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Bill Maher Calls Obama’s Muslim Bluff.



Though I am not a Liberal I have enjoyed Real Time for years.  So much has happened since Bill’s last episode in 2015.  I have to imagine that he has been doing a lot of soul searching and much to his chagrin he discovered that he has a soul.  He just can’t make ends meet when he attempts to rationalize Obama’s rhetoric with his behavior, and results.  Something doesn’t add up.  The only way that Maher can come to a conclusion is by examining Obama’s relationship with himself.  Bill has championed and defended Obama for 7 years but he has been shunned, inexplicably, by the Obama Regime.  For whatever reason, appearing on Real Time just doesn’t Factor in to His Majesty’s Agenda.

Bill went through a series of possible reasons why Obama might have neglected to accept his invitation.  One of the glaring omissions of possible reasons was the vociferous and repeated criticisms of Islam and Muslims Worldwide.  Not only that, Bill Maher has given a platform to other critics of Islam that such organizations as CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood have repeatedly attempted to silence and accuse of hate speech, many of them former or current Moslems themselves.  But who knows, maybe Obama is disgusted by learning that Maher is a distant relative of Bill O’reilly’s…

I admire the Gumption of Bill Maher’s strategy, in a respectful way he calls out the Hidden Subject around which King Hussein’s actions, decisions, and rhetoric revolve, Islam.  He invites him to defend himself knowing that if he does appear on Bill’s show he will be taken to task for his Muslim bias, and his affiliations with certain unsavory and suspicious groups.  I predict that this is not a challenge that Obama will be able to avoid.  I believe that he will make a showing on Real Time but I think that the real conversation will be veiled in layers of strategic communication, retarded with one long pause after another.  Obama has learned to lie very well during his time in office but he hasn’t learned how to conceal his emotions and lie quickly.  Anyway, if you want to exert your influence and make sure that Obama appears on Real Time below is a link to a White House petition that you can sign requesting that Obama appears on the show, just so that he knows everybody sees what is going on.  It’s not like he is going to appear on Fox News or anything…



Anti-Shahada Campaign


On December 14, at 12:30, the American Guru, Joxua Luxor conceived of the Anti-shahada campaign.  This is the official Anti Shahada campaign.

How to participate:

Take a picture of yourself holding up the two fingers of your right hand and post it using the hashtag #AntiShahada.

You can also use the following hashtags ( #BanSharia, #BanShariaLawWorldWide, #IslamoRealism, #IslamoNazi, #DaeshInTheWhiteHouse, #BlueHand, #FreedomOfSpeech, #HandsOffMyFreedoms, )

If you are on G+ you can join the community Ban Sharia and post your photo there.

If you are on Twitter click the link provided and tweet your picture to the original tweet by Joxua Luxor.

Link to Official Anti Shada Tweet

If you would like to contribute to Joxua Luxor’s campaign contact him on social media or contact one of his many advocates and they will notify him.

Trump is not helping ISIS.


There are a few moments in time that stand out in the life of an individual.  I am not particularly a religious person I consider myself more of a spiritual person.  Like the Founding Fathers my God is the God of Reason and I believe that God was the model for the Judeo-Christian God.  A few years back (I am 39 now) it became obvious to me that I had a calling.  Everything that I knew, everything that I had learned, taught not is the colleges but out of an aggressive curiosity to learn and understand, had prepared me for this moment and God had been with me all of the time guiding my interest and focusing my attention.  At that point my entire life and my purpose began to make sense, that epiphany, that baptism of spirit gave me the strength to endure, with a sense of humor the baptism of fire that Donald Trump and myself are going through.

What I learned, and what I am going to explain to you is the psychology of liberal insanity and the strategic communication that they use to manipulate society and confuse the individual.  We are going to deconstruct their misconstruction and divine what stimulated their need recognition and what is motivating them to what end.  Never has a presidential administration been this deceptive and non transparent, never has an administration (in my lifetime) over reached their authority in maligning a candidate for president especially when he was supported by popular opinion.

Liberals are mounting a smear campaign against Trump using the argumentum ad Hitlerum which is a tacit form of demonization.  If I am calling you the devil then I don’t have to listen to anything you say because everything you do is evil and you are the worst form of the bad.


The Liberals are actually suggesting that Trump is contributing to recruitment by ISIS.  What they are doing is suggesting tacitly that he is responsible for ISIS.  Did Trump travel back in time?  This is a teleological argument and an emotional appeal that only works on the useful idiots that have been indoctrinated into the authority of the left that don’t have the ability to think analytically themselves and that make a tacit argument from authority about the sources of their received knowledge.

Let’s take the way back machine to the Ukraine, our government was propping up a Neo-Nazi leader there which was why Putin stepped in (remember that Russia helped us fight Hitler) because his presence was desired by people observing the rise of Fascism.  This administration was investing in that Fascist revolution.  The same Obama Regime that created ISIS by arming the resistance in Syria, that concealed from us and the world that ISIS has a $1,000,000 a day black market business, and that didn’t target their wealth because “global warming is the biggest threat to mankind” while they were using blitzkrieg warfare, snatching up land and resources so they could actuate their plot for global domination (don’t believe me? Look up the design of the ISIS coin.)

The Liberally Insane Psychopaths use strategies that come from the consciousness of the Toxic Mother Figure.  This False Mother Figure creates Psychopaths.  Her purpose is to usurp the Authority of the Father (Reason) by spoiling the child (Id) and expanding her personal authority (In the form of Mercy and Charity for the Evil/Undeserving).  As such they use certain communication strategies: Act like you are not doing what you are doing, blame the other party preemptively for doing what you are actually doing (insane making behavior I refer to as the opposite lander strategy), always appear to be the second cause of the good (righteously indignant victim or champion of the victim, Toxic Mother defending spoiled child) not the first cause of the bad (secretly create the problem and then step in to fix the problem & don’t really fix it just allocate resources to expand your authority).

There is yet another strategy I have seen the Obama Regime use that comes from the Toxic Mother Figure, I refer to it as “Jingling the Keys”.  With this strategy the TMF attracts the attention of the OCC (over-coddled child/psychopath) by making noise or by controlling the attention of the child (Liberals do this by controlling the media, music industry, and film industry) and then communicating emotional data to the child in order to get the child to come up with what they think is their own idea.  They can’t communicate what they want through analytical data because then in being explicit they are complicit in the actions of the OCC.  What they will do is pardon them after the fact for doing what they wanted them to do in the first place.  Because psychopaths are manipulative and narcissistic they perceive themselves as responsible for everything, like god they think they are in control of everything and everything happens because of themselves.  They are so important that their has to be a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to take them down, it can’t be that they just suck and they fail.  A large group of people have to be working together to thwart their awesomeness, otherwise that means that they are just delusional and can’t get any results and I am sure we can all agree that isn’t possible.  What this also means is that in the mind of the psychopathic, manipulative authority their is a tacit bifurcation between being the active cause or the passive cause. What that means is that depending on who the TMF is talking to she can take responsibility for or reject blame for anything done for them by someone else and what you will find is that is what they do.

What does this argument tell us of how Liberals perceive Muslims.

“All narrative is doxography, everything said characterizes the speaker.” Joxua Luxor

The Lib-Tards say that Trump is helping ISIS.  When Trump says Islam is the problem and calls for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, he is throwing responsibility back to Islam to cure it’s own disease.  He is saying, you claim to be a religion of peace, physician, cure thyself.  The Libtards ignore the fact that we have tried to be part of the solution, we have been silent for 7 years, we encouraged the Arab Spring and we supported them with our weapons and money, we were not suspicious of them, we invited them into our country, we allowed them into our government, military, and CIA even.  Instead of protecting us and thanking us they used the opportunity to sneak up behind us and position themselves to opportunistically stab us in the back when the opportunity presented itself.

The Libtard perspective is tacitly narcissistic, presupposing that we, Americans, are responsible for everything that Muslims do.  Delusionally the argument suggests that if we are pleasant, put down our arms, and accept them into our midst they will do the same with us but that hasn’t proven to be the case, that has proven to be the opposite of reality.  The United States under the “leadership” of King Hussein did nothing while the Islamic State expanded it’s caliphate and murdered Christians, raped women, and took them as sex slaves.  The Libtard perspective argues from ignorance being hyper vigilant against those closest to itself who would, like a father figure, defend them.  Familiarity breeds contempt and the Libtards assume that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  They know NOTHING about Islam, the Quran, or what it teaches.   If I had one super power I wish I had the ability to zap all of these idiots that are arguing in defense of Islam into the heart of Saudi Arabia or Iran.  I wonder how long would they last?  How long would it be until they were thrown in prison, stoned to death, or beheaded as Infidels and Sharmouta.  It is the soft bigotry of low expectations as Bill Maher said.

Yet another undetected assumption of the Libtards is that because of what Trump has said and wants to do, people will join ISIS en masse.  That is so stupid.  Not only can we not discuss the psychology of the people who are sneaking up on us and want to kill us if we do tell people what they are thinking, and plotting, if we defend ourselves from it that will merely speed an increase the fury of the attack.  This presupposes that Libtards know that Muslims are not peaceful and Islam is not a religion of peace at it’s core.  That our defeat and assassination is inevitable and they have consigned themselves to bide their time, run out the clock, and opt for a slow peaceful defeat over any effort to confront the problem.  Not only that, because they are feckless cowards they courageously insist that those who would rather mount a resistance and solve the problem submit and kiss their asses goodbye.  These prophets of doom have had the revelation of our destruction and have resigned themselves to that future.  That is utter horse crap.

The so-called peaceful Muslims who have had NO success reforming Islam will magically become “Radical Muslims” and attempt to kill us if we point out what the Quran teaches, what Islam preaches, what Mohammed did, and what Muslims are doing.  They who never shut up in their criticism of us yet they want to move to our country and avail themselves of our Liberties and welfare while being arrogantly contemptuous and judgmental of us, are not allowed to be criticized by us.  We have to be in the relationship with them for their benefit to our detriment and in fear of their judgment.  Because of their privilege of Permanent Victim Status they get to live in Glass Houses and practice their Religion of Throwing Rocks.



Terrorists are not “Radicals” they are Orthodox Muslims…


Quran (2:216)Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.”

Quran (4:76)“Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah…”

Quran (4:95)“Not equal are those of the believers who sit (at home), except those who are disabled (by injury or are blind or lame, etc.), and those who strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives. Allah has preferred in grades those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and their lives above those who sit (at home). Unto each, Allah has promised good (Paradise), but Allah has preferred those who strive hard and fight, above those who sit (at home) by a huge reward ” 

Obama’s Baby

FRONTLINE "Dreams of Obama"
Obama should be tarred and feathered for his ISIS baby.

Obama should be tarred and feathered.

Nobody likes to talk about it because the subject is a real sticky wicket, I mean once you start the conversation you get sucked into a debate with the opposite landers that argue for vagueness (how do we really know???)  and tacit equivocations between good & evil that can only be made by an insane, suicidal person incapable of detecting their own horse crap.

Obama created a power vacuum in Iraq that was filled by ISIS.  His regime sent guns and ammo into Syria from Benghazi that ended up in the hands of ISIS.   He freed detainees from Guantanamo that went to train and fight ISIS.  He under reported their size and strength.  He over reported our success against them.  He said that they need jobs.  (Guess what, turns out they have jobs).  Then he starts talking about Global Warming being the largest threat to the survival of mankind.  The whole time concealing from us and the rest of the civilized world that ISIS has a $1,000,000 a day oil industry that we haven’t been attacking, (because of fear of global warming? from the power vacuum in Iraq allowing them to take over the oil fields?)


The Bodacity of Hope

It is bad enough that Obama is lying to, concealing from, and manipulating us, but on top of that he hasn’t changed his strategy at all in dealing with ISIS.  He tells Congress that if they declare war on ISIS but don’t include a clause saying that if they cross a border we won’t pursue them over that border, the law has earned his veto.  In this way he telegraphs to ISIS where they have to go in order to escape U.S. Military action and survive.  Obama is complicit, with ISIS if he isn’t responsible for them.  On top of that, he tells us (Americans) that if we lump all Muslims together, because the so-called peaceful Muslims expect us to fight their wars for them and won’t even lift a finger to fight off the evil that is concealed within their midst, that we are actually Causing the Existence of ISIS by the powers of our negative thinking.  Well I’m sorry Mr. Hussein Obama, I guess we didn’t imbue your Nobel Peace Prize with enough Magic Pixie dust because obviously we didn’t HOPE hard enough, did we?   Our reacting to your failure to protect us and the Muslim apathy towards crimes caused by radical Muslims somehow traveled back in time and created the ISIS threat, didn’t it?




The Obama Regime’s Mass Mind Control Experiment.


Intelligent Objects

Some of you know that I was raised Jehovah’s Witness and was constantly bombarded with hypnotic propaganda not only from “The Organization” but also from my father.  It had a peculiar effect on me, my brain automatically becomes irritated by anybody that is trying to wield undo influence on me.  The rest of society also has this instinct, although they possess it to a less extent than I do.  For this reason I coined the phrase “intelligent objects” in reference to human beings.  This term indicates that while objects are predictable, human beings are less so.  What is true about humans at one moment in time is not necessarily true about them at a later point in time.  Human beings can only be manipulated so far before they cease to be influenced by that form of manipulation.  This happens because of the constant way in which the Intelligent Object is constantly, unconsciously editing it’s consideration set (a term I appropriated and redefined from business philosophy and consumer psychology).

I had already profiled Obama as a psychopath over a year ago after noticing that he was communicating strategically and manipulatively.  I already knew that Hillary was being schooled in how to lie with out leaking any micro-expressions that would betray her.  I knew that because when she was lying she sounded exactly like Obama, speaking in an emotionless monotone, and pausing repeatedly when she started becoming emotional so that tension wouldn’t creep into her voice and betray her.  I also knew that Obama was using the best of modern psychology to influence black and Mexican minorities to feel a kinship with Islam.  obama-eric-holder

How did this all start?  What is their end game?  The plot is so twisted and convoluted I would make myself sound insane if I tried to lay it all out at one moment in time.  So I am going to keep this pithy and tell you what can be most easily proven.

In the book BLINK! by Malcolm Gladwell, he spoke of one of the latest psychological discoveries, in a test they would flash pictures of people with different ethnicities and they would have words on the screen with different human virtues or vices.  As quickly as possible, without deliberation, people were supposed to associate the characteristics with the faces.  One of the emergent properties of this test was that all people, including black people, associated black people with negative human characteristics.  I refer to this instinct as Superficial Aesthetic Snap Decisions.

Based on my theories I can assure you that this comes from Neural Myelination that is passed down through cellular memory.  Now what is important is that this instinct evolved over thousands or millions of years and exists because those instincts were associated with survival.

In a typical liberal fashion, liberal progressives blame the beneficiaries of this bias for the existence of the bias, as if it is part of some global, conspiracy orchestrated by white males.  Without questioning why this unconscious bias exists universally in the human genome, they decided that it was bad and set about attempting to reverse it, just as they did with the Cultural Universal of believing in God and the instinct to hire and promote men faster for certain positions.


As Obama started trying to manipulate the cultural stereotypes and common public opinion he found several things out, white people became depressed, addicted to drugs, and started committing suicide, which from his perspective was a good thing.  Also he tried to portray the Police as “occupiers” and our armed forces as “terrorists” he continued to use manipulative narrative and his popularity to make ISIS terrorists seem less evil, they were just confused, they needed jobs, misguided.  Lastly, and most importantly he started influencing how people in general feel about black people in general.  And what he found was that he could cause riots and get people to sympathize with the violent rioters, which was hunky dory as far as he is concerned because he hates America and he thinks capitalism is evil.  He wants to financially and militarily hobble America so that we can’t climb out of debt and be a moralizing influence on the world.  He wants to empower the United Nations and make a One World Government with a Muslim bias and remove Israel after which all of the Jews will be hunted down and killed and all of the Christians will be murdered, converted, or become sex property.

When everybody is Muslim and Israel and America are gone (also France, Germany, Britain, and the rest of the civilized world) religion will be irrelevant.  I mean what is the alternative?  Muslims are the fastest growing population of the stupidest and most violent people in the world anyway so either we have a world war and kill of all of the Muslims or he minimizes losses by stacking the deck in favor of Islam and empowers the United Nations with it’s Muslim bias which will look the other way.   Which is fine with him because he is not a real Christian any way, he is just waiting for the right moment to announce that we are all fools and he has been a Muslim this whole time, and then he will laugh maniacally, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! STUPID, YOU ARE SO STUPID!!! HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW I WAS A SECRET MUSLIM THIS WHOLE TIME???  IT’S CALLED “TAQIYYA” OR AS I LIKE TO THINK OF IT, TAH KILL YA!!!

Oh, yeah, one last thing, he is also working closely with Facebook and learning what they know about manipulating people by controlling what they can see and hear.  Facebook is also collecting a lot of data on you.  Facebook also has a Muslim bias and they are part of Obama’s attempt to get people to think Islam is cool and the Jews are lame.

Reuter’s article about mass manipulation by behavioral psychologists.

Exercise in Futility


Perseveration or Perseverance

“The strategy that we are putting forward is the strategy that is ultimately is going to work,” “It’s going to take time.” Obama said

Who is to say that from Obama’s perspective, the one he is concealing, that it isn’t already working?  It just needs more time… Or he might be delusional and he thinks it is working.  Perseveration is when a crazy person keeps doing the same thing and expecting a different result, that is the definition of insanity.

He goes on to say:

“talking as if they’re tough”

“Folks want to pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do,”  “If they think that somehow their advisers are better than the chairman of my Joint Chiefs of Staff and the folks who are actually on the ground, I want to meet them. And we can have that debate.”

as if his opinions are not just opinions.  This in linguistics is called a fricative alliteration.  He chose percussive sounding words because it communicates aggression, it is explosive, he is leaking anger.  After he psyches himself up with a Froggy reactive defense he continues that he wants to meet the people that disagree with him.  That’s right, come talk to the angry black guy that just accused you of popping off at the mouth with your opinions.  Then he says he wants you to be as detailed as possible, he then talks down to you saying that you think you are smarter than himself and all of his Military advisers (the ones that disagree with him and the one’s he doesn’t listen to, the ones that have to step down if they don’t tell him what he wants to hear) and then he mentions that you don’t know as much as the people with boots on the ground either, but I mean seriously, there are only 50 of them, right?  Anyway he presupposes that the people that are there agree with him, but we would never know because they have to sign non-disclosure contracts am I right?

For some reason when I look for articles on this subject what comes up is Verysmartbrothers.com which is an interesting tactic, very talented naming yourself and patting yourself on the back at the same time.  They of course are trying to spin this so it makes Obama look like he is winning, they keep suggesting that he has “haters” which would be a bad thing if he was a Playa or a Pimp but he is supposed to be the president of the United States, so more likely than not he is the hater. . . He says he wants people to give him detailed accounts of what we should be doing over to win, O.K. Obama, I’ll bite, you give me access to all the same intel you have and I will let you know where you are wrong and I will created a detailed strategy that will get better results than your own.  After stacking the deck in his own favor knowing that anybody that accepts that challenge will be arguing from ignorance, he courageously states that he wants to have that debate 😉

“That’s shameful,” he said. “That’s not American. It’s not who we are.”

Umm, your job isn’t to lecture to us like some kind of creepy, overbearing, father figure, your job is to protect Americans and to execute the American will (and by that I don’t mean destroying the American will…) and if you are ashamed of being one of us you are free to abdicate your position.  I will shed no tears.

I gotta give my boy Bill O’reilly props though he handled the challenge very well with his response.  In closing that idiot over at “VerySmartBrothers” said that Obama “Code shifts” when white people aren’t around.  No stupid, he has hired more behavioral psychologists than all of the presidents in history combined.  He was talking to white people and every single action he takes is calculated to elicit a specific reaction.