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Baizuo: The White Left

liberal retards

As an accomplished Taoist, Guru, and Zen master, I am constantly dismayed at the arrogance of Liberal Progressives who have NO UNDERSTANDING of Genuine Spirituality but presuppose themselves to be every person’s moral superior.

The Chinese, who probably pay more attention to American Politics than the drug addled, Hipster, Millennial, walking abortions have recently added a neologism to their repertoire. Previously they had the term “Saint Whore” in order to refer to the vaginal supremacist Western Woman who thought that she could usurp the Authority of the Lord and anoint her disciples with her moist and needy crevasse but now they have added to their vocabulary the term “Baizuo” which means “White Left”.

Baizuo is a Chinese epithet meaning naïve western educated person who advocated for peace and equality only to satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority. A baizuo only cares about topics such as immigration, minorities, LGBT and the environment; while being obsessed with political correctness to the extent that they import backwards Islamic values for the sake of multiculturalism.

The Chinese see the baizuo as ignorant and arrogant westerners who pity the rest of the world and think they are saviors.

I thought I was the only person who noticed how the Liberal Progressives have adopted every cloying, sanctimonious, smarmy affectation that I despised when I was forced to go to church every day. Creating a meritocracy of being a victim and having an unnamed priest class who controls my reputation and expects me to be in relationship with them for their benefit when I never get anything back from the church.

This is why Donald Trump is respected in the rest of the world and over performed in minority communities. Unbeknownst to themselves Liberal Progressives are the Laughing Stock of the world and they are too stupid to evaluate the depths of their own stupidity.

In order to show these Liberal Retards how far they are from understanding the Eastern Mind here are the 8 Social Sins written by Mahatma Gandhi and his grandson, Arun:

  1. Wealth without Work

  2. Pleasure without Conscience

  3. Knowledge without Character

  4. Business without Morality

  5. Science without Humanity

  6. Religion without Sacrifice

  7. Politics without Principle

  8. Rights without Responsibilities

The Problem with H1b Visas.


More than 100 technology companies including Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft, oppose Donald Trump’s Travel Ban. Why? Because H1B visas are basically a form of Low Wage Slavery. People who come in on H1b visas agree to work for low wages for several years without renegotiating their contracts. They compete with Americans for jobs. Not only do the corporations not have to pay extra for the schooling and experience of American Citizens, they also don’t have to pay for the Cost of Living of Americans. This means that our educational systems don’t have to be competitive because other countries provide better education at a lower price than our crappy Liberal Teacher’s Unions. This also counter-incentivizes getting extra education in the United States knowing that Corporations would rather hire foreigners.

Trump isn’t doing anything bad by setting things right in favor of Americans but that is the way the press & corporations will spin it. It was Obama that secretly prioritized the hiring of Foreigners over Americans. That was the first action & the cause of the bad. The collusion between Greedy, Crony Capitalists to accrue all benefit to themselves and sell the American People down the river.

What is to prevent Chinese Immigrants on H1B visas from stealing trade secrets or technology? They have already done it. They are already doing it. America used to make the best steel in the world. We spent millions of dollars on research in order to create the best techniques for the strongest steel and Chinese hackers stole all of that knowledge so that they could compete with us on the Global Market and even in the United States.

“If Corporations are people then American Individuals are non-Citizens, that is the hidden subject.” ~Joxua Luxor

You think I’m kidding…


I wish I was joking.

Secret Society Wars VIII: Currency Wars


It has only recently become accepted because it has become impossible to conceal it any longer, that there are currency wars happening in the world right now.  I don’t consider myself a huge conspiracy theorist, I know that secret societies exist because I have traced their origins to ancient Greece and the early Philosophers.  I frequently get banned from conspiracy groups because my theories don’t have the same anti-Zionist, Illuminati, anti-American bias as everybody else’s.  Still I feel this is worth mentioning.  Because of the way my brain works, and the meta data that I am constantly picking up and remembering, combined with my obscene abilities of pattern recognition, I have an ability to string facts and events together in a way that makes a plausible narrative.

It is obvious to me the there is already a war going on in the world behind the scenes, that is why I started this series of blogs.  Every once in a while that battle slips into the open and I try to mark that moment with a blog and a few predictions, if my theories are correct my predictions should come true.  A few things happened recently that caught my attention, a bunch of holes were filled in, and a narrative started forming.  I am going to try to lay out the bare bones with as plainly as I can.

The History Channel recently had an episode of America’s Book of Secrets, I believe it was, that talked about the gold in the Federal Reserve, they said that Germany had asked to audit it’s 374 tons of gold and had been told it wasn’t available, for audit.  When Germany announced its intention to repatriate it’s gold they were told it would take 7 years.  It has been reported that 5 other nations have asked to see their gold stores since then.  Apparently that Federal Reserve allows anybody to store their gold with them free of charge.  What should be disturbing is that while the Fed is sanctioned by the U.S. Government it is privately owned.

China is obviously manipulating their currency to leverage itself against the United States, and gas prices are being driven down either to reduce the amount of money that ISIS can make selling oil on the black-market or to destroy the economies of Russia and Argentina, which is happening.  That was a major source of income for them and now they can’t make a profit on oil.  It seems also that somebody is intentionally keeping the price of Gold artificially low on the global level.  Everybody agrees that the people that are doing it are based in the United States.  The removal of the Gold Standard allowed the over reach of government, before they could only make so much money, so people compensated for things by bartering for them.  But when you can arbitrarily manufacture money you can control what everybody can make money for and what they can spend money on, a subtle form of behavioral control.

ISIS has recently started minting their own Gold Coins (Dinars) and distributing them.  There was doubt for years that they could even mint a coin, and people were skeptical about how much money they actually had.  Interestingly, their express purpose was that they wanted to avoid the “Satanic Illuminati controlled usury” the “Tyrant’s system”.

The Illuminatiam book which came out not to long ago made a few interesting assertions.  It said that Social Media was created so that everybody on the face of the earth could be monitored online anytime they interacted even when they thought they were the most secure, the book also said that the Illuminati are not going to allow a 3rd world war, lastly it asserted that money has value because they say it does and they are confident that all of society is under the power of their thought control and nothing anybody could do would thwart that.  What is interesting about the concept of money having value is that it suggests that money has value whether or not it is backed by gold or has something with intrinsic value to back it up.  This leaks guilty knowledge that the money isn’t backed up with any other form of value and leaks an arrogance that society will continue to function due to the collective power of the Illuminati’s will, whoever they are ( I know who they are 😉

So, where is the Gold?…

What disturbs me, as I have documented in this series, is how everything and everyone is connected.  Not only does it appear that Obama created ISIS it also that he has repeatedly defended them, at one time saying that they need jobs, at another time saying that he would veto a bill that allowed him to cross over borders in pursuit of ISIS and thus telegraphing to ISIS where they needed to go in order to survive.  Not to mention the brilliant way in which ISIS has been marketed not just to Muslims but to everybody, the anti-Jewish, Pro-Muslim propaganda coming from the Music Industry Illuminati, and their intimate connection with Barack Hussein Obama.  The fact that the Congress gave him all kinds of authority to make secret deals with Muslim leaders not the least of which was his pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia to meet with the “Supreme Leader” “where Islam began”.  Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, & Louis Farrakhan have done everything in their power to make Islam look attractive to children and minorities.

Obama has gotten way too close to the actors in Hollywood, he has given far too much power to the Muslim biased United Nations with 55 countries.  It seems as though he was trying to give ISIS time by under reporting their gains and over reporting how much damage we were doing to them.  It is as though he were trying to sway public opinion by manufacturing a kind of tipping point where people no longer care about Christians or Jews, where people not only are sympathetic to Islam but Idolize Islam.   If all of our children converted to Islam how would that change how we feel about terrorism?  Indeed the Obama Regime even said, “One person’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist.”  He defended ISIS at one point by talking about the Crusades as though ISIS is redressing some Historic Evil visited upon them and making things good again.  He has attempted to use his popularity, especially with youth, to get people to feel sympathetic to terrorists, refusing to call them Muslims even though they have the word Islam in their own name.

The other thing that bothers me is that Obama is obviously trying to socialize the United States, and ISIS is obviously using blitzkrieg warfare.  The love between Hitler and Islam was mutual but in addition to that, he created blitzkrieg warfare knowing that France and Britain were socializing and because Germany was a relatively small country he needed more resources in order to wage more war because he was bent on global domination.  That is exactly what ISIS is doing right now.  That is the entire world on their coin, a global caliphate.  Obama knows that Islam is the fastest growing population on earth because of irresponsible breeding with multiple wives, forced conversions, and forbidding anybody from leaving Islam.  His strategy which he worked out secretly with the other conniving Muslim leaders is that if everyone is Muslim (which seems inevitable anyway) then religion will be irrelevant, or society will be controllable, so we will empower the United Nations, usher in an age of Peace, and create a One World Government.  Obama will leave his term in office and take a position of High Rank in the United Nations, which will be a promotion, having permanently financially and militarily crippled the United States and having enabled the enemy and stacked the deck in their favor.

So here is what you can take away as my predictions, I think ISIS has a lot more gold than everybody thinks they do.  I think Obama is going to try to give all authority to the United Nations, he is attempting to give ISIS time to grow, and get more resources.  I think Obama will try to become a High Ranking Member (or get a promotion) of the United Nations after his term as president.

I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions, If Putin wasn’t bombing ISIS why would they blow up a Russian Jet?  If there is a clear distinction between the Free Syrian Army and ISIS then how come Syrian Refugees are attacking France?

The Reason Multiculturalism Failed.

2009 Armed Forces Inaugural Committee

While all men might have been created equally, all ideologies and cultures were not.  While Obama says that the bible shouldn’t be considered a source of moral authority and he talks about Islam being a religion of peace and the Noble Quran, the Quran itself doesn’t say that all men are created equally, that sentiment comes from Thomas Jefferson who noted the virtue’s of Jesus in the Jeffersonian Bible and was perplexed as to why the Muslim Barbary Coast pirates were attacking American ships.

In March 1785, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams went to London to negotiate with Tripoli’s envoy, Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdrahaman (or Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja). When they enquired “concerning the ground of the pretensions to make war upon nations who had done them no injury”, the ambassador replied:

It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise. He said, also, that the man who was the first to board a vessel had one slave over and above his share, and that when they sprang to the deck of an enemy’s ship, every sailor held a dagger in each hand and a third in his mouth; which usually struck such terror into the foe that they cried out for quarter at once.[21]  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Barbary_War

It was the Christians that ended slavery in the United States, Muslims still use slaves to this day in greater numbers than any other culture.

Our concept of equality evolved out of the Greek concept of A priori, this concept came from monadism, which insisted that in the causal world there was the form of the good, for example man.  While there was one ideal man, one model (monad) for man, all men were reflections of this original ideal reflecting it to a greater or lesser extent in it’s perfection.  Now if two things are exactly the same they are not two different objects they are one and the same object.  Since no two things are exactly the same they are granted equity based on similitude, similarity to one another.  Not all cups are the same but for the purpose of conveying fluid to your mouth they are similar or “equal” in purpose.  Some chairs have 3 legs, some 4, some have a base, but in purpose and utility we grant them equity.




There are parts of the world that are synonymous with Tyranny, there are cultures that historically have never been able to fight off evil internally, these same cultures, less than 100 years ago were engaging in human sacrifice, some of these cultures were engaging in human sacrifice yesterday.

If you examine my human computer theory, what you will see is that I believe that Neural Myelination passes on to one’s children in the form of Cellular memory.  Whatever thoughts, words, and actions your ancestors repeated created neural myelination that essentially hardwired those patterns into your brain.  Every individual is predisposed to doing what their ancestors did and sympathizing with their own kind and the ideology of that kind.  Jewish Neural Myelination was created from separating itself from identification with the tyrannical, despotic, genociding, raping, persio-babylonian mentality, and the Persian/Babylonian Neural Myelination, since the beginning of time has been intent on conquering the world, forcing them to live under tyranny, and killing all of the Jews.  Are these ideals equal?  I think not.

In Linguistics the position is commonly held that any group of people assimilate into a culture fully by the 3 generation.  While I love linguistics I completely disagree with this ideal.  I think it is naive and has ignored a few factors, for example, what if a family uses trauma based mind control on it’s children?  What if from a young age they are indoctrinated into prejudice against other cultures?  What if they are exposed to graphic images of people being tortured and beheaded and told, “this is our way”.  What if, immigrating to another civilized country in order to benefit from their quality of life, they refuse to embrace the ideology and values that make that way of life sustainable?  What if they live in what is essentially a caliphate in France, or Germany where they enforce Sharia law, and the police dare not enter?  What if their parents tell them that they are better than everybody else and that everybody else is scum, that our people were meant to rule all of these other people with an iron fist, taking whatever we want and doing whatever we want to people that are not of our kind?


Everybody that came to this country back in the day, was jumped in.  Everybody here was able to exert an influence on them to become American, to get in line, on threat of pain.  That ability to homogenize no longer exists.  It hearkens back to ancient Greece when the Gymnasium was used for initiating people into society and they were taught philosophy, Greco-roman wrestling, pankration, and pugilism.  They were taught good form, and how to do business properly and how and when to fight.  The fact of the matter is that under the mantle of political correctness we now allow immigrants legal and otherwise to come into our culture and pecker slap us with their beliefs and values.  While we apologize for our superior beliefs and values which created our success, the success that attracted them to our country so they could increase their quality of life.


door mat

Bill Clinton warned us about the danger to our children posed by identity based politics.  In an effort to win voters to the Democratic side, Obama intends to grant amnesty to 5,000,000 illegal immigrants, thus diluting what it means to be American in a chance to overwhelm voters with a massive influx of people that haven’t embraced American values and have no respect or appreciation for what it means to be American.  Like him they are full of hatred, vitriol, and venom for the Country and the Ideology that created the value they intend to parasite off of, I ask you, is this a formula for sustained success?  Or is it a coup on the American way of life?  Veritable Treason….  there is a thin line between being an aggressive, pro-active president and being a tyrant.

5. Chief Legislator

Only Congress has the actual power to make laws, but the Constitution gives the president power to influence Congress in its lawmaking. Presidents may urge Congress to pass new laws or veto bills that they do not favor.

Examples of Responsibilities:

  • Inviting members of Congress to lunch in the White House
  • Signing a bill of Congress
  • Making a speech in Congress


et tu brute

The Holy Trinity as a Psychological Metaphor


I have been trying to figure out how to put this information together in the least offensive way.  The western brain, male and female has a feminine bias, and reacts emotionally and violently to certain Ideas.  The information expressed in this blog is descriptive of a philosophy from a long time ago and explanatory of the situation we currently find ourselves in.  Please do not presuppose that I agree with everything in this blog.  You don’t know how I am in relationship with the information in this blog, if you ask me I will tell you.  Above all I would like to appreciate Fidem Turbare for having the open mindedness to entertain my explanations, and the intelligence to understand what I am talking about.  It is a huge frustration when there is nobody on your level capable of evaluating you or understanding what you are talking about.  I have decided to rewrite this blog as a personal conversation between me and Fidem.  



As some of you know I am a philologist and a linguistic philosopher, I have traced the origins of Christianity to India through Judaism.  Many of you might not know this but the people that created the religions were not theists, they were deists.  I set out a long time ago to understand the perspective of the people that created the religions.  Jesus was a member of the cult of Pythagorus, I know this because I have learned how to recognize rhetorical tautologies, and languages of experience in a person’s narrative.  Jesus references the corner stone that was rejected, even today this symbolism is very important to freemasonry which also traces it’s origins back to Pythagorus.


In my very popular piece here (http://thoughtuncommon.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/the-metaphysics-of-joxua-luxor/) I lay out my metaphysics and explain the rolls assigned men and women in an attempt to make a scientific marriage unit, scientific from ancient standards, but still not without merit as we will discuss later in this blog.

From the perspective of the ancients, male and female roles were internalized and externalized, there was a division of labor and a division of attention.  In Persia women were property, in Greece marriage was a business contract.  It had less to do with love and more to do with survival.  Women naturally and instinctively like to think about things that women like, puppies, kittens, babies, etc.  It was known back in the day that women are interested in extending and expanding their authority, anybody that is not a threat and that expands their authority they want to protect, the sick, the poor, etc.  Women expand their authority to usurp masculine authority.  They don’t think about the political environment, or the economic environment, and when they make decisions they take fewer considerations into account.  They think only of their own needs and the needs of those under their authority.  For this reason the man represented Sapiential Authority, the Mother Moral authority and the child survival and action in the future, also acting on the fathers wisdom.


It is important to note that the average western male no longer studies Torah everyday, or attends a Wisdom school like Freemasonry, and even if he did Freemasonry is no longer the moral science that it once was, it has devolved into a business fraternity and drinking club for the most part.  The average American male is no longer conversant in high philosophy, he doesn’t hang out with the boys at the gymnasium discussing politics and policy.  So the rules have changed.

If you observe women’s behavior under life threatening circumstances you realize that in that state of temporary autism a person operates on their hard wiring.  Never have I heard of a woman throwing herself between her boyfriend and a gunman.  I have heard of women sheltering their babies.  In the recent batman movie shootings 3 young men died protecting their girlfriends.

Aristotle wrote on this subject immensely, of interest is that any society that stops reading Aristotle shortly ends up back in the Dark Ages.  Aristotle wrote extensively on the proper relationship between men and women noting too that men sexually peak at the age of 18 and women at the age of 40.


In the Hindu Epic the Ramayana, which I believe is the source of inspiration for the biblical account of Adam and Eve, Sita is kidnapped because she sees a beautiful deer and she wants Rama and his brother to go and catch it for her so she can have it as a pet.  At the end of the book it is because of her Fickle sentimental thinking that the whole escapade happened in the first place.  Women are sentimental thinkers.  They weigh emotions as more important than reason.

Most people don’t know this but God’s Holy Spirit is actually a woman:

ShekinahShechinahShechina, or Schechinah (Hebrewשכינה‎), is the English spelling of agrammatically feminineHebrewname of God in Judaism.[citation needed] The original word means the dwelling or settling, and denotes the dwelling or settling of the Divine Presence of God, especially in the Temple in Jerusalem.


The reason that the Catholic Church had to turn her into a ghost is to silence her.  There is a psychological reason for shaming girls for their sexual behavior, women need to be more careful and take more responsibility for their actions because of their nature.  Women do not take responsibility for their actions in general.  A woman will have sex with a man and just assume the relationship is about her needs, desires, and wants, without communication ahead of time.  When men are blamed and shamed for the desire for sex this creates negative, unsustainable, patterns in society.  It counter incentivizes masculine sexuality.  This is something that should be meditated on.

Because women don’t solve problems in such a way as they create value for men (IN GENERAL) they automatically presuppose their own authority and think that men should be like women.  It is a cognitive bias to think that everyone thinks like you do.  Men and women were separated back in the day not to protect women from men but to protect masculinity from femininity.





Genesis 2:18  Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper as his complement.”

In societies where survival is difficult masculine values dominate, in societies where survival is easy, feminine values dominate.  To believe is the current virtues of Western culture you have to presuppose a leisurely ability to survive.  But that isn’t the case is it?  The economy isn’t coming back because we do not have a large surplus of anything to sell that we don’t appreciate or need.  We do not have an infinite supply of energy with which to transport those products.  Atomic energy has proven to be unsustainable, which is why they are shutting down the atomic energy plants.  We are running out of oil which America needs because it has the larges military in the world and China needs that oil because they are industrializing.  So the military is a depreciating asset and the oil is a resource that every day gets more expensive and less abundant.  

A few years ago I downloaded all of the free classes from Itunes university from all of the Ivy league colleges on all of the subjects I was interested in, and I listened to them over and over.  Cognitive science, philosophy, and psychology.  I also downloaded a bunch of commentaries on literature and such.  One of the things I downloaded, and I wish I remembered her name, was a speech by a black female Judge from Chicago, explaining how the no fault divorce was created in order to get women out of abusive marriages, but what it did was it allowed a windfall of women divorcing their husbands for no reason.  She specifically blamed women for the divorce epidemic.  And I believe she was correct.  Once a man has been divorced he doesn’t have a home but he still has to pay her bills, he can’t see his children unless she allows him to, and somehow, depressed and alone he still has to support himself.

The female mind is naturally insensitive to the male mind.  So in a society which every day is being scaled down to please women NO VALUE IS BEING CREATED FOR MEN.  Men don’t have an incentive to protect this society or these women.  Every woman that comes along wants to hitch her wagon to my horse.  She enters into relationship for her own benefit presupposing herself good and correct in her desires and giving not a single fuck about my desires and happiness unless my will is to serve her needs alone.  What is being said to American men is this, “Oh, I am sorry, me and the children do not have enough stuff, perhaps you can kindly go kill yourself so that we can get the insurance money.”

Now ponder this, Muslim men and the Islamic culture CAN control their women, while our women are not reasonable and refuse to be controlled.  Which society is going to survive?  Especially, when women edit their consideration sets so that they only look at the things that make them happy, immediately are suspicious of western men, and blame and abuse the very men they expect to serve and protect them?

The liberal, elitist, feminist mentality is only sustainable in a society that is highly successful.  Imagine that we are in ancient Greece and it isn’t that easy to survive.  You have to survive into the future or your culture will disappear, so you have to have children.  You have to have a relationship that maximizes value for everybody.  Everybody has roles to fill and they have rights. You can’t afford to give any person in that relationship more than is sustainable from the surplus of value created by the success of the relationship.


Muslims consider Christians polytheists and therefore heretics and blasphemers BECAUSE of the Doctrine of the Trinity.  From their perspective:

“There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God.”

That is a rhetorical tautology of a masculine only perspective.  So who is going to inherit the earth?  What precedes the collapse of Western rule historically?

In my psychological models what I did was I studied, Deborah Tannen’s work on male female communication rituals.  All narrative is doxography, which is to say point of view.  So it characterizes each person speaking.  What you realize is that the human brain was compartmentalized into 2 different brains by evolution. Due to their natural strengths and weaknesses a division of labors if you will.  What modern society is doing is undoing what evolution did, while at the same time destroying  modern society.  If you observe female vs. male communication rituals you see also how the male brain and female brain are in relationship with one another.

Now here is the key for you, when I say “male and female” part of that is based on yin and yang or broken and unbroken.  Which is to say an inferior mind to a superior mind and the relationship between them.  The reason you cannot infer from your experience to falsify my research is this, you are not normal, you are a lot smarter than most people and completely different from any other woman I have met.  From your perspective, the majority of psychopaths/female minds that you have experienced in relationship are men.  Psychopaths are aggressive in relationship, they approach relationship strategically for their own benefit.  They expect you to stay in the relationship while they continue to judge you, abuse you, lie to you, manipulate you, and punish you.  No matter how many times they are wrong or they fail they still feel themselves your equal and refuse to participate with reason.

The Science of yoga is the art of finding all of the logical fallacies and the cognitive biases that the human brain makes.  In essence, throwing the mind.  Emotions warp and distort reality around us.  I call this the averseness of the mind, it happens unconsciously without our knowing it.  Familiarity breeds contempt.  Nassim Nicholas Taleb documented a similar phenomenon.  On long flights statisticians were more likely to buy insurance for things that were far less likely to happen, like terrorism, than insurance for accidents that were far more likely to happen, due to what I call the averseness of the mind.  Observe if you will the behavior of the Atheists.  They are far more verbally abusive against Christians than the far more menacing threat of Muslims.  Even in the middle of a global Jihad push they would rather harass Christians.  Richard Dawkins himself says that you won’t see atheists leading troupes into battle.  Who is fighting the Muslims?  The Christians.

Women are aggressive communicators while at the same time being deaf to reason.  If appeal to emotion is a logical fallacy than communicating emotionally is a dynamic tautology of the appeal to emotion fallacy. Observe how women argue, histrionic fits, changing the pitch, tone, and cadence of their speech, talking over your.  Observe how this deviates from Socratic dialogue.  Men are sensitive listeners, women adopt these communication rituals to abuse the male mind, and to force it’s compliance.  When I was younger I actually developed a psychosomatic response to the sound of Diane Chamber’s voice on Cheers, my eyes would dilate and my heart would race, I was having a panic attack, it was stimulated by my having to talk to my mother and my relationship with my sister.  All of her smarmy sanctimony and her self appointed moral authority, presupposing her right to judge everybody from her own narrow perspective.  The funny thing about her was that she wasn’t acting, that is really who she was.  Everybody on the caste hated her.  One time they threw a party and they gave her the wrong address.  True story.

Inferior minds are bitch move artists, (I am sorry, I know you don’t like that word)  they are artists that express themselves through the medium of bitch moves to appear to be more than they are.  They try to expand and increase their authority and interrupt the rational conversation.  They approach the conversation strategically, concealing their true intention and misrepresenting themselves, they try to control what can be said, the direction of the conversation, the focus of the conversation and they attempt to force the conclusion of the conversation.  The conversation is the relationship, every event in the relationship characterizes the relationship.  All of these tactics are the same tactics used by mothers on babies.  I call it “jingling the keys” the mother tries to control your focal point, and then communicates to you emotional data as to how you should feel about the thing and what you should do.


The feminine bias in society is also associated with tacit judgments I refer to as superficial aesthetic snap decisions.  This is based on the flow of negative emotional data.  The child can communicate negative emotional data to the mother, and the mother to the father, but the flow of negative emotional data cannot be reversed without invoking the refractory state of the western mind which reveals a tacit bias in favor of femininity.  Here is a picture I photo-shopped to illustrate the way in which the male and female mind are in relationship with one another.


In ancient times they had the age of accountability. It was at that age that the authority of the mother ended and the authority of the father began.  The role of the father was to make the child suitable for society, psychologically sound and whole, capable of being a citizen and understanding the values of the culture.  The highest form of the good and the worst form of the bad.  With daughters when the age of accountability was reached, they were given or sold or married to a man and he took over her instruction.  In our current modern society the authority of the mother never ends, and people never take responsibility, they never understand, they never grow up.  We have created an entire generation of babies expecting to be provided for.  When they do something wrong or stupid they just appeal to feminine authority to mercy and charity, claiming that they weren’t responsible and they didn’t know what they were doing.

Other countries and cultures have no problem recognizing that men and women are different.  It is only because of propaganda in Western science that we hold this prejudice.  Even Western science is starting to realize it’s error.  If Western society hasn’t degenerated it is degenerating. . .

At least that is the view from my seat.