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Glenn Beck, Prophet of Doom


A week earlier Glenn Beck was describing Epigenetics & Cellular Memory which has already been proven to exist in animals, scientists are trying to suggest that it doesn’t also exist in humans because they think it sounds racist & it goes against their liberal agenda. While they argue that humans have 99% identical DNA they conceal the fact that in the final 1% our Neural Myelination is contained, and in it lies every pattern & thought our ancestors engaged in. This in turn creates our instincts, interests, abilities, and predispositions as well as our sense of Morality.   Glenn Beck demagogues Donald Trump & his family trying to Hypnotize his Zombie Cult into a state of Petrified Horror by Comparing RACE HORSE THEORY, which is a Rhetorical Tautology of Epigenetics to NAZI Eugenics.  Race Horse Theory doesn’t suggest or encourage the killing off of the genetically unfit.  Humorously, Dumbass, Glenn Beck, recently found that the same Behavioral Science that he uses to Manipulate his audience was being used to Steal his audience from him and get them to vote for Hillary Clinton.  Maybe his Dumbass should have thought of that in the first place instead of using his Jedi powers to usurp the will of his listeners.

Race Horse Theory suggests that some people are naturally meant to lead because they have been bred for that purpose.  The Experiences their ancestors had has predisposed them to be skilled at leadership.  Cellular Memory & Epigenetics are the reason why some cats are scared by Cucumbers, because their ancestors developed the Survival Instinct to be afraid of Snakes.


Tim Cook & Apple are Enemies of Civilization


“You can’t repeat a pattern you never created in the first place.”

~Shivastus Solomonicus

Since the beginning of time there have been two warring impulses in the Human Genome, Good & Evil, Freedom & Tyranny.  The Frontal Lobe of our brains holds our Moral Evolution it is the last part of our brain to Neurally Myelinate because it is the most recent Evolutionary adaptation.  Repetition of thought and action creates Neural Myelination which is passed down to our children through Cellular Memory (Epigenetics) predisposing them to have our weaknesses as well as strengths.

Neural Myelination is like grooves in the rode in an old western town.  When our ancestors drove their horse drawn buggy through the town it was raining and the wheels made deep grooves in the road.  Now as we drive through that town, that represents our life, the grooves in the road are deep, which means the wheels on our buggy fall into the grooves in the road made by our ancestors.  That means it is easier to do things the way they did them than it is to not do things identically.  Though cellular memory has been demonstrated repeatedly through different experiments it is being rejected because it is being categorized as racist.  Science isn’t racist.  Facts aren’t racist.  The imperfection is in the eye of the perceiver.

In order for an Uncivilized person to become Civilized they have to break pattern.  The vast majority of mutations are not positive I. E. cannibalism is undesirable and an immoral facet of evolution in Papua New Guinea.  So in order to break pattern in a positive way one either needs to exert an influence on one self to become more moral having some gift for determining what is and is not moral (for example through the agency of Philosophy and Socratic Dialogue or Rational Relationship as the Math Cults did) or one needs to have a force exerted upon them from an external source.  These are the only two ways in which positive moral genetic mutations are achieved.

The Math Cults that created the Major World Civilizations also wrote the Bible, this isn’t a commonly known fact but I can debate it extensively.  I have written about it under the pen name “Rabbi Ba’al Shivah” you can google that name.  The Freemasons who were the Founding Fathers and who conceived of this Great Nation as though they were given Fire from the Gods, trace their origins to that Math Cults of Pythagoras who brought to us the Guru Tradition in it’s Pristine and Uncorrupted form.  They would suffer anything up to and including torture and death to prevent a Freemasonic Word from falling into the hands of a “ruffian” or non Initiate.  From the perspective of the Math Cults every Mathematical Formula was a Name of God and synonymous with a Freemasonic Word.  The reason for this is that they knew there was such a thing as enemies of Civilization and some people would use anything they learned to remove Civilization from the earth.

Exampli Gratis, Syed Farook.  Look at the people who are supporting ISIS, many of them were educated in the West.  What have they done with that education?  Mooslems that reject Western Knowledge as coming from the Devil use everything they learn to undermine and destroy the West.  While they claim to be a Judeo-Christian Religion they believe they are above the Law of the Land BECAUSE they are untainted by the Original Sin, Knowledge.  In order for Civilization to survive Technological Corporations MUST have a bias in favor of the Civilized World and against the Enemies of Civilization.  Look at how ISIS responds to the begrudging Social Media crackdown of Twitter & Facebook.

Not to mention, neural myelination is passed on because it predisposes future generations to survival.  What we are witnessing in the world right now is not Evolution it is a Devolving of the Human Species because the stupidest and worst among us are killing off through genocide those morally and intellectually superior to themselves.

“Alas, the time of the most despicable man is coming, he that is no longer able to despise himself.”

Thus Spake Zarathustra


“Republicans are afraid of Babies.” Barack Hussein Obama


My argument against Steven Pinker.

Taharrush Gamea definition.





obama isis.png


But we are not well-served when, in response to a terrorist attack, we descend into fear and panic.  We don’t make good decisions if it’s based on hysteria or an exaggeration of risks . . .

…The intelligence community vets fully who they are…  … There is an entire apparatus of all of our law enforcement agencies and the center that we use for countering terrorism to check and ensure that a refugee is not admitted that might cause us harm.  ..

…They’re victims of this terrorism…

…But that’s not really what’s been going on in this debate.  When candidates say, we wouldn’t admit three-year-old orphans — that’s political posturing.  When individuals say that we should have a religious test and that only Christians — proven Christians — should be admitted — that’s offensive and contrary to American values…

…And when you start seeing individuals in positions of responsibility, suggesting that Christians are more worthy of protection than Muslims are in a war-torn land, that feeds the ISIL narrative.  It’s counterproductive, and it needs to stop. …

…But apparently, they’re scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America as part of our tradition of compassion….

I was proud, when the attacks in Boston took place…


Dumbo in the Jungle.png

Since my comment was so rudely deleted…



My comment which was deleted, was as follows to the best of my recollection.

We do have an inborn moral sense and that inborn moral sense is based on Neural Myelination passed on through cellular memory.  Now they have already found cellular memory in animals, a sheep dog that has never shepherded sheep is put with sheep and with little to know coaching he is moving them about like a pro within 30 minutes having awoken his cellular memory.


The way I word this is repeated thoughts and actions creates Neural Myelination which is passed on to future generations in the form of cellular memory.  When I first came up with this concept my Organic Computer Theory on which my psychological models are based on, it had not yet been proven to exist in humans but experiments suggested it.

Many of you don’t know that Noam Chomsky is famous for falsifying the tabula rasa of Skinner and the behaviorists.  This made sweeping changes in the kind of research that was being done in certain scientific fields.  One such study found that French babies cry in French and German babies cry in German.


In his Meno, Plato raises an important epistemological quandary: How is it that we have certain ideas which are not conclusively derivable from our environments?Noam Chomsky has taken this problem as a philosophical framework for the scientific enquiry into innatism. His linguistic theory, which derives from 18th centuryclassical-liberal thinkers such as Wilhelm von Humboldt, attempts to explain in cognitive terms how we can develop knowledge of systems which are said, by supporters of innatism, to be too rich and complex to be derived from our environment. One such example is our linguistic faculty. Our linguistic systems contain a systemic complexity which supposedly could not be empirically derived: the environment seems too poor, variable and indeterminate, according to Chomsky, to explain the extraordinary ability to learn complex concepts possessed by very young children. It follows that humans must be born with a universal innate grammar, which is determinate and has a highly organized directive component, and enables the language learner to ascertain and categorize language heard into a system. Noam Chomsky cites as evidence for this theory the apparent invariability, according to his views, of human languages at a fundamental level. In this way, linguistics may provide a window into the human mind, and establish scientific theories of innateness which otherwise would remain merely speculative.

One implication of Noam Chomsky’s innatism, if correct, is that at least a part of human knowledge consists in cognitive predispositions, which are triggered and developed by the environment, but not determined by it. Parallels can then be drawn, on a purely speculative level, between our moral faculties and language, as has been done by sociobiologists such as E. O. Wilson and evolutionary psychologists such as Steven Pinker. The relative consistency of fundamental notions of morality across cultures seems to produce convincing evidence for these theories. In psychology, notions of archetypes such as those developed by Carl Jung, suggest determinate identity perceptions.


If we do indeed have an innate morality as is suggested by Atheists and Richard Dawkins to suggest that we don’t need religion or some manner of Moral influence exerted on us, then ask yourself this, Where did our morality come from?  It came from cellular memory passed on to us by our ancestors who were exerting on themselves a moral influence.  So what was that moral influence?

People that were raised in Democracy presuppose Democracy, and people that were raised for thousands of years under tyranny presuppose the goodness of tyranny.


The Atheist suggestion, without understanding psychology or human behavior, is that we should just let everybody follow their natural instincts.  What every person’s morality allows them to do is equal to what everybody else’s morality allows them to do.  To paraphrase, Martin Heideggar, referencing Kierkegaard:

“The duty of the philosopher is to overturn the covert judgments of common reason.”

Louis Figo asks the question:

“Does caring behavior necessarily imply a moral sensibility?”

In a way, yes.  To use my philosophical calculus we have what I refer to as a plasticity of our sense of self, which means that we arbitrarily expand and retract our sense of self throughout the day and our lives, projecting sameness onto others for various reasons and retracting sameness from others.  This is what causes our “caring” and our participation or lack of participation or outright hostility.  Until we examine why we participate with what we participate with caring and participation are not valid indicators or morality.


Tyranny and democracy have always been hostile to one another and anti-thetical to one another.  Why will some people participate with tyranny and coercive authority, while others participate with sapiential authority and the authority of reason?  What happens when you grant equality between tyranny and democracy?  To make Tyranny an equal citizen with Democracy, under the Authority of Reason, is not reasonable.  It flies in the face of reason.  Because of the nature of both mentalities, to make Democracy equal to Tyranny is to make Democracy the prey of Tyranny. . . Because they are not equal in essence they can never be equal in relationship.