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Baizuo: The White Left

liberal retards

As an accomplished Taoist, Guru, and Zen master, I am constantly dismayed at the arrogance of Liberal Progressives who have NO UNDERSTANDING of Genuine Spirituality but presuppose themselves to be every person’s moral superior.

The Chinese, who probably pay more attention to American Politics than the drug addled, Hipster, Millennial, walking abortions have recently added a neologism to their repertoire. Previously they had the term “Saint Whore” in order to refer to the vaginal supremacist Western Woman who thought that she could usurp the Authority of the Lord and anoint her disciples with her moist and needy crevasse but now they have added to their vocabulary the term “Baizuo” which means “White Left”.

Baizuo is a Chinese epithet meaning naïve western educated person who advocated for peace and equality only to satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority. A baizuo only cares about topics such as immigration, minorities, LGBT and the environment; while being obsessed with political correctness to the extent that they import backwards Islamic values for the sake of multiculturalism.

The Chinese see the baizuo as ignorant and arrogant westerners who pity the rest of the world and think they are saviors.

I thought I was the only person who noticed how the Liberal Progressives have adopted every cloying, sanctimonious, smarmy affectation that I despised when I was forced to go to church every day. Creating a meritocracy of being a victim and having an unnamed priest class who controls my reputation and expects me to be in relationship with them for their benefit when I never get anything back from the church.

This is why Donald Trump is respected in the rest of the world and over performed in minority communities. Unbeknownst to themselves Liberal Progressives are the Laughing Stock of the world and they are too stupid to evaluate the depths of their own stupidity.

In order to show these Liberal Retards how far they are from understanding the Eastern Mind here are the 8 Social Sins written by Mahatma Gandhi and his grandson, Arun:

  1. Wealth without Work

  2. Pleasure without Conscience

  3. Knowledge without Character

  4. Business without Morality

  5. Science without Humanity

  6. Religion without Sacrifice

  7. Politics without Principle

  8. Rights without Responsibilities



ice police

Hasta la vista, Anchor Baby. 👢💥🚼

Useful Liberal Idiots, who have committed themselves to flying in the face of reason & never participating with it, are now resorting to Obstructionism. They are  asking for ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) to remove the word “Police” from their uniforms so that people don’t mistake them for City Police and harbor resentment against them, especially, Sanctuary States & Cities.

This seems like a harmless concession but it is a dangerous gambit. You have to understand how cunning psychopaths are. Next they will be asking you to where Neon Orange uniforms that make you more obvious Targets. Subliminally, if you listen to them, you will create a rift with State & City Police because this action will REIFY a difference between you. They will cease to think of you as a person like them. Instead of being one you will be OTHERIZED. Psychopaths use the WE/YOU Bifurcation when they demand your participation and when they refuse to participate. When demanding your participation they say “We need to do this,” when refusing to participate they say, “You need to use your own resources.”

polis (n.) 
“ancient Greek city-state,” 1894, from Greek polis, ptolis “citadel, fort, city, one’s city; the state, community, citizens,” from PIE *tpolh- “citadel; enclosed space, often on high ground, hilltop” (source also of Sanskrit pur, puram, genitive purah “city, citadel,” Lithuanian pilis “fortress”).

politics (n.) 
1520s, “science of government,” from politic (adj.), modeled on Aristotle’s ta politika “affairs of state,” the name of his book on governing and governments, which was in English mid-15c. as “Polettiques.” Also see -ics.
Politicks is the science of good sense, applied to public affairs, and, as those are forever changing, what is wisdom to-day would be folly and perhaps, ruin to-morrow. Politicks is not a science so properly as a business. It cannot have fixed principles, from which a wise man would never swerve, unless the inconstancy of men’s view of interest and the capriciousness of the tempers could be fixed. [Fisher Ames (1758–1808)]
Meaning “a person’s political allegiances or opinions” is from 1769.

policy (n.1) 
“way of management,” late 14c., policie, “study or practice of government; good government;” from Old French policie (14c.) “political organization, civil administration,” from Late Latin politia “the state, civil administration,” from Greek politeia “state, administration, government, citizenship,” from polites “citizen,” from polis “city, state” (see polis). Meaning “plan of action, way of management” first recorded c. 1400.

The Direction of the Conversation.

direction of the conversation

Ludwig Wittgenstein said, “Meaning is use.”

Marshall Mcluhan said, “The Medium is the Message.”

Both were Linguistic Philosophers & both had discovered what I have discovered…

The word “Reason” comes from the Greek Word “Ratio” meaning Root. Perhaps that is why I am so fond of Etymologies. I want to know their Origins.

The meaning in Ancient Greece has something to do with Logic (Logos/Words) and refers to a Rational (not emotional or histrionic) conversation between two or more Philosophers.

The word “Authority” comes from the “Auctoritas” of the Ancient Greeks. Authority was earned through one’s ability to Argue with Reason & Logic in a Rational manner in order to arrive at a correct perspective on Reality. This is the origin of Science.

“Jesus didn’t speak like the Teachers of (Sharia) Law, he spoke as one possessing Authority (Auctoritas).” Matthew 7:29

Psychopathic Strategic Communication

Psychopaths are strategic communicators. The Truth of what they say is based on the reaction they hope to elicit. What they say is meant to manipulate your Emotions so that you respond in the desired way. As a Psycho-linguist & a Linguistic Philosopher I have done a lot to document the various strategies that they use. We will name some of them in this blog.

Psychopaths are herding predators like hyenas. They have no sense of honor, fair play, or any confidence in themselves or their abilities. Sociopaths, on the other hand, are Lone Wolves. The Psychopath seeks out a gang of criminals of like minds, constantly trying to increase & expand their personal Authority. Sociopaths rely on their own Knowledge & Abilities.

Psychopaths are Social Climbers so they rise to positions of Power Quickly. When they get into influential positions they sneekily seek out people who have similar biases. Having discovered Philosophical Brothers they collude & conspire with them in order to increase & expand their personal Authority.

They do this by:

  • Sabotaging or Promoting your reputation based on the amount of Control they can exert over you.

  • If you don’t do what is wanted they will mock & ridicule you.

  • Controlling who is allowed in the conversation, if you aren’t “on their level” you don’t get to speak.

  • Controlling what can be said in the conversation, if you don’t say what they want you won’t be included in the conversation.

  • Reification Fallacy through false consensus or an Imaginary Majority they agree on what is Real or True.

  • Controlling what you Hear & See while communicating to you Emotional Data in order to influence how you feel about what you are perceiving.

There are other more subtle strategies that they use but these are the Macro-Strategies. What you have to remember is that Psychopaths are in Ego Consciousness which is the False Sense of Self. Because they are Malignant Narcissists with no skills, abilities, or faith in themselves they Conspire & Collude with other Coyotes & Hyenas in order to circumvent the Peter Principle so that they can garner more influence than they deserve.

Their Purpose and Intention is to control the Direction of the Conversation & divert it from a Rational Conversation in order to force the Conclusion that they want, coerce your agreement, and then demand your participation. This is why you need to know all of the Logical Fallacies & every Cognitive Bias. Socrates exposed the Pretenders to Wisdom through Socratic Dialogue. This Logic is the Origin of Western Civilization.



Congratulations, We got Donald Trump elected so now it’s on to phase 3 of the Ban Sharia Agenda started in 2014 with the participation of Atheists, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Kurds and many others from all over the world.  It would have been useless for me to mention this before now but we have successfully changed the future for the 2nd time in as many years by shifting human consciousness.

In order to get Sharia Law banned in America and the Civilized World we need President Donald J. Trump’s administration to DEFINE what constitutes a Religion.  To begin that process I will start by briefly describing what Religion is based on my research into Proto-Indo-European and the Evolution of Rational Thought through History.

The root word of “Religion” is “Lig” which is Latin for Link, so Religion is Relinking or connecting which presupposes that Religion itself is not Dogmatic but necessarily is associated with change.  Religion is also Relationship because it determines how we are connected or in Relationship with one another.

Philosophy is a conversation between Man and God’s Soul in the form of the World.  The Philosophy created is the Soul of the Man that created it. When other people adopt that Philosophy it becomes a Religion.  When they adopt that philosophy they are then in Relationship with The World and the Phenomena in the world in the same way that the original Philosopher was.

“The Soul is, in a way, Phenomena.” ~Aristotle.

Men could only get into Heaven if they had Souls, which means a Philosophy defined as a World View that was Known and not concealed and which informed the Ideas, Words, and Actions of the person that subscribed to that Belief System.  The Philosopher could falsify his philosophy by not adhering to the Praxis (Practice/Process) of the philosophy or if it was demonstrated that his philosophy was false and couldn’t create good results in the world by Describing, Prescribing, and Predicting events, Science is the Explanatory Art.  What that means is that the Philosophy had to be Rational in order to be considered a Valid Philosophy. 

The Philosophy had to presuppose a Meritocracy of some sort that didn’t create Disparate Impact and therefore wouldn’t be considered Arbitrary which is synonymous with Tyranny and therefore Irrational.  Since the only Meritocracy that doesn’t create Disparate Impact is one of Reason & Results, most philosophies claimed to worship the God of Reason.  A Meritocracy of Reason doesn’t create Disparate Impact because the difference in status is created by the Skills and Abilities of the Individual and not the Philosophy itself.  It is the only way to maximize the value created by the Philosophical Family which is Rational because it contributes to the Survival of that Religion. 

Islam, however, is not Rational because it is Arbitrary.  Instead of creating a Meritocracy of Reason & Results it creates a Meritocracy of being like Mohammed.  Women and Non-Muslims are immediately precluded from this Meritocracy.  Islam isn’t chosen it is forced upon people, they are converted on threat of death and are murdered if they attempt to leave the Fake Religion.  Non Muslims aren’t granted any status and are treated as objects lower than animals.  Therefore Islam is Arbitrary & Irrational, therefore Islam is not a Valid Philosophy, therefore Islam is not a Religion. 

Religions are Moral Systems that increase the Moral Evolution of the person who adopts the Philosophy.  Islam takes Violent, Tyrannical, Immorality, rationalizes it, and REBRANDS it as Morality. Based on the current definition of “Religion” literally anything could be turned into a religion.  I could say, Raping Children is my religion, or Cannabalism is my religion, smoking Crack Cocaine is my religion, or Torture & Murder is my religion.  While there is a Separation of Church and State there can never be a Separation from Morality and state because the General Will creates the Laws by which the State is Governed which means that the Rituals, Sacraments, & Values of the “Religion” must never Usurp the Values that come from the General Will since one is protected by and comes from the other and not the Reverse.  The Sovereign which comes from the General Will can’t and mustn’t consent to protecting Values that are directly in opposition to it’s own Existence.  That is unsustainable, suicidal, and irrational. 

Every State has an Idea/Ideal/Idol that Represents the Highest Form of the Good (God) and therefore the body of Laws which they agree to uphold and be governed by.  That Corpus of Logos/Law determines the Rights and Responsibilities of the Citizen.  It Maximizes the Freedom of the Citizen by making them more than the sum of their parts.  According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, if people don’t willingly participate and they are unwilling to Leave, they must be forced to be free.  It must be presupposed that those moving to the United States are doing so because they have some idea of what our Values are, they embrace them, and they are willing to defend them to the death if that is necessary.

It is OK to be a Muslim in the United States of America & the Civilized World but Sharia Law is not and will never be Welcome.  Nobody should be allowed to teach or practice Sharia Law.  The Wolves always want to hide among the sheep and claim to be sheep.  Jesus was like Moses in that as a Law Giver he contributed to the Moral Evolution of the Law and separated the Violently Stupid wolves from those that followed the God of Reason. 

Since Reason is the Antithesis of Tyranny it can never be Tyrannical.  A bias towards Reason, therefore, can never by Tyrannical and the Civilized Western World must have a bias towards Reason in order to survive. 

Islam is Terrorism.


Open letter to Dr. Zuhdi Jasser: The fundamental problem is this, Islam is a religion created by a Sociopathic, Pathologically Lying, Serial Murdering, Serial Raping, Pyromaniac, Pedophile. You can tell all of the Happy Lies you want Islam is a powder keg and it will ALWAYS only take one match to set it off.  Judeo-Christianity & Western Civilization was created through Proto-Indo-European and the Evolution of Thought and Language in order to protect those that recognize the Authority of the God of Reason from the Tyrannical Invasive Persio-Babylonian Death Cults.  You and your efforts are doomed to failure and only a fool would forfeit his personal Suspicion of Islam based on the Moslem Promise that they will police themselves for our benefit.  Islam is against every Religion in the World and every single Non Moslem individual in the world is overtly threatened by the existence of the Moslem “Religion”.

Quran 3:151 Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, they thought they were friends with Allah, for which He gave no permission: their abode will be the Fire which is where all Non Muslims live!
(Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220) Mohammed said, “I have been sent with veiled rhetoric (Pleasant Lies) with hidden threats , and I have been made victorious with terror, and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.”

Translations by the Psycholinguist and Linguistic Philosopher Joxua Luxor.

 I tried to embed my tweets but I’m being Shadow banned by the Twitter Mafia after Zuhdi Jasser blocked me. When  I tried to embed my Tweets they disappeared so now I can’t screen shoot them.  I told Zuhdi that when he tries to rescue the reputation of Islam he is essentially protecting Terrorists, and then I told him to say “Hello”to his NeoCon buddies for me.  I tweeted this to him on the morning of March 22 at Fox news before he came on the show, he had refused to debate me and I had been on a Canadian Radio show right after him.  He has changed his tune since then as he has been researching my arguments.  That is fine but I’m not going to stop putting psychological pressure on moslems and exposing to non moslems what they believe and teach.  We have tried to be part of the solution and as I expose them I am also forcing them to take responsibility for themselves and reality…



zuhdi jasser


Mitt Romney hurls a grenade at Donald Trump



It is insulting how stupid the GOP leaders seem to think that Republican Voters are.  Mitt Romney, who is obviously a hatchet man for Marco Rubio, tries to make a big deal out of Donald Trumps taxes.  He can’t help but leak that he is trying to provoke Trump by suggesting he isn’t as rich as he says he is.  Knowing full well it is bad policy to release your taxes when you are being audited by the IRS and ignoring that obvious conclusion that Obama is using the Internal Revenue Service in order to harass Donald just as he has used it to attack other conservative groups.

Romney’s Taepodong turns out to be a dud, SCUD, Dude. :/

Mitt Romney and the backstabbing Republican Party know full well there is nothing wron with Trump’s Taxes, BECAUSE  he is getting audited year after year.  If the Tax Audit isn’t finding anything untoward why would anybody else?  One thing we know he isn’t doing is letting Super PACs run sleazy campaigns so that he can disavow any knowledge of their sinister underhanded dealings. He is also not accepting donations like Hillary Clinton’s creepy campaign or her illegitimate Clinton Foundation.

My beef with Steven Pinker

steven pinker

Now, I am very much a fan of Steven Pinker, I enjoy reading him very much, my problem is with one particular chapter in his book THE LANGUAGE INSTINCT.  The problem revolves around the fact that I am a soft linguistic determinist, and he argues completely against linguistic determinism being flippant and sarcastic, and bias mining to look only at how Linguistic Determinism is wrong, and not how it is right.  I am going to call him out on his bias and expose some of his obfuscations and bifurcations.  Linguistic Determinism doesn’t have to be a hard yes or no…


First of all, we see that the Democrats and the Obama Regime are using this strategy right now, and it is having an effect on the majority of human beings.  Steven ignores emergent properties in his analysis.


Now I would like to point out that Pinker is not making an assertion here.  He is asking a leading question.  If he were making an assertion he would have to support it with proofs.  Instead he is making a tacit emotional appeal.  There is a rule in psychology that states, “Psychopaths don’t reform, they just become more manipulative.”  The example might be a psychopath.  To use Bertrand Russel’s Reductio ad absurdum on Pinker I might point out that he doesn’t examine how much time much pass before a person is not himself which suggests that I could say something and then immediately change my mind, because time has passed and now I am a different person.  Ludwig Wittgenstein is often studied as Wittgenstein 1 and 2 but that is because he disagreed later in life with some of his theories earlier in life, so there was an actual difference.

Next he Bashes Sapir-Worf for their proofs about the Hopi Indians used to support linguistic determinism.  He asserts that they didn’t actually study the language, which might be true, but then he argues that Hopi’s don’t have a different perspective on time.  What he is actually doing is making the Argument from fallacy Fallacy, just because there was an error made doesn’t mean the conclusion is wrong.  And if he had studied the religious beliefs like I have he would know that Hopi’s do indeed have a different perspective on time.


This is called Prophecy Rock, and it shows that the Hopi believe that we can actually change the future by our actions in the present and that there are divergent timelines.  And that there are worlds that mark the end of time.  We are currently in the 4th world and will be entering the 5th world.

It is said that if the True White Brother is successful in finding those who still follow the true Hopi way of life, the world will be created anew and all the faithful will be saved from destruction. However, the Hopi mythology also details an alternate version of the prophecy, one in which the True White Brother fails in his mission and is unable to find uncorrupted men and women. Then it is said that the earth will be completely destroyed and none will be spared.[8]  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Star_Kachina#The_final_sign


The argument that he is falsifying is that language and thought are ONLY, ALWAYS, IDENTICAL and he uses the lack of evidence as the proof.  Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, and I am going to show the flaws in his argument.  Every language predisposes itself to a certain type of thought.  English has become the lingua franca of Science.  Every action, or thought creates neural myelination which is then passed on to the next generation via epigenetics.  Research shows that German babies cry differently from French babies.  (https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/music-matters/201201/german-babies-cry-differently-french-babies-research-shows)

If we examine what words are we find that it is like taking a lasso and throwing it around a bunch of random things and describing the relationship between them.  Pinker is essentially arguing for a blank slate, which Chomsky falsified, and then he later quotes Chomsky to support his argument.  There is in words and languages certain emotional data that is communicated, and relational data.  Let’s do a test on Arab or Persian people that haven’t learned their own language and find out how many of them hate Jews, sympathize with ISIS, and want Israel removed from the map.  Boko Haram means western knowledge is forbidden.  The word “Harem” means forbidden, it is also the place where you keep your wives, daughters, and your sex slaves, as well as your child brides.  That’s right, in Islam “wife” can mean a 6 year old girl.  Also, in the Harem, your “family members” are allowed to enter.  So Steven Pinker, Who is forebidden?  Who is family?  and Who is sexual property?

Next he attacks sapir whorf for suggesting that Apache’s think differently.  Well Mr. Pinker, perhaps you have never heard of Tom Brown Jr.

According to Brown, he grew up in New Jersey being trained by his adopted grandfather (a Lipan Apache) until he was 17. For the next decade, Tom traveled and lived primitively in various places across North and South America. Returning to New Jersey, he became a professional tracker, which in turn led to him forming the “Tracking, Nature and Wilderness Survival School”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Brown,_Jr.

I don’t know how many languages predispose themselves to the ability to track people through the wilderness, but I am assuming that they might be similar.    Now, yes, Tom Brown knows English and that was the medium through which the ideas were conveyed.  But the ideas were similar expressed and understood more naturally in Apache.


He suggests that babies have an innate understanding of mathematics and uses this again to support that Language and thought are completely different.  However, again he forgets about neural myelination.  Babies are not mathemeticians because they have object permanence, and they wouldn’t acquire  higher math skills without being Taught new words/ideas (thought tools).

He uses arguments to suggest what sounds like Wittgenstein’s picture theory of language of language.

He says that Language is not like, math.  I disagree, higher math such as calculus is very much like language.   A word is an empty set for the definition of the word.

I suggested that people actually use syllogisms to slip logical errors past themselves.

Richard Nixon, “What I am saying is, if the president does it, it’s not a crime.?

The president = virtuous.

I = the president.

I = virtuous.

The paint sprayed sam onto the wall.  3:})


Here is the thing.  In order to say that Language and Thought are completely different, you are suggesting that every person is equally smart.  I have included several neologisms that I have made.

How many people make neologisms?  How many of those new words are adopted by others?  How many of those new words are useful?  How many of those new words are about something real?

How many people are linguistic philosophers?  How many people know what a morpheme is?  Is Steven Pinker an expert on phlogiston?  Until you know the word, your brain can’t move in that direction or make that association.  What Pinker is tacitly suggesting is that everybody is equally as smart as everybody else, which is patently false.  It presupposes that every person can recognize every pattern in the world around them and come up with all solutions and sciences by themselves.  It presupposes that the individual has an infinite capacity, infinite time, and/or infinite intelligence.  

Most people don’t do science themselves, most people don’t do higher philosophy, most people don’t create their own neologisms.  Most people know what they know because of received knowledge.  In order to come up with a new word, or to recognize a new pattern, something nobody else has ever become aware of before, or to change the way you yourself think or act.  You have to be a different kind of person.  You have to be a wizard, a sage, a lunatic, an idiot savant, or a drug addict.

Languages were created by the people that were part of that culture, and those cultures predisposed themselves to certain types of individuals who concerned themselves with certain things and thought about them.  They created words.  It is not just knowing the word, it is understanding what the word is a symbol of.  To be initiated into the correct understanding and use of that word.  In order to make a new word, or to disagree you have to be capable of breaking pattern.  People are acquisitively mimetic.  The majority of people don’t create their own patterns they copy patterns that were created by other people.

When I was a little boy I had a recurring dream of myself on a roller coaster, it was a great frustration for me that I couldn’t visualize myself on a roller coaster ride without seeing myself holding onto the seat as my legs dangled behind me cartoon style.  I puzzled over this for years.  I would try to physically pull myself into the carriage, but no sooner had I done so than the force of the roller coaster pulled me back out again.

I propose an experiment by which my Theory on Epigenetics and Neural Myelination can be tested.  Take a female bonobo baby & raise her with chimpanzees, at the same time take a male chimpanzee baby & raise him with the bonobo.  See how well each assimilates and whether they have the behaviors of the Primate Group from which they descend…