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CAIR Freudian Slip.


Out of a vague sense of morbid curiosity, which Americans do you stand in solidarity with and which do you not stand in solidarity with?  I know that being a pathologically lying, covertly hostile, douchebag who blames us for the fact that you have to constantly conceal your contempt for us Kaffir has become a permanent part of your personality.  I understand that the psychological strain of living a lie and acting like you are not doing exactly what you are doing takes a toll on an individual until they “blow up”.  And I am very familiar with the arrogance, superiority, and different interpretations that make up the Arabic language and psyche, that presupposes one’s superiority, royalty even, but even I had to rewind the video 3 times to make sure I had heard your qualification correctly, as you stand there with your bored emotionless face not simply concealing your emotions, but genuinely not feeling anything.  I bet you stand in solidarity with Obama don’t you?  Maybe, Louis Farrakhan? Jay-Z?  Eric Holder?

Link to info about Muzammil Siddiqi on the left.

Orange County Chapter Representative for CAIR, which has been categorized as a terrorist organization by UAE


The men at the left hand side of the picture, his name is Muzammil Siddiqi, he is the leader of the Orange County or Anaheim chapter of CAIR.  After I got fired from the Jamboree Whole Foods Market for my anti-Sharia advocacy earlier this year, I moved 1,000 miles north.  At the time I was predicting exactly what is happening in the world and what just happened in Southern California.  I was predicting what happened in France, that is why I created the Ban Sharia Brand, to wake people up.  To let them know what the Quran says and to teach them Muslim psychology so their might be a chance of confronting the issue.


In defense of Trump.


I am not like the liberal progressives, I’m not claiming to have psychic abilities & I am not offering testimony for Donald Trump, both of which are part of the strategies used by Lib-tards.  What I am is a psycholinguist with what was formerly known as Asperger’s syndrome, which is associated with a savant like ability to consciously edit one’s own consideration set to focus obsessively on certain topics and to achieve success in those endeavors.  I too have shadow syndromes of Autism. Tourette’s is also part of the spectrum that is Autism.

What I am suggesting is that the very aspects of Donald Trump’s personality that the Lib-tards think excludes him from serious consideration are part of the reason why Trump is perfect for the job.  In Japanese art they have a concept known as Wabi-Sabi, or perfect in it’s imperfection.  Such a term describes Trump to a T.  The various symptoms of Autism are associated with the MTHFKR gene which is responsible for most positive mutations.

I am not saying that I approve of some of the things Trump has done or said.  They are not things that I would like to see in the President of the United States, but I see those same instincts in myself and I understand them because of the prodigious amounts of anger and frustration that I must contain every day.  We have this feeling like time is running out.  We have this feeling that WWIII has already begun and the gloves are coming off.  Obama is letting the next generation of Islamo-Nazis grab up land, weapons, and resources while financially crippling the Greatest Military Power on earth and apologizing for our success as a civilization.  The U.S. is and has been the greatest moralizing influence on the world in recent history.

Lib-tards seem less capable than anybody else in detecting their own B.S. It should be obvious to them that Donald Trump is a highly functioning Autistic Savant.  What this evidences is their Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations.  They are perfectly willing to offer Mercy & Charity to people with disabilities to who do not threaten them and who agree with them.  The hidden subject is that they want these people beneath themselves not more successful than themselves.  It is a way in which they telegraph to people “I am the cool honky, I am not the angry cracker.”  It is a way in which they include themselves by apologizing for themselves.  They are unwilling to grant Victim Status to people that threaten their agenda or prejudices.  Donald is unwilling to think of himself as disabled.  He is unwilling to act like a victim.  I have respect for that.

There was another man that had Asperger’s Syndrome, he stopped being a doctor and took over a small portion of money to broker, he was the first and one of the only people to predict the sub-prime mortgage fall out and he invested all of his money correctly in that eventuality.  After the fact Alan Greenspan was asked why he hadn’t seen the dropout coming, Greenspan defended himself by saying that nobody had predicted it but he was wrong.  People pointed out to him that the Autistic Savant with Autism had correctly predicted the crash.  Something to think about.  Look where playing it safe has got us.


The Bouncers Trilemma, and Islam.


I was a bouncer for 5 years.  I bounced in Seatac at a club that used to be called Club Zeus it was right next to the original Powerhouse Gym which was owned by Shake, the most notorious street fighter in Washington turned Christian.  He was trained by Zura Goodpaster who was the student of Frank Dux and he taught Jean Claude Van Damme for his roll depicting Frank Dux.  His dojo was next to my instructor, Michael Cairnes.  (

Club Zeus was two floors and had a 900 capacity.  Our main clientele was Samoan because we were right next to one of the largest Samoan neighborhoods in Seattle.  Their is a huge black ghetto in Seattle too, one night a week (thursdays) we had SHUT THE DOH! An AM radio station would come and promote their thing there with booty shaker competitions.  I also danced and was getting to the end of my stripping career so Darnel used to use me as a ringer and get me to dance at his other clubs.

After that I went on to bounce in Downtown Seattle at some very well known places, I bounced at a club known as Neighbors, that is a discotec owned by a Moroccan family.  Some people thought of it as a Gay Night Club.   I was always a deep thinker, one of the things I always thought was interesting was a situation that kept coming up.  I refer to it as the bouncers trilemma.  Inevitably somebody would start acting stupid, and often times they had a friend.  Now, it was my job to confront the antagonist.  Sometimes (all too frequently) that person would not back down.  Now the “friend” for some stupid reason or another thought it was their job to emotionally support the person acting like an idiot.  This is called enabling.

Enabling is a term with a double meaning in psychotherapy and mental health.[1]

As a positive term, “enabling” references patterns of interaction which allow individuals to develop and grow. These patterns may be on any scale, for example within the family,[1] or in wider society as “enabling acts” designed to empower some group, or create a new authority for a (usually governmental) body.

In a negative sense, “enabling” can describe dysfunctional behavior approaches that are intended to help resolve a specific problem but in fact may perpetuate or exacerbate the problem.[1][2] A common theme of enabling in this latter sense is that third parties take responsibility or blame, or make accommodations for a person’s harmful conduct (often with the best of intentions, or from fear or insecurity which inhibits action). The practical effect is that the person himself or herself does not have to do so, and is shielded from awareness of the harm it may do, and the need or pressure to change. Enabling in this sense is a major environmental cause of addiction.[3]

A common example of enabling can be observed in the relationship between the alcoholic/addict and a codependent spouse. The spouse may attempt to shield the addict from the negative consequences of their behavior by calling in sick to work for them, making excuses that prevent others from holding them accountable, and generally cleaning up the mess that occurs in the wake of their impaired judgment.[citation needed] In reality, what the spouse is doing may be hurting, not helping. Enabling can tend to prevent psychological growth in the person being enabled, and can contribute to negative symptoms in the enabler.

I tried to solve the problem like this, I would tell the enabler, “If you are this person’s friend, what you should do is control them, because what is going to happen if you keep escalating the situation is that they might get their ass kicked by me, and then the police are going to come and take them to jail.”


Peaceful Muslims keep on telling us that Islam is a religion of peace.  While the entire civilized world sees the fallout of the global Jihad.  “Peaceful Muslims” are enabling the “Radical Muslims”.  Stop telling me that Islam is a religion of peace.  Stop paying zakat and funding jihad.  Stop sympathizing with ISIS as polls show many of you do.  Stop acting like the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t recruiting people out of Mosques for violent martyrdom in the United States as well as elsewhere.

What you need to do is turn around and exert an influence on your retarded, unevolved, cousin.  I don’t think the “peaceful Muslims” are going to protect us from the “Radical Muslims”  it seems that the Radical muslims have no problem killing the peaceful muslims.  So it begs the question, why are the Peaceful Muslims not changing their tack?  Do they think lying to us about the nature of Islam is going to deceive us?  or prevent them from being executed or radicalized? That is just stupid.  That is lemming talk.


Permanent Victim Status

adam wolfe comedy

I wanted to explain how the psychopathic/female mind works when it makes superficial Aesthetic snap decisions. The female mind thinks of expanding and increasing it’s authority, it does so by usurping the authority of reason.

Now, based on my psychological models there are essentially 3 types of Authority:

Sapiential Authority— Moral Authority— Coercive Authority

These correspond to the brain in it’s 3 stages of development:


Which Correspond to:

Super Ego——Ego——Id

Now I refer to the Psychopathic mind as the Mother/Child mind.  Because psychopaths are over-coddled children, and the mind of the enabling toxic mother and the psychopathic child are comorbid with one another.  Working together to thwart reason, and steal the surplus created by the Father Principle.

The Authority of the mother exists because of the child.  Children start out as irrational emotional little creatures completely dependent on other’s for their survival.  They communicate no analytical data and only emotional data.  They are quite irrational.  But from the perspective of Mercy and Charity the Irrational Delusions of the Over Coddled Child make sense to the Mother Principle who knows that her authority comes from the existence of the child.   Since the Mother’s brain evolved to make sense of the Irrational and delusional mind of the child the emotions and desires of the child have more value or merit to her than they do to the father principle but also she is more akin to the reasoning of the Over Coddled Child than she is to that of the Father Principle or Reason which she perceives as a hostile, foreign, will.

To protect, increase, and expand her authority she must maintain the pole position preventing the relationship between reason and action.   (Coercive Authority represents not only violence/punishment or coercion but also action and survival into the future)


While the Sociopathic Male brain contemplates the outside world and changes himself to make himself suitable for survival in the world.  The Psychopathic Female brain is turned away from reality and towards relationships, conversations about emotions and about people’s desires and feelings.  Because of the way the female/child brain edits their considerations sets they are ignorant of what the father (Reason) knows.  Reason, in it’s judgments, already accounts for as much Mercy and Charity as is warranted, deserved, and affordable.  Therefore the Appeal to Emotions of the Female/Child mind is also redundant and exaggerated, the female mind increases and expands her authority by usurping the Authority of Reason.


This is easier to explain from the Chinese perspective, to explain how the Western Mind with it’s feminine bias categorizes people and therefore determines if they are deserving of Justice or Mercy.  In the Asian system, Yang-ness, Masculinity is unbroken, symbolized as an unbroken line, and Yin-ness is symbolized as a broken line.


This is how the Western Mind determines if you are worthy of Mercy, and Charity or Justice.  Failure and evil get categorized as Yin or female, and thus they are deserving of Mercy and Charity.  The Western Bias is also self loathing being suspicious of it’s own men, while at the same time reliant on them and incapable of understanding or agreeing with them because they refuse to look at what the Sociopathic Male Brains look at.  (In Joxua’s Psychological Models philosophers are “Enlightened Sociopaths”.)

The mother principle not only protects the child principle from reality, understanding, and Justice, she also protects and nurture’s it’s issues and mental diseases at the same time making the child more aggressive and narcissistic in it’s insanity.  There is a tacit prejudice in the way Mercy and Charity are abused in this perversion.  It assumes that a person or group of people are incapable of raising themselves to the same level everybody else is on, the bar for entry level.  They are incapable of being equal to everybody else under a meritocracy of reason and so they need to be admitted any way and given a handicap to compensate for their natural state of constant failure and ineptitude cause by the over coddling of the mother, but her authority is still intact because the over coddled child is still under her authority and dependent on it.


If you study the psychology and the behavior of the permanent victim it is really quite interesting.  Permanent Victims have at the same time an inferiority complex and a superiority complex.   From their perspective they are superior because they are inferior, their over-coddling mother taught them that they win by failing, this isn’t necessarily expressed overtly but through the incentives and the sequences of events this concept is instilled in the child.  People copy whatever behaviors they see succeeding because they are Acquisitively Mimetic, people are not innately Analytical Philosophers who introspect to see if something is just.  People just want what they want and if they always get what they want they have no reason to give pause.

Now, the permanent victim feels that everything that happens to them happens to them because of their issue, whatever that might be.  “This is happening to me because I am a woman, this is happening to me because I am black.”  Whenever they don’t get everything they want they claim to be victimized because of their issue and invoke the Mother principle of Mercy and Charity.  At the same time, it has been instilled in them, that because their issues are protected they can act as the judge, jury, and executioner on their own behalf, championing themselves and defending themselves vociferously in their delusion and error.


When I started my fiction endeavor,( to reintroduce Wisdom into the literature of the world, I created a civilization known as the Zed, because they were the last civilization before the earth collapsed into anarchy.  One of the tenets of that civilization is that if you are found to be lacking, if you are incapable of contributing more of a surplus than you consume or if you commit a major infraction of the rules, if someone speaks out in your favor for mercy or charity on your part, in disagreement with every body else, then they are responsible for your failure and your fate.  Which means they rely on your resources, not those of society, and if they re-offend you get the same punishment that they do.

The most egregious abuse of Mercy and Charity almost always involves taking the surplus of those who have earned it and squandering it on those who have proven they don’t deserve it.  This is an act of theft and a sabotage of society, it punishes success and rewards failure.  And all to often those asking for Mercy and Charity on the part of others risk no personal financial loss or damage to their reputation, or the need to accomplish the outcome which they guaranteed would be the end.  This pattern in society exactly mimics my psychological models.

When nobody in society takes responsibility for their actions and results, you don’t have a society.

The Comparison Set in my Profiles.

Leonardo-da-Vinci-Vitruvian-ManWhen I am constructing a psychological profile on a person, which I do on everybody I am in relationship with, I compare the individual to the rational man, based on every exchange, action, and word.  I am sure that many people will react negatively to this idea, and that is a reflection of the impoverished state of reason and relationship which has become the norm in todays world.

It seems obvious to me that we would want to intimately understand the people that we are in relationship with, but relationships have deteriorated into superficial, personality addictions, we like someone not because of who they are but because of how they make us feel, based on the way they look or someone or something they remind us of.  People are playing characters, they aren’t being honest or authentic.  Nowadays both people in the relationship are acting like they are something they are not.

buddhaIn my psychological models, no action is necessary, so every action is meaningful. You eat because you want to live, etc.  Being that their are two types of behaviors rational and irrational there are also two types of minds, male and female or sociopathic and psychopathic.  Every interaction creates an end that is either sociopathic or psychopathic (based on how I define those terms).  Whereas, a rational person can remain consistently rational, a psychopathic person must act psychopathicly (irrationally) in order to do their will.  They think this makes them smart and unpredictable but just the opposite is true.  It is because they can’t behave rationally that they are predictable, they will try to take some unfair advantage, they will attack, they will not have a reason, and they will not warn that they are about to attack, of this you can be sure.

A reasonable person can only be defined in relationship, in relationship with reality, in relationship with other people, in conversation.  Shared states are participation, agreement, conversation, and understanding.  


Also, it depends on the environment itself, is the environment rational?  is the other person rational or are they being strategic.  To remain rational while the other person is being irrational is irrational because it is unsustainable.

A rational relationship has to be sustainable, it has to succeed, it has to create a surplus of value, not a deficit (which is to say it has to create more value than it consumes).  It has to allow all parties to do their will.  No person in the group can be given more value from the group than is sustainable based on their contribution to the group.  A rational relationship has to increase the value of the members and the members have to increase their ability to create value for the rational relationship.  This presupposes that in this rational relationship, which we eventually see is a philoish, or a philosophical family, people learn, they grow, they teach, they only relate to one another in a positive and educational way, not in a negative strategic way.  You increase the value of those around you.  You help them become rational and get better results in the world.  This is the relationship of all relationships, the original perfect idea of relationship.

Everything said can have value in one of 3 ways, it is true, it is useful, and it makes you feel better.  Of these 3 the least valuable is making you feel better, this is true of female minds including children, and they irrationally esteem this communication of positive emotional data over the other three.  Children are irrational, emotional creatures, so it is necessary to communicate to them positive emotional data that is not always true or useful until they get to an age when they are capable of being non-delusionally in relationship with reality.  This makes more sense to the female mind than it does to the male mind, because as Deborah Tannen says women ventriloquize, interpreting to the husband the emotional data communicated by the child.  Evolution compartmentalized the female mind to be more interested in and sympathetic with babies.  From the female perspective the emotional/irrational reasoning of the child is more valid than it is to the male mind which is more interested on survival.  But the end result of both instincts determines whether the relationship is rational or not.

When I build my psychological models, every deviation from reason communicates to me something about the person I am in relationship with or conversation with.  Does the person identify with reason?  If reason is their highest good, then reason informs their behavior and narrative.  How and when they deviate from rational relationship leaves traces, clues as to who they are, their psyche, their soul, how they are in relationship with the world and the individuals in the world, rationally or delusionally, authentically or strategically, psychopathicly or sociopathicly.


Women Described as Elektrons


I am going to describe the female mind in terms of my Organic Computer Theory and in terms of my experiences and meditations.  Women are like electrons in that they have a negative charge, I am speaking about women in general, not all women specifically, this negative charge comes from their desire to be the center of attention, to be pretty, to be admired.  It also comes from the way in which the female brain is arranged, it want’s things to be done for it by merit of it’s being pretty.  It thinks in terms of it’s desires, and needs and the desires and needs of those she projects her sense of self onto.  Like electrons, women can leap off unpredictably at any time in any direction.  In order for the  Protons in the nucleus to attract an electron they have to have a positive charge or be in an excited state.  They have to have a surplus that is attractive to the electron.  The more surplus they possess the more electrons they will attract.

The peculiar thing about the female mind is that women think they are the center of the Nucleus, they think they are the reason for the season, they think the relationship is about themselves, and they think with the powers of their femininity and powers of attraction they are generating all the value that the relationship is creating.  They edit their consideration set not to think about the world outside of the atom, or how their behavior in that relationship affects the Atoms relationship with the surrounding environment, they only think about getting as much from the relationship as they can, and they are only interested in the relationship in so far as they can get from it and socially climb in the relationship.

It is the way women behave in relationship that is robbing the Western World of Value and destroying not only the family unit but the very fabric of society.  Women view men as disposable, bouncing from relationship to relationship, competing with other women to see how much they can get from a man, and using their relationships with men to establish dominance over other women.  Ask yourself, What kind of men participate with a game that is rigged against them?  And the men that are determined to compete and win on a slanted playing field, how are they generating their surplus?  Not by creating value for society, that is for sure.  Not by doing honest work.  Women, like electrons, don’t take responsibility for the over all success in the end.  They don’t think about creating solutions and relationships that benefit everybody.


One of the things I observed as I was studying the narrative between men and women to see how male and female brains were in relationship with one another was the feminine use of “We” and “you”.  When women were demanding the participation of the man for their benefit they would say, “we need to do this,”  but when the man asked for her participation in something that needed to be done to maximize value for the relationship the response almost always was,”you need to use your own resources to make that happen.”  The female mind presupposes the surplus of someone else to get what she wants.  She enters into relationship not to create value for everyone, just herself, and those who expand and increase her authority.


The ancient Greeks knew much more about human psychology than we do today, that is why they had an age of accountability to mark the end of the authority of the Mother.  In the case of daughters, the daughter would get married and then her husband would be her authority.  In the case of sons the Father would become the authority and in the Gymnasium the father would teach the son the laws governing, combat, finance, and good form in business and law.  The son would become a conscious and responsible citizen of the polis.  The reason that modern, western, society is collapsing is because the Authority of the Mother in the form of Mercy and Charity, never cease.  A person commits a crime and they say “I wasn’t responsible, I didn’t know.”  And this argument is used as a mantle to protect evil as evil people avail themselves of it more aggressively and frequently than do reasonable people.

Unless you can make women aware of what they are doing and how they are doing it, this process will never be arrested.  Women are naturally not inclined to self scrutiny, or self control, or self discipline, those are masculine virtues.  To quote myself Psychopaths have to do things psychopathicly, in order to do their will.  Likewise, Women have to do things femininely in order to do their will.


Women are aggressive in the relationship and submissive towards society, this is not helpful for the relationship.  Women also internalize all of the judgments of society, all of the normative thinking of society, it is society and societal norms that determine how women relate to everything and everyone.  Women don’t just have double standards, they have triple and quadruple standards and more than that even.  Society does women’s thinking for them.  Women want to appear to be harmless, the want to be everybody’s friend.

“A friend to all is a friend to none.”  Aristotle

“No one trusts a woman, not even a woman.”  Aristotle

“Women are apt to seduce men into making irrational political decisions” -Spinoza

“Women regulate their actions not by the demands of universality, but by arbitrary inclinations and opinions”

– Hegel


Frankly, at this point, the only hope to restore the balance is female male rights activists.  A strong voice of discontent has to be raised against Western Women from Western Women, to undo the patterns that are already becoming the norm.  Feminists don’t want equality with Western Men, they want the permanent subjugation of the Western Male.  They want to force female communication rituals so that men can’t talk, think, or act like men.  Men aren’t allowed to scrutinize or criticize or disagree with women.  The economy is being scaled down so that the government keeps women happy, and women get jobs they haven’t earned and aren’t executing well.  The female mind is naturally callous to the opinions and desires of men, so when you create a society in which women don’t rely on men and don’t have to think about men, they don’t, which is to say, men are forgotten about, left behind as it were.  What we are witnessing is the criminalization of masculinity…


Historically speaking, where survival is hard masculine values dominate, when survival is easy female values dominate, the economy is going away, the structures of authority are collapsing, and in order to keep women happy and to shut them up we are compensating by lying to them about what is going on.  There are cultures that protect masculinity, like Muslims, and when the structures of authority finally collapse, those cultures with masculine values in which women follow, and support their men will be successful and the others will not.

The interesting thing about the Muslim culture is this, men can be physically violent with women and the men judge what is proper for women.  This should be a deterrent for women joining, but it is not.  Why?  Because the female mind is more susceptible to trauma based mind control than male brains.  This is not a commonly known fact but women are actually aroused by violence, whether it be against them or others.  Violence awakens in women an awareness of their frailty and a need to rely on something other than themselves.