dog and telling the American People what to think and trying to distort the lens through which the Media Views Reality.  Your job is to report the News, you goddamn evil, cowards, not to manipulate events, tell people what to think, make the news, or choose presidential candidates.  When this Revolution comes to fruition, rest assured you are not innocent and you won’t escape American Justice.

Link to Liz Mair super Pac

Link to Carly Fiorina Campaign


3 micro expressions have become a permanent part of Carly Fiorina’s facial personality based on here repeatedly returning to these emotional states: Disgust, Contempt, and Anger.  Two of them are used in thin slicing to predict the end of relationship.  Paul Ekman said that a person in a permanent refractory state is an insane person.  During the debates Carly telegraphed a lie that she has used so frequently it has become formulaic and even has its own cadence.

Ted Cruz
Creepy, Lying, Lecher, & philanderer, Rafael Eduardo Cruz attacks loving wife Melania for her successful modeling career and then hides behind his defense that women and children are off limits, hoping that his many dalliances won’t come to light.


Islam is Terrorism.


Open letter to Dr. Zuhdi Jasser: The fundamental problem is this, Islam is a religion created by a Sociopathic, Pathologically Lying, Serial Murdering, Serial Raping, Pyromaniac, Pedophile. You can tell all of the Happy Lies you want Islam is a powder keg and it will ALWAYS only take one match to set it off.  Judeo-Christianity & Western Civilization was created through Proto-Indo-European and the Evolution of Thought and Language in order to protect those that recognize the Authority of the God of Reason from the Tyrannical Invasive Persio-Babylonian Death Cults.  You and your efforts are doomed to failure and only a fool would forfeit his personal Suspicion of Islam based on the Moslem Promise that they will police themselves for our benefit.  Islam is against every Religion in the World and every single Non Moslem individual in the world is overtly threatened by the existence of the Moslem “Religion”.

Quran 3:151 Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, they thought they were friends with Allah, for which He gave no permission: their abode will be the Fire which is where all Non Muslims live!
(Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220) Mohammed said, “I have been sent with veiled rhetoric (Pleasant Lies) with hidden threats , and I have been made victorious with terror, and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.”

Translations by the Psycholinguist and Linguistic Philosopher Joxua Luxor.

 I tried to embed my tweets but I’m being Shadow banned by the Twitter Mafia after Zuhdi Jasser blocked me. When  I tried to embed my Tweets they disappeared so now I can’t screen shoot them.  I told Zuhdi that when he tries to rescue the reputation of Islam he is essentially protecting Terrorists, and then I told him to say “Hello”to his NeoCon buddies for me.  I tweeted this to him on the morning of March 22 at Fox news before he came on the show, he had refused to debate me and I had been on a Canadian Radio show right after him.  He has changed his tune since then as he has been researching my arguments.  That is fine but I’m not going to stop putting psychological pressure on moslems and exposing to non moslems what they believe and teach.  We have tried to be part of the solution and as I expose them I am also forcing them to take responsibility for themselves and reality…



zuhdi jasser


Ted Cruz’ Soft Bigotry of Low Expectation


Un Trust Ted

Nothing about this guy is true.  Ted isn’t even his name, it’s his nickname.  He has spent all of his life pretending to be everything but what he is, a sleazy, sneaky, unlikeable, creepy, mean-spirited, back-stabbing, social climbing, jerk.

At one point, when I knew nothing about him, I actually liked him.  At one time I was in favor of a Cruz/Trump ticket.  While I am one of the biggest contributors to the major Trump Community on Google Plus I attempted to help out the Ted Cruz community on there by posting my memes.  The moderator of the community, revealing his contempt for freedom of expression, asked me to remove my pictures from the group.  Then when Ted Cruz started attacking Donald Trump he used one of the ideas I HAD GIVEN HIM  against Trump.  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHERE THE JUMPING THE SHARK IDEA CAME FROM

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I try to teach people something and they use it against me or contrary to my will.  As I learned more about “Ted” what I found was that he considered himself quite the comedian in his younger days with a very raunchy sense of humor.  Also he loved the Fonz even thinking of himself as a Fonzarelli like figure.  Like many phony evangelists he thinks that he is the most deserving of the vagina because he is so Christian.  This is self negating and entirely self referentially inconsistent as well as being completely dishonest.  Not only does it mean he is a Fake Christian it means that he is constantly, consciously lying to people in order to manipulate them.

Recently he stated that women shouldn’t have to sign up for the draft.  He mentioned his young preteen daughters and said that he doesn’t want them to have to fight or something to that effect.  Well guess what, we aren’t going to be sending 6 year olds off to defend us from the Russians, idiot.  This is shameless pandering and an intentional emotional appeal from the creep who is supposed to be considered “World Class in Debate”.  He is attempting to appear to be manly but lets examine the logic behind his argument.  The world is becoming a more dangerous place every day and whether you want to admit it or not we are on the verge of World War.  Part of what is wrong with this country is that sentimental Femi-Nazis & Liberal Trolls who aren’t willing to do what is necessary to defend this country also have an equal vote.  People who aren’t willing to protect the country shouldn’t be allowed to speak as authorities on the defense of the country, nor should they have an equal vote.  In order for every person to be on the same page about the threats that our nation faces and what we need to do in order to protect Her, EVERYBODY needs to be willing to do their fair share.  This is the reason whey Israel is so successful because everybody has to serve for 2 years after High School.  That is the way things should be in America as well.  That is what is necessary in order for us to have a singular identity as a people.

Furthermore, this is discounting to women and it holds them to a lower standard.  It suggests that Real Feminism is defined by women who don’t want to serve or defend the country.  It assumes that women want to be championed by condescending men with this Romantic and Archaic mentality from the Dark Ages.  It shows a cognitive dissonance about the future and the current state of affairs in the world and lastly it characterizes the people defending and promoting Cruz as emotionally aberrated, religious Zealots, with a warped sense of Christianity and Patriotism.

Cruz’ campaign is intentionally attempting to brand him as some manner of Savior or Moses trying to “Free Christians” but in all reality he is attempting to create a kind of Fundamentalist Christian Rule, which I find highly undesirable, hypocritical, and offensive.

false christs

Was Scalia Assassinated?

Antonin Scalia,
Obama claimed to be a Constitutional Scholar, he constantly argued from his own Authority while ignoring the Constitution and consciously violating the Separation of Powers that protects American Citizens from Tyranny in any form.  No sooner do the Wheels of Justice grind into action and the Supreme Court prepares to step toe-to-toe with man who was elected president but promoted himself to Negus then the most conservative Constitutional Scholar on the Supreme Court and the largest threat to the Obama Agenda mysteriously dies and no autopsy will be performed…

I don’t like to be conspiratorial but we are living in dangerous times so it is necessary and important to maintain an attitude of suspicious vigilance.  Eternal Vigilance after all is the price of freedom.  I will now report on certain things that bother me about a series of unfortunate events that suggest either fate has a sense of irony or something untoward is at foot.

In criminal profiling you need to prove motive and opportunity. We already know that Obama has abused the our espionage capabilities to spy on our Allies, namely Israel, and our representatives.  What would lead us to believe that he wouldn’t use them to spy on the highest court in the land?  We already know that the Supreme Court was angling itself at Obama because of a clause that says, the President must faithfully execute the law of the land and Obama hadn’t been doing that.  In order to retroactively cover his has he had started deporting illegal immigrants because of the amount of negative attention his Sanctuary Cites were attracting.  Do you really think that Obama didn’t know what was about to happen with the Supreme Court?  Do you not find it suspicious that the largest threat to his Legacy mysteriously dies at this particular time?  Not only that, other news outlets refused to carry the story after it was first reported.  It had to be retracted that he had died of a heart attack.  The News organizations instead were forced to report that he had died of “Natural Causes”.  How is a heart attack not a “Natural Cause”?  Furthermore, it was apriorily, definitively, categorized as a “Natural Cause” and no autopsy would be performed.

Eagerly, Barack Hussein Obama lurches to decree that he will fulfill his presidential duties and appoint a Supreme Court Justice to replace him.  Correctly, Mitch McConnell says that Republicans will block any nominee for SCOTUS because the American People should have a say on who gets the promotion.  Liberal retards argue that Obama was elected president so therefore he represents the will of the American people, showing their complete delusionality about how time works and conflating the present in which he has the lowest approval rating ever with his last election.  Also completely ignoring what’s happening in the current election with the massive support for non establishment candidates and the complete derision and mistrust in which Hillary Clinton is being held.  Furthermore, by the same logic the Senators and Congressmen are elected officials and also reflect the will of the people, so they would therefore be justified in blocking his promotion.  To top it all off we have seen the majority of public opinion moving right in a landslide while the progressives are attempting for force ideological fascism, and remove fundamental constitutional freedoms against the General Will of the citizens.

You think I’m kidding…


I wish I was joking.

Obama is guilty of treason.


I almost don’t want to post anything here.  Nobody remembers what I have said thus far, and then after it is proven correct nobody remembers that I said it.  Yet here I sit with no job. 😦

Anyway, just in case somebody remembers my predictions and chooses to show me some appreciation I am putting out this photoshop.  This is less of a prediction than an assertion, this will come out in the very near future and for those of you that think I haven’t been predicting this stuff based on my Psychological Models here is a link to one of my blogs.

Obama hacked Sony Pictures. Al Sharpton is working for Obama to pay off his IRS debt… (sigh)

Terrorists are not “Radicals” they are Orthodox Muslims…


Quran (2:216)Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.”

Quran (4:76)“Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah…”

Quran (4:95)“Not equal are those of the believers who sit (at home), except those who are disabled (by injury or are blind or lame, etc.), and those who strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives. Allah has preferred in grades those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and their lives above those who sit (at home). Unto each, Allah has promised good (Paradise), but Allah has preferred those who strive hard and fight, above those who sit (at home) by a huge reward ”