Guilt by Awareness

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This is a tautology of the, “you smelt it you dealt it” argument.  It is basically that you by being aware of the problem are causing the problem, or your being aware of the problem is the problem.  This argument is only valid from the perspective of an ignoramus or a consciously strategic psychopath that is manipulating a situation for their own benefit and you have just thrown a wrench into the works.  

They will try to turn it around on you.  Why are you looking for problems?  Why are you looking for that person to be doing something wrong in the first place?  The behavior could be sanctioned and they could have protection and their could be more people aware of what is going on then you know.  

It could also be used by a lassez-faire leader that can’t attempt to fix a problem without incurring…

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“remove the web meet the spider.”

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Lynn: This is one of your sayings, could you tell us what it means?
Joxua: I use it in reference to psychopaths.  They do not have creative intelligence or problem solving abilities, not in so far as, they engage in win/win scenarios.  Psychopaths do not create value for other people.  What they have is the intelligence to steal value that has already been created.  Psychopaths create problems for other people that benefit themselves so if you are in a business or you work for the government and you see something weird that shouldn’t be that way, if and when you fix it, you piss off the spider that created it.  They know its wrong, they know it doesn’t work but it benefits them.  Psychopaths do not create real solutions to problems.  They don’t solve the problem so it goes away.  They are like a doctor that keeps on treating the…

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