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Why do Muslims kill Sufis?


I thought I had already written this blog but when I googled it I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Perhaps I posted it on Patreon or Medium before my blog got censored.  Anyway…   

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī was nicknamed “Rumi” because of his travels to Rome and the Roman influence on his intellect.  His profession was the teaching of Islam.  One day he met a wandering tradesman and philosopher by the name of Shams.  This isn’t common knowledge but I have profiled Shams as being part of a Secret Society that would be like the Freemasons today (Shams comes from Shamash the Persian Sun God same etymology as Samson the Hebrew Hercules).  

Rumi and Shams became best friends and most likely gay lovers.  They constantly engaged in Sohbet a sacred intimate conversation about the nature of reality.  Shams was obviously able to change Rumi’s mind about a great many things because in his poetry Rumi often referred to Shams as his teacher. 

One day Shams was kidnapped and beheaded most likely by Rumi’s own students whom he taught Sharia Law and quite possibly included his own son.  Rumi couldn’t complain because what he was doing was forbidden by Islam and the punishment was legal and pious from their perspective.  He fell into a deep depression.  In a manner of speaking he went a little crazy but in a creative way.  The quality of his poetry was markedly different before and after the death of Shams.  After Shams murder Rumi flirted with heresy and blasphemy without directly crossing that line.  He began to refer to God as “the friend” in his poetry. 

Rumi created a stylized, whirling dancing that was cathartic known today as Dervish and Sufism.  It mimicked the emptiness of the universe spinning to find it’s own center or to lose itself. 

The word “Sufi” most likely comes from the Greek “Sophia” of the Philosopers (Philia Sophia).  Sophia was the Goddess of Wisdom and is considered Polytheistic and therefore heretical by Sharia loving Terrorists.  The first pillar of Islam is the magical prayer known as the shahada, “There is no god but allah, and mohammed was his prophet.”  Muslims consider the Holy Trinity to be Polytheistic as well. 

Muslims claim to be descendants of Adam but they also believe themselves to be untainted by original sin.  How can that be?  In reality they descend from Lilith, Cain, and Ishmael.  They reject the Forbidden Fruit of Western Knowledge.  Boko Haram literally means, “Western Knowledge Forbidden”.  An educated female is an abomination to Allah. 

I study Esoterica & Occult History.  Many Christians consider this Dark Knowledge and they avoid it.  The Muslim priest class on the other hand knows what I am telling you is true but they will never admit it.  High ranking Freemasons and Rosicrucians also know it to be true.  Christians will never be able to understand or predict Muslim behavior as long as they stay light and fluffy.  They will continue to be manipulated and murdered, kidnapped and raped.

Much of what I have written here I have discovered with my own research but I did study “The Soul of Rumi” by Coleman Barks and I recommend it to everybody who is interested in Rumi’s life and poetry.