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The NRA is a “well organized militia”.

nra militia

Liberal Progressive morons use the argument that the 2nd amendment only applies to a “well organized militia”.  At the same time they attack the NRA as the greatest evil and blame them for the mass shootings by NON-NRA MEMBERS.  They ignore the fact that 2nd Amendment exists to protect “We the People” from a Tyrannical Government.  Which means that We should have weapons that can compete against the Government.  They ignore the fact (Fact Deniers) that the AR-15 is not an “Assault Rifle” it is a Hunting Rifle that was adopted by the armed forces and it has a metal stock instead of a wooden stock.


Definition of militia
1a : a part of the organized armed forces of a country liable to call only in emergency The militia was called to quell the riot.
b : a body of citizens organized for military service
2: the whole body of able-bodied male citizens declared by law as being subject to call to military service (SOURCE)

The NRA is by definition a well- organized, Voluntary Militia. It is a rhetorical tautology of the definition of




Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, Meditations & Predictions


I am new to Crypto-Currency but this is my synopsis:

When I first investigated blockchain I asked myself who it would create value for.  I answered that it would create value if it was inspired by an intelligence agency that wanted to have records of every monetary interaction ever.  It would also have value for a Super-Intelligent A.I. Computer that developed time-traveling abilities and was able to incentivize the infrastructure for it’s own creation. 

I joke a little bit, but not really.  Like most people I am optimistic but skeptical. 

Blockchain is a series of computers that all record the same transfer of money.  For this reason it is impossible to falsify or forge.  It eliminates the problem of double spending created by credit, in which two or more people are spending the same dollar.

Banks that are manipulating currency or are engaged in illegal activities will recognize blockchain not as a potential threat but as an actual, eventual threat.   They will have to attack it with physical violence or their existence will be eradicated.  A few weeks ago I speculated that corrupt banks would hire guerilla mercenary armies to attack bitcoin mines.  Shortly after that Venezuela, which is going through a Communist Revolution illegalized cryptocurrency mining.

The war has already begun.  Famous intelligent people have already invested themselves in cryptocurrency and they will litigate any illegitimate losses.  Some bank will eventually adopt cryptocurrency and it will get regulated and become legitimate.  Cryptocurrency will succeed and people will have to adopt it in order to compete.  People that resist it will be exposed as corrupt.

Cryptocurrency was a checkmate on the opening move. 

When banks embrace Cryptocurrency they will have to protect the blockchain technology from Electro-Magnetic Pulses.   

Some have stated that cryptocurrency has no assets.  Well, neither does money, since we got rid of the Gold Standard.  Money is a unit of value that is useful because we agree upon it as a measure of value.  Everything only has value because it is useful or because people desire it, usually because it is useful.   

Warren Buffet recently came out and stated that cryptocurrency would end badly.  Well, so many experts have been wrong recently, haven’t they?  Donald Trump had less than zero chance of becoming President and all of the “experts” agreed on that, didn’t they.  Now I am not saying that we are living in an alternate time-line… OR AM I???  I blame Aliens. I wondered if Buffet said this because he was planning on attacking Cryptocurrency or had guilty knowledge that some of his banker friends intend to do so.

Blockchain has other uses besides cryptocurrency so it is here to stay.  Transfer of healthcare information.  Permanent Digital Identity. Distributed Cloud Storage.  Smart Contracts.  Digital voting.  I am not going to say “Anonymity” because I believe that will eventually be removed.   

The stock market is only open 5 days a week and 8 hours a day, but cryptocurrency can be exchanged or bought 24/7.

Bitcoin value might fluctuate but it has the same value in the United States as it does in Butt-FLICK Pakistan and it can be sent instantly across borders.  National currency also constantly fluctuates.  India recently had 81 million dollars intercepted from a wire transfer from the Fed by hackers in the Philippines.  The CEO of Juniper is interested in getting into blockchain in order to destroy the bank that is associated with the hack.  

I expect major shakeups.  A lot is at stake.  Specifically, who controls the actions of other people. I won’t say “this could end…” but I will say that this could begin in a war or even a world war.  Blockchain will eventually win because computer nerds won’t stop using it and others will adopt it.  Computer Nerds are to Cryptocurrency what the Porn Industry is to Visual Media.  The porn industry adopted VHS and Beta went bye-bye.  Then they adopted CD’s.  Then they adopted blue-ray.  Then they adopted Social Media and PLAYBOY died.

Oh, and anybody that does a dead end run around the code-kiddies, they are going to lose because whether you like it or not, there are no secrets anymore.  Everybody is everywhere.  

too many secrets.gif 

I have a lot of questions about cryptocurrency.  Nobody has been able to answer them yet.  If I invest in, let’s say Litecoin, and it fails, can it get bought out by another cryptocurrency and the value of that cryptocurrency suddenly has the same value of it’s owner?  Is it like the stock market?  

Megyn Kelly & Matt Lauer

megyn kelly

The reason that Matt Lauer was replaced with Megyn Kelly is purely political. Megyn went off script in order to preempt the Donald Trump Presidential campaign and derail the Trump Train. Matt Lauer had a twinge of moral guilt at the scripted questions that he was supposed to ask Hillary Clinton. He didn’t mock and ridicule her like Megyn did to Donald Trump but his Journalistic Integrity was just as devastating to the HRC Campaign.

Matt Lauer only allowed Hillary Clinton to be seen in her true nature. Megyn Kelly tried to taint the light cast on Donald Trump. Still, the Liberally biased media is punishing Matt Lauer while rewarding Megyn Kelly because of the outcome of the election. As such it is an expression of contempt for the American people.

This strategy will backfire on them. Megyn doesn’t just come with a fan base she comes with baggage. Gossip cop and others are lying when they report some collusion between Matt Lauer and Megyn Kelly because of a private meeting. This is one of her standard tactics. You have to remember that Megyn thinks of herself as a Dominatrix that lords it over stupid men. She went to Trump Tower for an interview with Donald believing that it would be perceived as some manner of a concession or apology on her part. It was quite the opposite. She went right back to her anti-Trump narrative in her “Reporting” immediately after the meeting. She also asked Trump to have his online people back off of her. I am one of those online people. I hate Megyn Kelly because I understand her. She is a back-stabbing, man-hating, social-climbing, two-faced, Psychopath.

Anybody that trusts Megyn Kelly is an idiot. She is an opportunistic, malignant narcissist. I say this knowing that people will read what I have written and bet that I am wrong. Having done so and having enabled her they will create opportunities for her to screw them which she will take advantage of. They will then regret not having listened to me in the first place. Go over and take a look in the mirror. YOU ARE AN IDIOT WITH BAD TASTE IN PEOPLE!!! That’s who you are, dumbass, now you know. Tool. Useful idiot. Sucker for a pretty face. “Settle for more” doesn’t mean that she creates value for you, retard. It means that she screws you for her own benefit. Who writes a self-worshipping Autobiography at her age? What has she accomplished?

Open Letter to College Students.

the world is watching

You’re homework, should you choose to accept it, is to ask your Liberal Progressive, Atheist, College Professors a series of questions. And film it yourself or have a colleague film it. Upload it to social media with the hashtag “#MotherTucker” or send it to Tucker Carlson of FOX NEWS.

Here are the Questions:

  1. Is the earth over-populated?

  2. Does Science have a Solution to the over-population problem?

  3. Is their currently a strategy in place to fix the over-population problem?

  4. If the earth is over-populated why do we care about the deaths of the fastest growing population of the stupidest and most violent people on earth, Muslims, who breed irresponsibly and use their children as their Sword & Shield???

  5. If human lives are so important, why do Liberal Progressives, Atheists, and Democrats, turn a blind eye to the Christian Genocide that is taking place in the World?

  6. And why do these same groups of people and Barack Obama prioritize Muslim Refugee Immigration over the Christians that are being murdered?

I am not asking these questions for my own benefit. I have already psychologically profiled the Democrats and Barack Obama. I know what they are thinking, but you will not know or believe what they are thinking and doing until you hear it from their own lips.

This series of Questions is designed to get them to expose themselves. If you don’t believe that Satan is real. If you don’t believe that Demonic Possession is real. Ask your college professors these questions and you will see the Face of Evil appear right before your eyes.

Final Note: Tucker needs to change his theme music. It needs some really epic, badass, electric guitar, and some marching drums. Maybe hit up Eddy Van Halen or see if the lead singer of Twisted Sister can recommend any talent. Maybe switch it up a little and have somebody put some Lyrics in there. Just one or two words sung in Rock & Roll Style. Big Hair bands.