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But, I thought Jesus was Muslim…

jesus matrix

Muslims claim that Jesus was Muslim.  So how is putting a painting of Jesus Christ in front of a Mosque a “Hate Crime”?  The painting was done in green and white.  Obviously somebody did some research and discovered that Muslims love the color green.  They painted Jesus in Green in order to make him appealing to Muslims who claim that Jesus was a Muslim.  But they felt threatened and wanted it to be investigated as a hate crime.  

This bat-shit insanity is actually promoted by Islam.  You can’t understand the Quran unless you read it in Arabic.  You haven’t understood the Quran unless you agree with Islam.  Noah was a Muslim even though he apparently brought pigs on the ark.  Jesus was a Muslim even though being pregnant out of wedlock is evidence of adultery which requires the mandatory punishment of death by stoning.  Which means that Jesus & his mother would have been stoned to death under Sharia Law professed by the Pharisees.  According to Islam every child is born Muslim which means that they have more authority over your children than you do, as a Christian or Jew.  If a Muslim man is experiencing a “Sexual Emergency” he can rape an animal, woman, or child and he is not guilty of the crime.  The victim is guilty of the crime because women have the power of attraction.  Under Sharia Law he is not guilty of forcing himself on his rape victim. 

How did Natalya Veselnitskaya  get into the United States if she was such a bad actor?  Why is she so obviously part Chinese?  Why was her meeting with Donald Trump’s son brokered by someone who was obviously guilty of pederasty?  Why did Robert Goldstone apologize for bringing Donald Trump Jr. to such a useless meeting?  


How did George W. Bush keep us safe?


I’m not a big conspiracy theorist by any stretch of the imagination.  Everything posted here is demonstrable, historical fact that I find very suspicious.  I have been sitting on it until this moment in time.  I am posting this in defense of Donald Trump’s recent statements at the GOP debate.

George W. Bush got hired by Enron during his father’s administration in order to earn the blind eye of Justice. The rolling black outs in L.A. were manufactured in order to sell an “Energy Crisis” later discovered to be false. Enron brokered the “sell of surplus energy” between Texas & L.A. When George W. became President he sealed the files & made it illegal to investigate the nature of his relationship with Enron. When the Twin Towers were attacked on 9/11 the records were destroyed when Building 7 suspiciously imploded.