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Global Warming Agenda

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I have said this before and now I will try to explain it in a new way so that people can understand it.  Psychopaths are strategic.  They plot & plan long before they try to pull off their heist. What the Liberal Progressives did is they >>conflated<< Global Warming with their desired solution.  This is their ambitious End Game.  Democrats have systematically monopolized one industry after the next so that they can speak for others and force participation. 

Not only have they been trying to force a one party system in America (which isn’t a Democracy) they thought that they were in a position to create a One World Government.  The solution that they proffer to Global Warming is Universal Communism enforced by Liberal Progressive Democrats.  They own, or control, all of the means of production (a rhetorical tautology of communism).  They can stop or slow production in order to “reduce greenhouse gases”.  That means that people will die and the Democrats in control won’t be responsible because they are looking at the “bigger picture”.  “Oh, sorry, we can’t increase production because it will create Green House gases so we aren’t responsible for the deaths that happen because of our Arrogant, Lazy, Greed.  Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about the problems of low people.  We are well taken care of in our positions of undeserved authority.  But look at the bright side.  Living creatures create Green House, so, with a reduced population there will be less Global Warming.  While many people may die, mankind will survive, including myself and the other Democrat Tyrants.”

Barack Obama was operating on the Global Warming Agenda and look where we are now.  He spent more money than every president in history combined.  He was trying to bankrupt the United States and prove Capitalism flawed.  He hamstrung and gutted the Armed Forces forcing them to go into combat with their hands tied.  He flooded the country with Muslim refugees during a Christian genocide.  He enticed MS-13 gang members to come across the border as refugees and then transported them anywhere in the country they wanted to go.  He gave military grade weapons to Mexican Drug cartels.  He created ISIS by running drugs into Syria through Benghazi and then refused to attack ISIS claiming that he didn’t want to destroy the “infrastructure”.  


Terrorist Attack Warning


eclipse america

So, this just occurred to me not too long ago.  The “Crescent Moon” of Islam is actually a Solar Eclipse.  The moon never looks like that, EVER. 

I would bet money that the Persian sorcerers would see this as a very Auspicious occasion for the occulting of the Sun.

Darkness is Literally eating a Sun or Star and that event is re-framed as Light or Lucifer.  This particular Solar Eclipse cuts a swath from one side of America to the other.  If you were a group of Muslim Astrological Mystics, would you not see this as a Celestial Sign that Allah was giving you a window of opportunity to attack the Great Satan (America)?

Bill Nye the Pencil-Necked Geek.

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Consider this a bit of a Psychological Paedophile on Bill Nye, if you will.  What exactly was he thinking when he said that Climate Change deniers tend to be older and they should die?  First of all, I am younger than him by far.  Secondly, I don’t deny that Climate Change is happening.  What I disagree with is the proposed solution to the problem that is being proffered by the Liberal Progressives.  Global Communism where production is controlled by a secret priest class is not an acceptable option.  That is a Theocracy of Fake Science with no accountability to the people.  They are using it as a form of Ideological Fascism in order to have a Monopoly on every facet of society. 

What they really intend to do is reduce the population of the World drastically.  Water Vapor is one of the worst causes of Greenhouse Gasses. 95% of Global Warming is caused by Water Vapor, but they aren’t trying to control that, yet. . . They are targeting the gas that is caused by production and living organisms.  95% of Global Warming is caused by Water Vapor.   

“A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” ~Max Planck

Bill Nye is bastardizing a quote by Max Planck.  The quote applied to the Scientific Community not the populace.  Scientism Priests are sick of explaining, persuading, and talking to low-lifes such as us, but Science is the Explanatory Art.  These aren’t Scientists they are Pharisees.  They are intent on increasing their own personal authority. 

Their plan is already in full swing.  Read the Lyrics in (ONLY) where Lil Wayne talks about running in your house and snatching up your children, and yes I am talking to you Tucker Carlson.  They are indoctrinating and propagandizing our children in order to eventually make them wards of the state.  They are attempting to create a generational rift.  This is their End Game.  They already tipped their hand so they have to double down.  They cannot and will not back off.  It is all or nothing.

Can they afford to lose when everybody knows that they seek the death of all who disagree with them and refuses to participate with their agenda?  When we know that they want us to live like dumb animals with no knowledge of math so we don’t know when we are being lied to?  

The Reasoning behind White Genocide


(Continuation of this Blog)

*I am not going to debate with anybody as to whether White Genocide is real.  If you want to know my thoughts on the subject you can clink on the link above & read my original blog.

What is the Reasoning behind White Genocide?  First of all you have to realize that there is a group of smug elitists that think we are too stupid to make decisions for ourselves. Intelligence & Reason are not Natural States they are Altered States because they are attained through conditioning and culturing.  Violence & stupidity are Natural States and they are far more common in the world.  If the Civilized World were to exert an influence on the Uncivilized world to become more evolved that would smack of slavery.  No matter how hard some people tried they would only be able to reach a very low level of attainment under a Meritocracy of Results.

So if we can’t hold everybody to the same standard and exert an influence on people to evolve without the obvious recriminations that have become standard and evidenced in recent history, what is the solution? Before we answer that question we have to examine another aspect of their reasoning.

From their perspective, it is the Civilized World that is responsible for all of the evils of the world, not the uncivilized world.  Because they are part of the Cult of Scientism they are trying to reify Global Warming.  They have fabricated and manipulated the data in order to create a reasoning for doing the evil they want to do. They want to reduce the Population of the Earth but stupid people are much easier to control than smart people.  In spite of their proclivity toward violence they are still easier to control. If they were to kill off the Less Evolved people of the world this would create a backlash from stupid Western Women.


Georgia Guidestones


So from their perspective, they rationalize that since the Civilized World (White People) is responsible for the creation of Technology they are also responsible for Pollution, the Destruction of the Planet, and Global Warming.  They would rather have us living like dumb animals because then our influence on our surroundings would be decreased.  Also Unevolved Civilizations regulate their populations with brutality and even genocide.  In the minds of these Arrogant Liberal Retards they presuppose their own Authority to Lead and they have a double standard in their own favor.  Everything they do is good because they are doing it.  They want Capitalism for themselves and Communism for everybody else. 

Christianity stands in their way as do other Real Religions, Islam not included. When a man has God inside he has his Authority intact and their are certain immoral things that he will refuse to do.  They need to extract God/Authority from man so that they can demoralize him, but first they have to kill off the Christians, Hindus, and Jews.  Islam is the only religion that teaches killing of other religions from birth.  Because Islam is the fastest growing population of the Stupidest & most Violent people on earth a point would obviously be reached where the Civilized World would either Destroy Islam or be destroyed by it. While Islam would have no conscious about destroying the rest of the world and even the world itself if the Civilized World destroyed Islam we would never hear the end of it because of Liberal Retards and Stupid, Self-Loathing, Western Women.





What Does the Orienting Response Say about Modern Society?

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When I read Al Gore’s book the Assault on Reason, he brought up the interesting topic of the Orienting Response.

The orienting response (OR), also called orienting reflex, is an organism’s immediate response to a change in its environment, when that change is not sudden enough to elicit the startle reflex. The phenomenon was first described by Russian physiologist Ivan Sechenov in his 1863 book Reflexes of the Brain, and the term (‘ориентировочный рефлекс’ in Russian) was coined by Ivan Pavlov, who also referred to it as the Shto takoe? (Что такое? or What is it?) reflex. The orienting response is a reaction to novel or significant stimuli. In the 1950s the orienting response was studied systematically by the Russian scientist Evgeny Sokolov, who documented the phenomenon called “habituation“, referring to a gradual “familiarity effect” and reduction of the orienting response with repeated stimulus presentations.[1]


In that book he describes how the orientation response is a cultural universal and it evolved because in order to survive there were things in our environment that were dangerous and threatening to us.  Spiders, snakes, bears, tigers, etc.  When something unfamiliar moved in our environment we looked at it and ascertained whether it was a threat or not.  Al Gore suggests that the decline in the United States of rational dialogue and rational debate or reasoned conversation happened because of the one way communication medium of television.  The TV speaks and we listen, but we can’t respond to the TV and tell it what we think.  According to Al Gore this habituated Americans into being told what to think and not questioning or disagreeing.

As an analytical philosopher I take this idea a step further.  Since the Orienting response is natural and rational, since it evolved out of a necessity to survive, what does it tell us about society when it isn’t present?  Human behavior has always interested me, one of the things I noticed a few years ago is first generations Asians that would meander into my personal space as if they didn’t see me.  At first I wondered if this was a problem with peripheral vision due to the shape of their eyes, I decided to do an experiment to see if that was the case or if something else was going on.  I would mirror their behavior identically, getting into their personal space and acting like they weren’t there.  They would respond by backing up, making an exclamation that sounded like “Wuh?” and then looking me up and down, and then repeating the gesture of looking me up and down. This is a societal gesture that I had done something rude.

Because this behavior created disparate impact in their favor and they would react negatively if the same tactic were used against them I decided that it was a strategy for communicating dominance that had come from their country and was quite possible normal in their society.

The interesting thing is that not having an orienting response is not natural, and it is not rational.  When people are not curious, suspicious or paranoid their orienting response is not working.  They are affectively hypnotized.  But what is it that is hypnotizing them?  People have a cognitive bias that what is normal is also good and correct.  What is normal for people is living in a safe environment where survival is easy and we don’t depend on those around us for survival.  But this is an unnatural environment, because safe environments are not natural they are artificial.

We are delusionally not in relationship with reality because our authority has been extracted from us and externalized into other authorities that do our thinking for us.  No where is this more obvious than in the Western under reaction to the threat that is posed by the encroachment of Islam.


People don’t want to think about the ugliness of that religion, they don’t want to study it for themselves.  They trust the people that are lying to them telling them it is a religion of peace, that the people are victims, and that we should be tolerant  of their bigotry and intolerance.

When I was creating my models of the human brain, the male female models, I found an interesting pattern with psychopaths or female brains.  Psychopaths try to slip your threat filter.  They communicate harmlessness and sameness to you.  Then they try to get behind you, in your blind spot as it were, so you can’t scrutinize them and you aren’t worried about them.  Once there they try to manipulate you or kill you or harm you or steal from you.


The female brain thinks with emotions and it makes superficial, aesthetic, snap decisions, not based on understanding or reason, or study, or experiment.  This looks right, this sounds right.  This looks harmless, I am told this is harmless, they have always been nice to me (until they aren’t).

In conclusion, what I guess I am saying, is that a person who isn’t curious, or suspicious, or a little paranoid is hypnotized because their orienting response isn’t functioning correctly and evolved out of reason.  The Cognitive Dissonance people have about Islam, and about the future, is a dangerous form of hypnotism that threatens the very fabric of Western Democratic Civilization.

Hypnotism is real, and many people are hypnotized right now.