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But, I thought Jesus was Muslim…

jesus matrix

Muslims claim that Jesus was Muslim.  So how is putting a painting of Jesus Christ in front of a Mosque a “Hate Crime”?  The painting was done in green and white.  Obviously somebody did some research and discovered that Muslims love the color green.  They painted Jesus in Green in order to make him appealing to Muslims who claim that Jesus was a Muslim.  But they felt threatened and wanted it to be investigated as a hate crime.  

This bat-shit insanity is actually promoted by Islam.  You can’t understand the Quran unless you read it in Arabic.  You haven’t understood the Quran unless you agree with Islam.  Noah was a Muslim even though he apparently brought pigs on the ark.  Jesus was a Muslim even though being pregnant out of wedlock is evidence of adultery which requires the mandatory punishment of death by stoning.  Which means that Jesus & his mother would have been stoned to death under Sharia Law professed by the Pharisees.  According to Islam every child is born Muslim which means that they have more authority over your children than you do, as a Christian or Jew.  If a Muslim man is experiencing a “Sexual Emergency” he can rape an animal, woman, or child and he is not guilty of the crime.  The victim is guilty of the crime because women have the power of attraction.  Under Sharia Law he is not guilty of forcing himself on his rape victim. 

How did Natalya Veselnitskaya  get into the United States if she was such a bad actor?  Why is she so obviously part Chinese?  Why was her meeting with Donald Trump’s son brokered by someone who was obviously guilty of pederasty?  Why did Robert Goldstone apologize for bringing Donald Trump Jr. to such a useless meeting?  

Jessica Drake Ploy Backfires.

Jessica Drake speaks to reporters about allegations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump, alongside lawyer Gloria Allred during a news conference in Los Angeles,

LOL, Wait, What just happened?  She is a Porn Star with a Hillary Clinton Minnie Me trying to act like she has been victimized by Donald Trump because he offered her a lot of money in order to have sex with her??? And she put on glasses in order to look smarter than she is.

I swear to God I saw her wearing a Gold Necklace with Allah’s name in Arabic but every time I tried to rewind my Megyn Kelley show it refused to show me her Muslim Necklace.  What that tells me is that she is being played by Muslim Hillary Clinton supporters that are willing to pay her a lot more than any of us could ever pay her because just like ObamaCare she is a Secret Tax for Stupid People that are willing and able to pay enough money in order to be able to afford her, Disgusting, Over-Used, Moslem Sewer of a Vagina, that she wants to rebrand as Patriotic just like Megyn Kelly and Amy Schumer.

“Drake” is also an abbreviation of Dragon, FYI, as in “Dracula”.  (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION)

Christiane Amanpour’s Moslem Bias

photo posted on post-gazette.com
Professional Propagandist, Christiane Amanpour, demonstrates that due to Epigenetics & thousands of years of Neural Myelination by one’s ancestors repeated thoughts & actions, Moslems will continue to have the same racist prejudices because it is in their DNA.

Born in London, England,[2] Amanpour was raised in Tehran. Her father, Mahmoud Amanpour, is a Muslim from Iran; her mother, Patricia Hill, is a Christian from England.[3][4] She is fluent in English and Farsi.

Christian Amanpour reveals her racist bias through her strategic communication and the way in which her rhetoric creates disparate impact in favor of Moslems by being critical of one group of people while at the same time protecting another group from scrutiny.



Friday the 13th: The Symbolism of the France attack.

freaky friday


At this point it is too early too know if there was any deep significance behind the attack on France or if it was just some childish, appeal to young people who would think it profoundly meaningful.  What is of interest though, is that France is where the original Knights Templar came from.   9 men from France went to the Holy Land and dug under Solomon’s temple and found something which they took to the Roman Catholic Church and they were sanctioned and granted sovereignty over themselves. In 1307 king Philip IV of France launched a surprise attack on the Knights Templar on Friday the 13th essentially decimating the order and it’s reputation from that point on.  Could it be that this attack is to remind people of the hatred that terrorists have for the Crusaders?  It is interesting to remember that Obama defended ISIS once by comparing them to the Crusaders.  Could it be that this Invasive Death Cult which protects its evil under the veil of being a Religion can carry a grudge for 1400 years?  You have to remember that the Crusades started as a response to the land grabbing caliphate that was being established by Islam.

The truth of the matter is that it started long before that.  The Holy Roman Empire is essentially Ancient Rome.  At that time the Persian/Babylonian Jews were already infiltrating Rome, the Flavius Caesars were making a secret alliance with the Babylonians.  Josephus, remember, was a Pharisee and the sicarii were using Hamas like tactics to kill Roman Centurions by hiding in crowds behind women and children.  Later Flavius Constantine converted to “Christianity” or at least claimed to since he was a worshipper of Sol Invictus and made Christianity the state religion after Rome had been killing Christians in the coliseums. Constantine must have had guilty knowledge about the deal between his ancestors and Babylon and he must have known that such an alliance had not been successful and was no longer sustainable.  Much the same lesson that Barack Hussein Obama should be learning right now.

Rome had lost much of it’s Empire to Islam before the Crusades became a necessary.  The Knights weren’t created until after about 300 years of Islam’s existence, Genocide, forced conversion, and kidnapping of women as sexual property for the breeding of the Muslim Jihadis.

Or maybe it is some highly intelligent tongue in cheek joke about Islamophobia and triskaidekaphobia from someone with a very bad sense of humor.  Some homage that both are considered phobias but both are actually real.  But understanding as I do the obsessive nature of the psychopathic brain, I would bet that it does have something to do, at least in part, with the Knights Templar and at the same time a ruse to inspire the minds of psychopathic children that want to be feared and want to share the pain that they are full of with everybody else.

The Two Faces of Islam


It would be one thing if this were atypical behavior, but it isn’t, it is typical behavior for Muslims.  Clock boys father had two Facebook profiles, on one profile he said all of the things he was expected to say to appear non threatening, on the other he posted material about 9/11 being a Zionist conspiracy.  The very nature of Islam & Muslims is psychopathic.  You can’t trust them.  If you ask a pathological liar if they are lying THEY ARE GOING TO LIE!!! Islam is the religion of lying, they claim in their own scripture that Islam is based on a lie, the claim their god Allah is the best liar, they have provisions for lying and an entire philosophy on when lying is acceptable and should be used.