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Psychopaths & Fake News

cnn obey

Liberal Progressives created the term “Fake News” and then they became associated with it.  Now CNN wants the term “Fake News” banned.  Lol, wut??? 

When I was creating my psychological models I realized that psychopaths think like women.  The psychopath is the “pretty” (over-coddled) child that the toxic mother figure favors.  The toxic mother figure vets her children and prefers the child that increases and expands her authority.  She wants to usurp the Authority of Reason so she doesn’t like the child that she can’t manipulate or lie to. 

Every form of Media edits the Consideration Set creating Disparate Impact and leaking a bias.  The “TMF” attracts the child’s attention to an object (or subject) and then she communicates Emotional Data to the child in order to influence how the child feels about the subject and the relationship the child has with the subject.  The child doesn’t know how his brothers and sisters respond to the stimulus but the TMF does.  She favors the children that follow her lead and she sabotages the children that don’t.  While she micro-manages everything she accepts no responsibility for negative outcomes, secretly takes credit for the successes of others, and does everything with a smile on her face.  


American Educational Reform


I am calling on Donald Trump, when he is elected, to institute Massive Educational Reform.  Education should be affordable and useful.  Our children should be taught how to survive in the world as it is, not as Liberal Progressives think it should be.  They should be given the skills needed to survive.  We shouldn’t be importing people from 3rd world countries who have invested in better education than we have so they can become de facto rulers in our own Nation because we couldn’t afford the education they have.

Other countries are learning in High School what our children haven’t learned after Graduation, with honors, from College.  Every Nation in the world is Leveraging themselves against the former Gold Standard that was America by investing in the education of their own children, how is it that we aren’t investing in ourselves?  Instead we are importing people on H1-B Visas, who are essentially Low Wage Slaves, to take the high paying jobs that we aren’t educating our own children for.

Our children are being Indoctrinated (Not Educated) into the Authority of Fat, Lazy, Tenured, Union Teachers who have no fear of losing their jobs and the possess nothing but contempt for America.  They harass and bully any student that comes into their class who is white, male, conservative, or Republican.  They are Initiated into a Meritocracy of Issues that Reifies the delusions, stupidity, and greed of one group of people while ignoring the contribution and sacrifice of another group of people.  It isn’t Communism that is paying the Salaries of these College Professors it is Capitalism & they are Strangling it.

If we can’t figure it out for ourselves, we should be Benchmarking the most successful educational programs world wide.  Education is a moving target because there is this thing called “Evolution” and the Philosophical Football Field is constantly changing.  We are not hating anybody by winning or being successful.  Awesomeness isn’t a finite resource and I’m not exploiting the Resource of Awesomeness.  As we raise the level of our game, our Hopeful Opponents will raise the level of their own game & that will create an improvement of the overall quality of life in the World.  We don’t follow the lead of our own Reflections.

We should be teaching Freudian Psychology in High School, Philosophy, Science, Rational Debate, every Logical Fallacy, & every Cognitive Bias.  When a child graduates High School they should have learned a skill where they can go anywhere in the world and be gainfully employed.  We shouldn’t be forcing the smartest students to learn at the speed of the slowest children or subject themselves to the same curriculum.  Best Practices should be followed regardless of the failures of those who can’t compete.  We shouldn’t be investing in Failure we should be investing in Success.  If we don’t invest in people that create value for society then we won’t have a surplus of value with which to protect those people who can’t or won’t create value for society.  The people who won’t create value for society, because they hate America, are investing in their own failure because it is only a matter of time before they have nobody to protect them from our mutual enemies.

Ritual Magic & College Antics


The occult is essentially psychology that you don’t know.  Modern psychology is catching up with the occult.  Some people are wondering why Obama keeps hiring Behavioral Psychologists.  Partly it’s because he is trying to wag the dog.

The Hidden Hand

Obama is very well connected behind the scenes.  He is directly associated with the antics of students on college campuses and their demands. One of the demands that black students are making is for a “safe space” room in the faculty building.  Many of their demands are ridiculous while insisting that they are rational.  They are already in a manic, histrionic state when they are making their exaggerated demands showing that they will become even more abusive if their insanity isn’t taken seriously.  There is no way that the demands can be accepted without incriminating oneself because to accept such childish demands would also demonstrate guilt.  This shows me that the manipulation and appeal to the feminine bias and instinct of the left is not accidental, it is conscious, deliberate, and willful on the part of the Obama Regime, they know exactly what they are doing.  Also if these demands are accepted it will make it impossible to change them at a future time and it leaves not defensive ground to stand on in any future conflict between faculty and students, and remember it was the students that started the conflict.  The Liberally biased teachers were catering to the whims of the minorities before this.

So what’s really going on?

Let’s go back to the demand that I originally stated, to have a safe space inside the faculty building.  Now one of the concepts I came up with in my psychological models is that there are different ways of encoding data.  I found when I was deconstructing actions in order to see how they create value for people that some forms of strategic behavior were used in order to communicate certain things to certain people.  I am going to go off on a tangent right now and tell you a little story.

You say “Tomato” I say Organic Tomato

I worked at Whole Foods Market for 12 years, so I know what I am talking about.  If you examine the rules governing Organic produce, about the segregation what you realize is that this ritual communicates data to the human being (Organic Computer).  If a organic produce comingles with Non-organic produce it is no longer organic.  Organic produce has to be stored above conventional produce.  This reifies in the psyche of the individual through the use of rituals that Organic is something real, good, and desirable.  People actually feel good about themselves because of eating organic food, they have a psychosomatic, placebo response, but people don’t necessary know exactly what organic means.  I once heard an employee say, “Everything in the store is kind of Organic.”  No, it’s not.  Organic is something very specific, there is even a rule about not labeling foods with percentages of Organic because it is considered confusing.

So while the innate goodness of Organic food has been reified in the psyche of the employee and customer, what if the actual standards of Organic foods are declining?  One of the things I found the most ridiculous is that for a period of time Salts and some waters were paying to get certified as organic and the organic certifiers were giving them certification.  While it is not part of the Organic standards the word “Organic” suggests that you are talking about something living and growing not water or a mineral deposit.  In order to save money many stores, (especially Whole Foods) is buying their produce from China, which is a highly polluted environment, the air itself can be cut with a knife, literally.  How is that organic?  1st generation Chinese people were the most insistent and vigilant about not purchasing any organic produce that came from China and yet more and more Organic Produce is being purchased from China as the cost increases.

In much the same way McDonald’s increases the perceived value of their food by extra packaging.  The unwrapping of their terrible food-flavored product that doesn’t rot and no animal or insect will eat, is a ritual that builds anticipation in the person who is about to get constipated because they are eating 3 pieces of bread and meat laden with Pink Slime which is laced with Ammonia in order to kill off any E.coli one might get from eating beef that was tainted with cow feces.  It is the power of ritual.  When I do my photo shops and I use different fonts, colors, layers, and borders that also has a ritualizing effect for the eyes as the person pores over the images I altered in order to convey something to them.

So, what is being communicated by the strategic demands of the college students?  If you allow them to have their “safe space” in the faculty building, you will essentially be granting them status as faculty.  The people that will avail themselves the most of the “Safe Space” will be the lowest common denominator, the most histrionic people who are attacking people with their issues, they will look for any excuse to use the room and get their way in every way at every moment.  The room itself is a shrine to their issues that reifies the realness their issues.  It is an assault on Western Education.  Why do you think saying “Meritocracy” is now a micro aggression?  Why do you think Obama is attempting to get rid of standardized testing?    It is a tacit equivocation between success and failure, between intelligence and stupidity.  How do we really know who is smart and who is dumb?  How do we really know what is good and evil?   How do we know who is a terrorist and who a freedom fighter?  It is arguing for vagueness.  The Liberal Progressives want a stupid, docile, slave class that depends on the Government to do all of their thinking for them, like a toxic mother figure with Munchausen syndrome by proxy.  It is a toxic relationship between the stupid majority and the corrupt and lazy oligarchical ruling class.  click here for a link to Plato’s 5 regimes.



(E 2 V) Efficiency Towards Value Philosophy


One of the premises of Rational Praxis-ism, is an efficiency with value.  What has value?  Anything could potentially have value.  Value presupposes a human perspective.  Efficiency towards value demonstrates an awareness of others opinions and desires.  Possible deveations from this rational praxis include being unconscious in relationship or insensitive towards the feelings and thoughts of the people one is in relationship with, or an overt anti-social contempt of the others one is in relationship with.  Yet a third unreasonable deviation is an ascetic, hyper sensitivity to the desires of others and a lack of reasonable concern for oneself.  (you will also find that this mentality enables the other two mentalities, because it projects it’s sense of self on the other rational people in the relationship to participate with it’s world view, and this mentality is tacitly self-loathing self-sabotaging, and self defeating, and it expects reasonable people to participate with it’s self destruction.)

The desire itself must be rational and must not extend towards things which it has no right to, such as the self expression of others, or influencing their resources if those resources have been earned meritocratically.  It must take everything into account and their is a reprocity to this relationship which has to do with relationship and time.


Space has value, clean air has value, being able to move through an area without obstruction has value, personal space has too much value, demanding too much personal space is a sign of narcissism, like a pirate captain that will kill you for stepping on his shadow.  He demands not only that you respect him but his shadow as well.  Likewise giving others too little space is irrational and a sign of self appointed authority to judge others and trespass boundaries because there are no rules as far as one self is concerned, because one self is always the cause of the good and never the cause of the bad, like a mother figure who (presupposing her own authority/superiority over you) feels that she has the right to come into your room, and rifle through your possessions, and spy on you and judge and punish you.

E2V requires an understanding of others and what has value to them, how they are in relationship with reality, and the subjects in reality or how one is in relationship with the world and the phenomena in the world.  It is important to not, in (E2V) that you don’t get to control or influence someone’s relationship with the world or the phenomena in the world unless they have asked you to do that, think of this as the Guru principle, don’t offer unsolicited advice.  If someone has asked you to help them or teach them or offer suggestions the rule is not violated.  You can leave relationship with them if you disagree, but don’t try to force people to conform to your world view especially without evidence or reason.  If you have a contract with that person it might be necessary to force their hand a little because of shared fate. (it is important to remember this is a portion of the perspective that is Rational Praxisism).

For example, how is one in relationship with noise? As I am writing this I have relocated myself in the library, because an old homeless man keeps rustling plastic bags.  I despise white noise as I have an almost autistic level of sensitivity to sound (and communication) and I am not like other people white noise keeps me from focusing and thinking on higher mental plains. (If you read Mind of the Mnemonist you will see that high level savants with synesthesia often have their processes disturbed by unexpected or undesired sounds).  A silent ambiance has value for me, and the homeless man and myself cannot both do our wills in close proximity to one another, I value silence and he has the need to constantly make noise, so no rational relationship is sustainable.

When you think about it, it’s really about understanding people better.  When you apply it what you find is the closer and more frequently you are around someone the better they should understand one another, working together without friction and maximizing the value they create for one another.  If you could see it, it would look like a fractal of value, and it would create a surplus of value for everybody.


Another facet of this rational praxis is Vicarious Value.  Let’s say I were to come into possession of a delicious chocolate cake but because I am on the Paleo Diet the cake not only doesn’t have value for me it has negative value for me.  I could choose to refuse it or to throw it away, but this action would lack understanding of the (E2V) formula.  I remember that my room mate loves chocolate cake. The cake might not have value for me but it has vicarious value for me because we have a relationship and she might reciprocate in the future especially if she subscribes to E2V.  Bench-marking the concept of trade sanctions I also recommend never giving anything of value that is un-owed to anyone that despises one self or one’s relationships or wants to antagonize one’s will.  Just as in espionage one doesn’t give true information to one’s enemy, you instead give counter-intelligence to the enemy because that has negative value for those that create negative value for you.

This relationship presupposes that interactions be only positive, rational, useful, or pleasant.  Some people, let’s call them cheerleaders, think that they create value by only communicating positive emotional data, from their perspective they think they are making an equitable contribution, they think positive words have an actual monetary or objective value.  These people are Klingons.  They will demand that you only tell them positive things about themselves as well so their is no way to communicate to them that they are not making an equitable contribution.

This relationship allows both people in the relationship to maintain an individuality.  It realizes that people have different wills just as the founding fathers realized that people have the right to pursue their own happiness.  One person or group of people doesn’t get to decide what the other people in the relationship should want.  While there are some obvious ring pass nots, if one reached an impasse in the relationship they would simply go their separate ways doing as little damage to each party and their resources as possible instead of entering into a battle of attrition.  It avoids the cognitive bias that everybody thinks like ourselves, and that what is normal for us is also good, and everybody should be like ourselves, think like ourselves, and want what we want, which shows an obvious blindness to the fact that if everybody wanted what you wanted then there would be less of what you wanted in the world.  For example if you think that you are the most alpha male because you are a good downhill ski-er and you think everybody should value you as you value yourself the natural outcome would be everybody would be downhill ski ers and the amount of down hill ski-ers better than yourself would increase and the amount of opportunities you have to actually ski would be diminished because the resorts would be packed with ski-ers, many of them richer than yourself and prices would be driven up with increased demand.

Money has no intrinsic value, it isn’t magick, it is a symbol that we agree has a certain unit of value which is exchangeable.  If people understood themselves or money better they would understand that value is only created in relationship.


Help them do their will for themselves, so that people will help you do your will for yourself.