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Larry Wilmore Fails with infinite precision.

larry wilmore

The only way I can describe what is going on here is by using my own philosophic calculus and psychological models.  It is difficult to describe what is going on with these Liberal, Elitist, Femtards, because all they do is mock and ridicule while concealing their bias, acting like they aren’t biased, concealing their actual narrative, and mocking and ridiculing ideas they don’t like.


I describe what Larry Wilmore is doing as being in relationship with his issues, Paul Ekman refers to this as being in a refractory state, when a person has been traumatized, their brain creates an auto appraiser that constantly scans the environment for any sign of the thing they don’t like. Larry, like many of the Highly Educated idiots in higher learning, has been indoctrinated into his issues, you have to understand how people like this edit their consideration sets and bias mine to prove their issues correct.


Larry is arguing from ignorance and using tacit emotional appeals.  This is a subtle but malicious form of propaganda because it is calculated as a kind of cheer leadering for a specific large and influential audience that is being trained to poo poo, pish posh, and lol at any suggestion that Islam is a danger and has an agenda to take over and submit the entire world.

Throughout history their have always been two forces at war with one another, Democracy and reason which became the Western Civilized World, and Tyranny and Slavery which came from  Babylon.

In the writings of the Ancient Greek chronicler Herodotus, the phrase earth and water (γῆ καί ὕδωρ ge kai hydor) is used to represent the demand of the Persiansfrom the cities or people who surrendered to them.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth_and_water

Both Rome and Carthage, according to Moses Maimonides, tried to incorporate the Berbers (barbarians, barbary coast pirates)  into their civilization, but neither succeeded because the Berbers didn’t recognize the authority of reason, only coercive authority, the authority of violence.

Ibn Tumrt, a berber, started a revolution that killed off all of the Artists and Intelligencia, reducing Islam to that stupid and violent state in which it has existed to this day.  It cannot be reformed.  Not unless you remove certain scriptures from every quran.  The “peaceful” muslims aren’t protecting us from the violent ones.   What they are doing is creating a black veil for them to hide behind.  Stop telling us Islam is a religion of peace and start telling your own people that.  The thing is that if a “peaceful” muslim and a terrorist sit down together the Terrorist can prove from their scripture that they are doing it right.

Islam has never given up slavery, to this day, I wouldn’t be surprised if their were child brides in America right now that were being portrayed as daughters by muslims.


Kafir (Arabicكافر‎ kāfir, plural كفّار kuffār; feminine DIN) is an Arabic term used in an Islamic doctrinal sense, usually translated as “unbeliever,” “disbeliever,” or “infidel.”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kafir

Abeed (Arabicعبد‎, plural Abeed عبيد or El Abeed العبيد) is a derogatory term in Arabic meaning “slave” and is usually applied as an insult to Black people to invokestereotypes. The name has been explained as an allusion to the submission that Muslims owe to Allah. Meyer dismisses this as “efforts by propagandists [to] explain the term away [that are] at the least, disingenuous”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abeed

Larry Wilmore might want to do some reading on Muslim War Booty (https://thoughtuncommon.wordpress.com/2014/10/15/muslim-war-booty/) and the Muslim practices of Bacha Bazi, how old Aisha was when Mohammed married her, he might want to learn about Proto-Indo-European, the evolution of western language, thought, and philosophy and how it is different from the concepts of Islam.  Larry Wilmore might want to read about the etymology of the word Sharmouta, and the Sarmations, and ask himself why Muslims that have been killed in battle by women aren’t allowed in Muslim heaven.  Larry might want to read about the practice of female genital mutilation and what it has to do with tribalism and a form of Oedipal Aggression and trauma based mind control to make women the sexual property of Islam.