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Jessica Drake Ploy Backfires.

Jessica Drake speaks to reporters about allegations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump, alongside lawyer Gloria Allred during a news conference in Los Angeles,

LOL, Wait, What just happened?  She is a Porn Star with a Hillary Clinton Minnie Me trying to act like she has been victimized by Donald Trump because he offered her a lot of money in order to have sex with her??? And she put on glasses in order to look smarter than she is.

I swear to God I saw her wearing a Gold Necklace with Allah’s name in Arabic but every time I tried to rewind my Megyn Kelley show it refused to show me her Muslim Necklace.  What that tells me is that she is being played by Muslim Hillary Clinton supporters that are willing to pay her a lot more than any of us could ever pay her because just like ObamaCare she is a Secret Tax for Stupid People that are willing and able to pay enough money in order to be able to afford her, Disgusting, Over-Used, Moslem Sewer of a Vagina, that she wants to rebrand as Patriotic just like Megyn Kelly and Amy Schumer.

“Drake” is also an abbreviation of Dragon, FYI, as in “Dracula”.  (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION)

Barack Obama’s Self Defeat


How did I go from being a God Tier Troll to being one of the most influential voices who’s name is unknown but whose words and ideas are in everybody’s mouth and on everybody’s minds?  In a word, my psychological models. 

The battle that we are seeing being played out in the world right now, not only locally but globally, is a classic study in the battle between the Psychopath and the Sociopath and only my psychological models explain it and can predict the outcome. 

Obama and Hillary Clinton are Over-Coddled Children (Psychopaths).  Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are Abused or Neglected Children (Sociopaths).  Psychopaths don’t create a Surplus they steal a surplus that was created by others.  While being abusive and Toxic Psychopaths don’t have an ability to withstand any real negativity because everything they had came easily.  When Psychopaths can’t compete the attack the playing field and change the rules, this has been demonstrated by the actions of the Corrupt Biased Media and the Unfaithful actions of the Disgraceful James Comey and Loretta Lynch.

The Sociopath always eventually defeats the Psychopath because they are willing and able to bide their time while waiting patiently under less than ideal circumstances (remember Putin crushed the food offered to him by Obama under a tank).  The Sociopath creates their own Surplus and Resources.  Having no respect for people that create their own Surplus the Psychopath Counter-Incentivizes the people who create a Surplus of Value, which they steal and use for their own means.

After 7 years of his Mocking, Ridiculing, and Scoffing at the American People only now does Barack Obama begin to realize how Foolish and Arrogant he has been.  Psychopaths seem to instinctively recognize each other on a magnetic level, Obama was embraced into their folds but he didn’t realize that he was a predator that was lower on the Totem poll.  When you can create a division amongst Psychopaths they will turn on each other and cannibalize themselves.  Obama, in his Narcissism, cares about his Legacy more than anything else in the world.  Now he has put us on the precipice of World War III and because of his war against the American Economy and his dismantling of our Military he is powerless to do anything about it. 

On top of that, his bombardment of Psychological Warfare has backfired on him.  His Racial Propaganda that he has used to force us to comply with his judgment and brought us closer to civil war has now created a situation in which all of the Good and Morally Evolved Minorities are now speaking out for Donald Trump and against him.  And like a Choir of Angels that Joyful Noise is getting louder and more confident.

DHS is Obama’s Gestapo



I originally tweeted this on June 18th, this happened to me.  While I was staying at the Grants Pass Quality Inn (Oregon) a family started moving into the room next to ours and they were being extremely rude and inconsiderate.  The father, two boys, a daughter, and his wife slammed the door every time they entered the apartment.  It was late at night and my roommate and I were going to sleep because we were there for work, not recreation. She looked out the window into the parking lot as I went to investigate what was going on, she asked if they were Muslim’s and as I opened the door the daughter must have heard me say, “yes they are Muslims”.  She apologized insincerely for the noise and a few minutes later her father knocked at our door with his teenage boys on either side of the door.  He was extremely angry and said something to the effect of, I shouldn’t go around accusing People of being Muslims.  I pointed out that maybe they shouldn’t be rude and inconsiderate of other people in the first place and attract attention to the fact that they are Muslim and contemptuous of the people in our country.  He attempted to impress my by telling me that he was an immigrant from a Muslim country and he currently works for the Department of Homeland Security, he pulled out some badge and flashed it at me.  I responded, “Let me guess, you come from a country that practices Sharia Law?” 

He became more angry and told me that he was going to have to teach me a lesson.  His teenage sons took up strategic positions on either side of me and behind me.  He slipped off his expensive wrist watch.  I didn’t back down, I told him that I didn’t care, and whatever he did to me my over 600 Ban Sharia advocates from all over the world would hear about it as well as all of Bluehand of which I am a leading member.  His face blanched and he became very pleasant and apologetic.  He shook my hand and wanted to make sure there was no problem. 

In the morning the concierge informed us that there had been a complaint lodged about us.  The same guy had also flashed his badge at her and bragged about being a very important person who worked for the Department of Homeland Security.  He said that I had Racist tattoos referring apparently to the Hebrew tattoo on my neck, the Hindu Sanskrit Tattoo on my shoulder, and the Voodoo Sigil of Baron Samadhi on my leg. She informed me that we were no longer welcome at that hotel. 

By the end of the week it had come to light (In the NEWS) that the Department of Homeland Security had banned the use of the word “Sharia” as promoting an “Us verses Them” mentality, as though the existence of Sharia isn’t the reason for that dichotomy and not the awareness of the existence of Sharia Law. 

Only recently was it reported that the DHS is also responsible for squashing accurate reports of exactly how many illegal immigrants are flooding across our border.  (Click here for more information)


Prediction for the near Future.


I have been delaying the writing of this blog but it has been on my mind for about 1 year.  The reason that I waited this long to publish it is because I wasn’t sure that people would be ready for it, but now I know that if I wait much longer it will be too late.  I was planning on writing this before it was exposed that Unapologetic NAZI George Soros was working closely with the Obama/Clinton Regime to destroy Western Civilization by massively importing Syrian Rape-fugees.  It does appear that while Richard Dawkins was a useful idiot pawn for the New World Order agenda he might have begun to regret his roll as he has made statements that hint at remorse. 

The Obama/Clinton Regime are no longer even attempting to not appear corrupt, they are openly flaunting their corruption and their disdain for the Rule of Law.  They are so invested in their success that they can’t allow their Conspiracy to be exposed or thwarted because if it is that means that they will not only be considered Traitors, and Guilty of Treason, they will eventually be considered Enemies of Mankind and Good on Earth. 

The Night of the Long Knives, also called Operation Hummingbird or, in Germany, the Röhm Putsch, or sometimes mockingly Reich Murder Week, was a purge that took place in Nazi Germany from June 30 to July 2, 1934, when the Nazi regime carried out a series of political extra-judicial executions intended to consolidate Hitler’s absolute hold on power in Germany. Many of those killed were leaders of the Sturmabteilung, the Nazis’ own paramilitary Brownshirts organization; the best-known victim was Ernst Röhm, the SA’s leader and one of Hitler’s longtime supporters and allies. Leading members of the left-wing Strasserist faction of the Nazi Party, along with its figurehead, Gregor Strasser, were also killed, as were prominent conservative anti-Nazis. (SOURCE)

Hillary Clinton’s Alternative Left


  • Unapologetic Nazi billionaire, George Soros

  • Moslem Sharia Law Advocates 

  • Future Moslem Mass Murderers.

  • Criminal Immigrants & Welfare Leaches

  • Violent Ex-Convicts & Drug Dealers

  • Planned Parenthood body parts Black Market

  • BlacKKK Lives Matter Terrorists

  • Will Quigg, KKK Grand Dragon

  • Anti-Israel Advocates

  • Ultra-Violent Street Gang

  • Every corrupt Politician & Media Hack

  • Liberal Teachers Unions that destroyed Education

  • New World Order Advocates that want to empower the Moslem biased United Nations.

  • Moslem Dictator Billionaires from countries that practice Sharia Law & violate human rights.

If the Alternative Right exists then by definition the Alternative Left exists.  This might be the Stupidest Blunder Hillary Clinton has made this far in her Campaign.  Not only is she a Terrible Human Being she is Horrible at Campaigning.  No matter what she does she can’t conceal what an Unlikable Person she is in Reality. 

The Truth of the Matter is that ISIS is praying to Allah because they are Moslem and they do worship the same God as Islam, but they aren’t praying for Donald Trump to be elected President they are praying for Hillary Clinton because if she is elected they will be able to come into the Country and kill Americans, the Greatest force of Moral Evolution on Planet Earth.   


Alt-Right isn’t a thing.




Reification (also known as concretism, hypostatization, or the fallacy of misplaced concreteness) is a fallacy of ambiguity, when an abstraction (abstract belief or hypothetical construct) is treated as if it were a concrete, real event, or physical entity. In other words, it is the error of treating something which is not concrete, such as an idea, as a concrete thing. (SOURCE)

I had never heard of the Alt-Right until Hillary mentioned it and Glenn Beck participated with her premise that it existed.  Now people are bandying about the term Alt-Right as yet another way to ignore people’s opinions by demonizing them through categorization.  If you are the Devil, or Hitler, or a NAZI then you are preemptively Evil and therefore your Opinion is Invalid. 

Glenn Beck almost seems titillated that Hillary Clinton is trying to get his brainwashed audience to vote for her.  He’s bias mining in order  prove his assertion that a Combination of American Nationalism & Populism will lead to some kind of Adolf Hitler like figure.  Hillary Clinton baited him and be fell for the bait. 

Glenn Beak dedicated the first hour of his show to Malicious Gossip about Steve Bannon, quoting a poison pen article that had been written by disgruntled former employee, Ben Shapiro.  As the show went on, and as “Chicken Little” Beak became more and more fearful that the sky was about to fall in, it was discovered that the quote Shapiro has used suggesting that Breitbart was consciously a platform for the “Alt-Right” came from Mother Jones, an irresponsible Left Wing Propaganda hit website and couldn’t be independently verified as ever having actually been stated by Steve Bannon. Still later in the show, Ben Shapiro himself came on and testified to the fact that he did not himself believe that Steve Bannon was Alt-Right. 


As of the time I researched and posted this blog, Alt-right didn’t exist.  Alt-Right apparently is a reference to 4chan trolls.  Hillary Clinton endorsed a leader of the KKK. She endorsed Margaret Sanger who created Planned Parenthood in order to bring NAZI eugenics into America, who openly and secretly wanted to exterminate Negros, Jews, and the children of soldiers.  In her own autobiography she bragged about having met and coordinated with female leader of the KKK, even having recruited them towards her ends. 

If the Alternative Right exists, that means that the Alternative Left also exists, so who is the Alt-Left? 

  • BlacKKK Lives Matter who are being funded by Muslim Brotherhood surrogates who use the fifth pillar of Islam, Zakat, to fund terrorism.
  • George Soros, unapologetic NAZI that defends Shari’a Law and wants to collapse Western Civilization for the purpose of creating a New World Order that benefits him financially, he is also responsible for orchestrating the massive immigration of “Syrian Refugees” into Civilized Countries: Australia, Europe, Germany, Britain, & America.
  • All of the Shari’a Law practicing Moslem Countries that gave Millions of Dollars to the Clinton Foundation which only spends 10% of donations on actual charity and the rest on the quality of life of Hillary’s Family and her Political and Media hacks that do her bidding as she peddled American Influence to people that hate and want to destroy America. 
  • Every Illegal Immigrant, Felon, America-Hating Liberal Retard, and Shari’a Loving Future Terrorist as well as the vast majority of Welfare Leaches that think they should have a comfortable life without creating value for anybody but themselves in society (Completely Unsustainable).
  • Unions are also Endorse Democrats as a block.

If Donald Trump is responsible for everything said by every person who’s show he has been on the same is true for Hillary Clinton.  If Donald Trump’s campaign is characterized by every person that supports and endorses him the same is true of Hillary Clinton.  If Donald Trump is characterized by the Lowest Common Denominator that supports him the same is true of Hillary Clinton.

What’s Gravy for the Goose is Gravy for the Gander.

The Republican nominee was not only exploiting “a paranoid fringe in our politics, steeped in racial resentment,” Clinton said, but “stoking it, encouraging it, and giving it a national megaphone” in a way no presidential candidate had ever done before.

“This is what happens when you treat the National Enquirer like Gospel,” Clinton said of Trump’s promotion of various conspiracy theories, including his suggestion that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the JFK assassination and his assertion that President Barack Obama founded ISIS.

“It’s what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones, who claims that 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs. He said the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre were child actors and no one was actually killed there,” she continued. “Trump didn’t challenge those lies. He went on Jones’ show and said: ‘Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down.'”

But Clinton reserved her most damning critique for Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart News chief who was recently appointed CEO of Trump’s campaign.

“The de facto merger between Breitbart and the Trump Campaign represents a landmark achievement for the ‘Alt-Right,’ a fringe element has effectively taken over the Republican Party,” Clinton said. “This is part of a broader story — the rising tide of hardline, right-wing nationalism around the world.”

At one point, Clinton simply listed off a number of Breitbart headlines that championed the Confederate flag, criticized women and feminism, and referred to former Rep. Gabby Giffords, the victim of a mass shooting, as a “human shield.”

“He says he wants to ‘make America great again,'” Clinton said of Trump, “but his real message remains ‘Make America hate again.'”

American Educational Reform


I am calling on Donald Trump, when he is elected, to institute Massive Educational Reform.  Education should be affordable and useful.  Our children should be taught how to survive in the world as it is, not as Liberal Progressives think it should be.  They should be given the skills needed to survive.  We shouldn’t be importing people from 3rd world countries who have invested in better education than we have so they can become de facto rulers in our own Nation because we couldn’t afford the education they have.

Other countries are learning in High School what our children haven’t learned after Graduation, with honors, from College.  Every Nation in the world is Leveraging themselves against the former Gold Standard that was America by investing in the education of their own children, how is it that we aren’t investing in ourselves?  Instead we are importing people on H1-B Visas, who are essentially Low Wage Slaves, to take the high paying jobs that we aren’t educating our own children for.

Our children are being Indoctrinated (Not Educated) into the Authority of Fat, Lazy, Tenured, Union Teachers who have no fear of losing their jobs and the possess nothing but contempt for America.  They harass and bully any student that comes into their class who is white, male, conservative, or Republican.  They are Initiated into a Meritocracy of Issues that Reifies the delusions, stupidity, and greed of one group of people while ignoring the contribution and sacrifice of another group of people.  It isn’t Communism that is paying the Salaries of these College Professors it is Capitalism & they are Strangling it.

If we can’t figure it out for ourselves, we should be Benchmarking the most successful educational programs world wide.  Education is a moving target because there is this thing called “Evolution” and the Philosophical Football Field is constantly changing.  We are not hating anybody by winning or being successful.  Awesomeness isn’t a finite resource and I’m not exploiting the Resource of Awesomeness.  As we raise the level of our game, our Hopeful Opponents will raise the level of their own game & that will create an improvement of the overall quality of life in the World.  We don’t follow the lead of our own Reflections.

We should be teaching Freudian Psychology in High School, Philosophy, Science, Rational Debate, every Logical Fallacy, & every Cognitive Bias.  When a child graduates High School they should have learned a skill where they can go anywhere in the world and be gainfully employed.  We shouldn’t be forcing the smartest students to learn at the speed of the slowest children or subject themselves to the same curriculum.  Best Practices should be followed regardless of the failures of those who can’t compete.  We shouldn’t be investing in Failure we should be investing in Success.  If we don’t invest in people that create value for society then we won’t have a surplus of value with which to protect those people who can’t or won’t create value for society.  The people who won’t create value for society, because they hate America, are investing in their own failure because it is only a matter of time before they have nobody to protect them from our mutual enemies.