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Disparate Impact and Psychopathology


Psychopaths don’t reason, they rationalize.  They make things sound reasonable.  They start with the desired conclusion, that creates value for themselves and they distort reality with their word magic to demonstrate why they deserve the thing they want when they haven’t earned it.  They do this by making arguments based on logical fallacies (especially appeals to emotion) and cognitive biases in the form of normative judgments.  

Disparate impact

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In United States employment law, the doctrine of disparate impact holds that employment practices may be considered discriminatory and illegal if they have a disproportionate”adverse impact” on members of a minority group. Under the doctrine, a violation of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act may be proven by showing that an employment practice or policy has a disproportionately adverse effect on members of the protected class as compared with non-members of the protected class.[1]

In my theories on relationship, (equity in human relationship theory) I bench mark rational patterns in business and other philosophies.  If it makes sense and it works I use it. In my relationships if it isn’t rational or towards the solution (meaning the solution that creates the most value for the most people)  you can’t say it or do it and you shouldn’t be wasting your time thinking about it.  This is the philosophy that I live, it seems very tedious to most people, there are no rewards for ego.  I often think that I would like to live in a monastery where I can quietly contemplate, and create.  I am a creature of habit, a deep thinker and I am only interested in relationships about growth.  America has gotten so bad at relationship.  Relationships are shallow and superficial.

Anyway, because of my philosophy, I am extremely sensitive to strategic behavior of psychopaths.  It amazes me how every single pattern that happens in the relationships I see ends in a psychopathic pattern and this pattern repeats.  We have created an environment for psychopaths where things can only happen psychopathicly and only psychopaths can move about freely.  This is not a meritocracy.  

Psychopaths don’t create value for others, they steal value from others because they don’t engage in win win interactions, they engage in win lose interactions.  They basically steal value.  Ask yourself why there is no money in the United States economy.  Psychopaths enter into relationship for their own benefit.  That is why I created the concept of the Wolf Pack.  Everybody in the group is skilled, and gets good results in the world.  They are aggressive towards the world for the benefit of the group.  Psychopaths can only recognize value when it has been tapped.  They cannot appreciate unrecognized potential.  Having their judgments externalized into society, they have to be told by society that something is good.  They are not willing to suffer for the relationship.  They are not willing to sacrifice for the relationship.  They are not willing to struggle or toil for the relationship.  When you are successful and everybody knows it the psychopath comes into the relationship and tries to take all the value.  My theories prevent this process from happening.  There are no suckers in the sucker free club.  Everybody has to pull their wait and nobody gets more than they earned.  It is a meritocracy of results in the world not intention.  


The processes by which Psychopaths create disparate impact in their favor is remarkable.  Imagine a person is trying to buy something from you and it costs $10 but they only have $5.  The psychopath will stand there and argue with you for 1 hour to make you understand that they deserve it and that they should have it even though they don’t have enough resources.  A win lose scenario.  It should be easy to say “no” and that should be the end right?  but no.  Now if you make $17 an hour than you have already lost more than you had to gain, but you also have not been selling things to other customers during this whole time.  Psychopaths get in the middle and then destroy everything for everybody if they can’t have all that they want exactly as they want it.  I call them “choosy beggars”.  



Imagine that you offer a homeless man some change and he says contemptuously, “Is that all you got?”  and then you offer him a dollar and he says, “I don’t like the way you handed that to me, pick it up and hand it to me again more pleasantly.”  This might seem impossible to you but this is how psychopaths think.  They are the self appointed moral authority because of their issues.  They are in relationship with their issues.  If they are histrionic psychopaths then they win because they are a victim and this gives them the right to defend themselves, champion themselves, judge other people, and levy fines against other people.  



I just got out of an emotionally abusive relationship with a histrionic psychopath.  She was amazing, she could get offended at ANYTHING at any time, everything was about her.  She was constantly making everything about how awesome she was in every way.  She fished for complements and she would spin this narrative about how sexy she was.  You would thing the sun rose and set in her pants and that everything in the universe revolved around her vagina.  Every event had something to do with her vagina.  It was the hidden cause of everything that happened and her vagina was either pleased by it or not pleased by it, but at the same time incapable of doing anything about it and not responsible for what happened because of it.  Also she was not engaged in behaviors to attract sexual attention, she was just naturally sexy.  Sexyness was a qualia that she possessed, it wasn’t an activity, it was an essence that she exuded and it was a real force because it made things happen.  It could actually influence reality.  

It was weird to see in her narrative how she popped and locked between different topics always trying to control how things were perceived.  She narrated everything, trying to control how it was interpreted and how I felt about it, constantly trying to control the narrative, correcting my narrative, getting offended at my narrative.  She wrote herself as the main character in everything.  This was her fairy tale and I was her subject and she was the queen.  It wouldn’t have bothered me if she could see the difference between fantasy and reality but she would say insane things and then insist that they were real.  She would fish for romantic complements and then she would hold them against me if I didn’t act as though they were real.  She would ignore reality and she would try to make the fairy tale she was telling herself real.  She would edit her consideration set so she didn’t detect her own errors, any information that showed her to be wrong was deleted.  And her communication would become hostile and nagging and whining and repetitive if I didn’t agree with her and then having agreed with her she would punish me with emotional abuse if I didn’t act on it.  It got to the point where all of the time, the only thing we were talking about was her issues.  1 hundred texts, an hour long conversation.  Constantly whining and henpecking a cacophony of misery and negative emotional data designed to punish me for not changing my narrative to hers and allowing her to control my narrative.  

It was amazing….