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Boycott Sesame Street

katy perry

We aren’t stupid.  We know that you are trying to steal our children away from us.  We know that you are attempting to destroy the American Family Unit.  We have felt it.  We have experienced it. 

Oh, yeah, & another thing, I know where you got the inspiration of calling them “Dreamers”.  It was from the Muppet Movie.  That song called, “The Rainbow Connection”.

It is a secret homage to Satan Worship, pedophilia, and child trafficking. So, who are the “Lovers”???  

Rainbow Connection

Why are there so many songs about rainbows
And what’s on the other side
Rainbows are visions
But only illusions
And rainbows have nothing to hide

(they are talking about gay pedophile sex)

So we’ve been told
And some choose to believe it
I know they’re wrong, wait and see
Some day we’ll find it
The rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers, and me

Who said that every wish
Would be heard and answered
When wished on the morning star (Lucifer is the Morning Star)
Somebody thought of that
And someone believed it
And look what it’s done so far

What’s so amazing
That keeps us stargazing
And what do we think we might see
Someday we’ll find it
The rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers, and me

All of us under its spell, we know that it’s probably magic

Have you been half asleep?
And have you heard voices?
I’ve heard them calling my name

(Rhetorical Tautologies of Insanity)
Is this the sweet sound
That called the young sailors?
The voice might be one in the same

I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it
It’s something that I’m supposed to be
Someday we’ll find it
The rainbow connection
The lovers, the dreamers and me

La da da di da da dum da duh da da dum di da ohhh

Songwriters: PAUL WILLIAMS



Lindsay Lohan is a Useful Idiot.


The Berbers couldn’t be converted to Ancient Rome or Carthage because they didn’t respect the Authority of Reason but they were forced through physical violence to become Muslim. Shortly after they embraced the faith they killed off all of the Intelligentsia and Artists as heretics. There is an old Berber saying:

“Noble people don’t go around exposed.”

In Islam, marriage is a Property Contract. Muslim women can have acid thrown in their faces because they have “Flirtatious Eyes” which would be the only visible part of their faces if they were wearing a burka.

In Islam women possess the power of Physical Attraction which they are taught and therefore they are responsible for. This means that if they are caught exposing themselves they are guilty of a crime. In Islam if a woman gets raped she is responsible for her own rape because she should have been escorted by a man.

Muslim women aren’t supposed to be sexy to anybody but their husband. They aren’t supposed to attract sexual attention to themselves.

I don’t know if Lindsay Lohan is the stupidest piece of shit in the World or consciously Evil. She isn’t changing Islam. She isn’t empowering Muslim Women. She isn’t making Islam Sexy. She is attracting moths to a flame. Muslims who will take advantage of unsuspecting little girls know it. Maybe that is their plan, to reproduce the carnage happening in the European Union and make it look sexy.

The Problem with H1b Visas.


More than 100 technology companies including Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft, oppose Donald Trump’s Travel Ban. Why? Because H1B visas are basically a form of Low Wage Slavery. People who come in on H1b visas agree to work for low wages for several years without renegotiating their contracts. They compete with Americans for jobs. Not only do the corporations not have to pay extra for the schooling and experience of American Citizens, they also don’t have to pay for the Cost of Living of Americans. This means that our educational systems don’t have to be competitive because other countries provide better education at a lower price than our crappy Liberal Teacher’s Unions. This also counter-incentivizes getting extra education in the United States knowing that Corporations would rather hire foreigners.

Trump isn’t doing anything bad by setting things right in favor of Americans but that is the way the press & corporations will spin it. It was Obama that secretly prioritized the hiring of Foreigners over Americans. That was the first action & the cause of the bad. The collusion between Greedy, Crony Capitalists to accrue all benefit to themselves and sell the American People down the river.

What is to prevent Chinese Immigrants on H1B visas from stealing trade secrets or technology? They have already done it. They are already doing it. America used to make the best steel in the world. We spent millions of dollars on research in order to create the best techniques for the strongest steel and Chinese hackers stole all of that knowledge so that they could compete with us on the Global Market and even in the United States.

“If Corporations are people then American Individuals are non-Citizens, that is the hidden subject.” ~Joxua Luxor

Christian Charities make Importing Terrorism.


Over a month ago I tweeted Tucker Carlson for his “You make the NEWS” segment & I told him, “I want to know exactly how Catholic Charities makes money off paying for the housing of Muslim & Mexican Immigrants (Legal and otherwise).” I didn’t get any indication that he heard me. . .


Destroying America


The subject that we’re about to discuss is forbidden for the hoi polloi, us plebeian non citizens.  We are not considered smart enough or responsible enough to have this conversation in public.  It is perceived that political Ruling Class Elites should make these decisions for us in private, behind closed doors, and that they should make compromises, because that is what you have to do when you can’t reveal the genuine import of the discussion at hand.  I, however, in my usual Transgressively Sacral style, am going to unceremoniously rip the Burqa of the topic and show you what they are looking at and how they think.  I’m also going to show you how they are selling us down the river.

When you forfeit your Authority to an Oligarchy  they use it to Lord it over you.  You are voting no confidence in yourself to make decisions for yourself and your resources, they want this because they are not taking responsibility for your for your benefit but for their own.  If you have your Authority intact and internalized you are a potential threat to them and their control because they want to increase and expand their Authority.  How is this accomplished when a people is to intelligent to allow their Rights to be stolen from them?  In the 5 Regimes of Plato it says that the Greatest forms of Democracy lead to the Greatest forms of Tyranny.  Sounds nonsensical right?  Democracy is good right?  Well technically we are a Representative Democracy with absolute power lying with the Plurality.  So the way in which they plan to foist their will on us is by over running us with people that have no idea what this country stands for, what is going on, or what it means to be American.  They are going to dilute the citizenry by making everybody equal to everybody else, that is the danger with Absolute Democracy.  Everybody’s Values (or Issues) are equal to everybody else’s Values.  When Obama said everything is just opinions referring to the media this was a way of leaking the Liberal Progressive agenda.

If the Ruling Class became fearful that their attempt to seize Absolute Power Permanently was about to be discovered and thwarted what would they do?  If the Government mobilized against us it would become apparent that they are the First Cause and the Cause of the Bad.  But if the flood the country with stupid people that don’t understand our democratic values like Freedom of Speech or Reasoned Debate and felt they had the right to attack us with physical violence in order to silence us or make us change our mind then the Government could step in as the Second Cause pretending to be the Cause of the Good and taking away our first amendment rights as being to dangerous and the Real Cause of the physical violence.  Knowing the Multiculturalism has failed in Europe, to allow moslems to enter the country knowing that they refuse to integrate that is a conscious act of sabotage and therefore treason on the part of any Political Leader that advocates for it.  It is a conscious attempt to Disassemble American Values, knowing that the core values of Islam are Tyrannical, Totalitarian, Violent, and Fascist.  Islam stands in direct opposition to Civilization and the Rule of Law.

There is too much mimicry in the Rhetorical Tautologies of Ancient Greek Law and Torah.  If you want to understand the origins of Karl Marx philosophy of Socialism and Communism you have to understand the Math Cults of early Greece and the Philosophy of Judaism.  Both the Math Cults and the Jews are a Philosophical Family which means that the laws that apply inside the Philoish are not the same laws that apply to the way in which the group is in relationship with the world, which is why Socialism and Communism don’t work and have always failed.  In order to be Equal you have to be Equal. Inside the Math Cults everything was communally owned, that is to say, the property of all.  But in order to be a part of the Math Cults you had to have something to offer, you had to be on a certain level, and you had to be capable of recognizing the rules and regulations of the group.  Likewise, the Jews were able to maintain their unity and survive as a diaspora because they were aware that the biggest single factor to signal the Failure of a Society was a large disparity in wealth.  For this reason they had the 7 year forgiveness of debt.  America also used to have this rule but I believe George W. Bush got rid of it.  In his book COLLAPSE Jared Diamond had a list of the things that indicated that a society was about to combust and the polarization of wealth was the number one factor.

Use of the word “Meritocracy” is now categorized as a Micro-Aggression.  The reason is that a person is only responsible for their own failure or success in a Meritocracy of Reason and Results.  If the Government is responsible for the success of everybody that means that we are ruled by the stupidest and least successful amongst us.  This is a ploy for ensuring that we all have as little as the Lowest Common Denominator.  The reason for this is to Evoke the LOWEST FORM OF THE BAD.  While one person is punished for succeeding, whatever surplus they have created is given to another in order to reward them for failing.  That is exactly what is happening right now.  American Citizens are ignored as their will is usurped and thwarted by the ruling elites.  American Veterans are forsaken and abandoned to an epidemic of suicide, but all of us are paying for illegal Criminal Mexican Immigrants to have an education and all other manner of perks.  We have to compete against them, while providing for them, while they are given a handicap and all of the advantages.  This doesn’t benefit America or American Citizens, it benefits the Crony Capitalists and the Tyrannical Ruling Class.

Not only that, it is unsustainable.  As we observe the emergent properties coming out of Europe what we see is that they moslems bankrupt the economy with their Welfare Leaches and thwart Justice in the courts with their rich lawyers and Vexatious Litigations.  They can say that Islam is a religion of Peace but the purest form of Islam is Sharia Law and when you get enough moslems in your country they always try to institute Sharia Law and create a Caliphate or No-Go Zone and Sharia is not peaceful. Then they harbor and educate terrorists.  Belgium is the Capital of the European Union, and yet THEY are telling us they don’t have the ability to monitor Terrorists in their own country.


When the Founding Fathers put Freedom of Religion in the Constitution they were ignorant of Islam.  Furthermore, Islam it isn’t a religion, especially not one of peace.

Islam is an Invasive War Cult.

Trump is not helping ISIS.


There are a few moments in time that stand out in the life of an individual.  I am not particularly a religious person I consider myself more of a spiritual person.  Like the Founding Fathers my God is the God of Reason and I believe that God was the model for the Judeo-Christian God.  A few years back (I am 39 now) it became obvious to me that I had a calling.  Everything that I knew, everything that I had learned, taught not is the colleges but out of an aggressive curiosity to learn and understand, had prepared me for this moment and God had been with me all of the time guiding my interest and focusing my attention.  At that point my entire life and my purpose began to make sense, that epiphany, that baptism of spirit gave me the strength to endure, with a sense of humor the baptism of fire that Donald Trump and myself are going through.

What I learned, and what I am going to explain to you is the psychology of liberal insanity and the strategic communication that they use to manipulate society and confuse the individual.  We are going to deconstruct their misconstruction and divine what stimulated their need recognition and what is motivating them to what end.  Never has a presidential administration been this deceptive and non transparent, never has an administration (in my lifetime) over reached their authority in maligning a candidate for president especially when he was supported by popular opinion.

Liberals are mounting a smear campaign against Trump using the argumentum ad Hitlerum which is a tacit form of demonization.  If I am calling you the devil then I don’t have to listen to anything you say because everything you do is evil and you are the worst form of the bad.


The Liberals are actually suggesting that Trump is contributing to recruitment by ISIS.  What they are doing is suggesting tacitly that he is responsible for ISIS.  Did Trump travel back in time?  This is a teleological argument and an emotional appeal that only works on the useful idiots that have been indoctrinated into the authority of the left that don’t have the ability to think analytically themselves and that make a tacit argument from authority about the sources of their received knowledge.

Let’s take the way back machine to the Ukraine, our government was propping up a Neo-Nazi leader there which was why Putin stepped in (remember that Russia helped us fight Hitler) because his presence was desired by people observing the rise of Fascism.  This administration was investing in that Fascist revolution.  The same Obama Regime that created ISIS by arming the resistance in Syria, that concealed from us and the world that ISIS has a $1,000,000 a day black market business, and that didn’t target their wealth because “global warming is the biggest threat to mankind” while they were using blitzkrieg warfare, snatching up land and resources so they could actuate their plot for global domination (don’t believe me? Look up the design of the ISIS coin.)

The Liberally Insane Psychopaths use strategies that come from the consciousness of the Toxic Mother Figure.  This False Mother Figure creates Psychopaths.  Her purpose is to usurp the Authority of the Father (Reason) by spoiling the child (Id) and expanding her personal authority (In the form of Mercy and Charity for the Evil/Undeserving).  As such they use certain communication strategies: Act like you are not doing what you are doing, blame the other party preemptively for doing what you are actually doing (insane making behavior I refer to as the opposite lander strategy), always appear to be the second cause of the good (righteously indignant victim or champion of the victim, Toxic Mother defending spoiled child) not the first cause of the bad (secretly create the problem and then step in to fix the problem & don’t really fix it just allocate resources to expand your authority).

There is yet another strategy I have seen the Obama Regime use that comes from the Toxic Mother Figure, I refer to it as “Jingling the Keys”.  With this strategy the TMF attracts the attention of the OCC (over-coddled child/psychopath) by making noise or by controlling the attention of the child (Liberals do this by controlling the media, music industry, and film industry) and then communicating emotional data to the child in order to get the child to come up with what they think is their own idea.  They can’t communicate what they want through analytical data because then in being explicit they are complicit in the actions of the OCC.  What they will do is pardon them after the fact for doing what they wanted them to do in the first place.  Because psychopaths are manipulative and narcissistic they perceive themselves as responsible for everything, like god they think they are in control of everything and everything happens because of themselves.  They are so important that their has to be a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to take them down, it can’t be that they just suck and they fail.  A large group of people have to be working together to thwart their awesomeness, otherwise that means that they are just delusional and can’t get any results and I am sure we can all agree that isn’t possible.  What this also means is that in the mind of the psychopathic, manipulative authority their is a tacit bifurcation between being the active cause or the passive cause. What that means is that depending on who the TMF is talking to she can take responsibility for or reject blame for anything done for them by someone else and what you will find is that is what they do.

What does this argument tell us of how Liberals perceive Muslims.

“All narrative is doxography, everything said characterizes the speaker.” Joxua Luxor

The Lib-Tards say that Trump is helping ISIS.  When Trump says Islam is the problem and calls for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, he is throwing responsibility back to Islam to cure it’s own disease.  He is saying, you claim to be a religion of peace, physician, cure thyself.  The Libtards ignore the fact that we have tried to be part of the solution, we have been silent for 7 years, we encouraged the Arab Spring and we supported them with our weapons and money, we were not suspicious of them, we invited them into our country, we allowed them into our government, military, and CIA even.  Instead of protecting us and thanking us they used the opportunity to sneak up behind us and position themselves to opportunistically stab us in the back when the opportunity presented itself.

The Libtard perspective is tacitly narcissistic, presupposing that we, Americans, are responsible for everything that Muslims do.  Delusionally the argument suggests that if we are pleasant, put down our arms, and accept them into our midst they will do the same with us but that hasn’t proven to be the case, that has proven to be the opposite of reality.  The United States under the “leadership” of King Hussein did nothing while the Islamic State expanded it’s caliphate and murdered Christians, raped women, and took them as sex slaves.  The Libtard perspective argues from ignorance being hyper vigilant against those closest to itself who would, like a father figure, defend them.  Familiarity breeds contempt and the Libtards assume that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  They know NOTHING about Islam, the Quran, or what it teaches.   If I had one super power I wish I had the ability to zap all of these idiots that are arguing in defense of Islam into the heart of Saudi Arabia or Iran.  I wonder how long would they last?  How long would it be until they were thrown in prison, stoned to death, or beheaded as Infidels and Sharmouta.  It is the soft bigotry of low expectations as Bill Maher said.

Yet another undetected assumption of the Libtards is that because of what Trump has said and wants to do, people will join ISIS en masse.  That is so stupid.  Not only can we not discuss the psychology of the people who are sneaking up on us and want to kill us if we do tell people what they are thinking, and plotting, if we defend ourselves from it that will merely speed an increase the fury of the attack.  This presupposes that Libtards know that Muslims are not peaceful and Islam is not a religion of peace at it’s core.  That our defeat and assassination is inevitable and they have consigned themselves to bide their time, run out the clock, and opt for a slow peaceful defeat over any effort to confront the problem.  Not only that, because they are feckless cowards they courageously insist that those who would rather mount a resistance and solve the problem submit and kiss their asses goodbye.  These prophets of doom have had the revelation of our destruction and have resigned themselves to that future.  That is utter horse crap.

The so-called peaceful Muslims who have had NO success reforming Islam will magically become “Radical Muslims” and attempt to kill us if we point out what the Quran teaches, what Islam preaches, what Mohammed did, and what Muslims are doing.  They who never shut up in their criticism of us yet they want to move to our country and avail themselves of our Liberties and welfare while being arrogantly contemptuous and judgmental of us, are not allowed to be criticized by us.  We have to be in the relationship with them for their benefit to our detriment and in fear of their judgment.  Because of their privilege of Permanent Victim Status they get to live in Glass Houses and practice their Religion of Throwing Rocks.