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Crocodile Tears.

cry baby2

First time I watched this video I thought to myself, “She is leaking happiness, that is a strange emotion to be leaking considering the subject matter especially at this particular moment in the speech.”  I continued to watch her and it was obvious that throughout the rest of the speech she was concealing happiness, there was something else she was leaking but I won’t speak it here, this is far enough fetched for now.  Originally I decided not to finish this photoshop or post it.

I went back and I watched Obama again, his emotions seemed sincere and not contrived.  But they seemed too perfect.  There was no suggestion that he was using anything to initiate the crying.  The emotions appeared spontaneous.  I decided I was right to not post the photoshop.

Obama has summoned tears on demand before on the same subject.  If it appeal to emotion is a logical fallacy, then arguing emotionally is operating on a logical fallacy.  Not long ago Obama was telling us that the Syrian refugees were widows and orphans and that Republicans were afraid of little children.  I knew this at the time but the public quickly caught on.  80% of the “refugees” were in fact fighting aged men.  Many of the refugees were not Syrian at all, a large majority in fact.  It isn’t commonly known but a lot of women and children were thrown overboard by some of the “refugees” that came by boat.  If I were attempting to manipulate the feminine bias of our Western Society I would do so by making them think about babies being hurt, or kicked puppies, or drowning kittens.  The female mind prioritizes such things over the suffering of others.

I went back and started watching other videos, gaging the distance between the living tapestry of people standing behind the president designed to suggest to the viewer that we weren’t just hearing the opinion of a single person dictating to us.  And observing their reactions in response to him which are meant to characterize him to us and communicate to us a consensus about how we should feel and react to what he is saying but again I noticed something peculiar.  This time the absence of the woman that I had seen in the other video.  She only stopped concealing her emotions when she thought she wasn’t on camera because her head was ducked behind the body of the president.  And she only concealed her emotions when her head was raised and turned towards the cameras she knew about.

I know that Obama is a psychopath, I have already caught him in strategic rhetoric and behavior.  I already know that Obama is a tyrant, he has done too many things that trespass the boundaries created by the constitution in order to protect us from tyranny in any form and he has already made too many suspect decisions.  We know that he is a talented actor, he is able to fill in for Stephen Colbert and host his show without missing a beat.  He is able to do stand up comedy and roast the Congress humiliating them in front of the Nation and the World.  But if he is able to manufacture this kind of honest emotional response at will, he is far more consciously evil and psychopathic than I could have predicted and we should be very, very, afraid.

Psychopaths are over coddled children, they are raised in environments where they are encouraged to lie to their parents.  Psychopaths manipulate your emotions.  Every child grows up seeing his parents as God prototypes.  If the child sees the Father Figure as dominant, they will communicate analytical data and establish dominance by demonstrating superior reason.  If on the other hand they see the mother as dominant they will communicate emotional data and make an appeal to Mercy and Charity.  Not only was Obama communicating emotional data, he was communicating likeness with his concern for babies.  Based on Shared State Theory (Law) of Communication this will stimulate em-path-y in men and women that reason emotionally.  They will sym-path-ize with the person speaking.

I take into account not only who he was talking to, but what he was communicating to them with his words and behavior.

Proto-Indo-European & Political Opinion


I am not a huge fan of horror movies, but last night I watched Clive Barker’s Wishmaster. The movie was not entirely without substance, turns out Clive is a bit of a philologist himself.  Like me he has come to the conclusion that Islam existed before it was supposedly created by Mohammed and he traces their origins, as I have to Ahriman, Ahura Mazda’s brother.  Where we disagree is that he interprets Ahura Mazda as the “Cause of the Bad” as well as the cause of the good.

Ahura Mazda created everything good and his brother created everything bad.

I interpret that differently.  In the Ancient World they practiced slavery.  Appreciating intelligence as they did, they had a bar of citizenry that was based on intelligence, being able to understand the complex way in which the state operated and being able to create value for that state.  Slaves were allowed in the hopes that they could eventually be integrated into society.  While there were some instances in which this was the case what happened repeatedly throughout history is that the vast majority of those people didn’t become capable of embracing the philosophy of civilization and raising themselves to the bar of citizenry.

In the book MAIMONIDES by Abraham Joshua Heschel, it explains that neither Carthage nor Rome were capable of converting the Berbers of Northern Africa to their Political Philosophy because they didn’t recognize the Authority of Reason only Coercive Authority, that of Physical Violence which is why Islam succeeded in converting the Barbarians to their religion.  Shortly after that the Berbers started a revolution in Islam killing off the intelligentsia and the artists, Islam has remained the same to this day.

The Berber’s are actually the product of the failed attempt to fuse European Cultures with African Cultures which is why you had Upper and Lower Egypt in spite of the propaganda spouted by the black rappers, which is why the Berbers are light skinned.  It was recently leaked that King Tut had European DNA which is being concealed by Egypt, because white people would cry foul and riot if that fact was exposed (joke).

Muslims claim to be a Judeo-Christian religion and they claim descent from Adam, whom they claim was the first Muslim but they contradict themselves in believing that they are not tainted by original sin because they reject science (knowledge comes from the devil) and western education (are you seeing a pattern here?).  You can’t have it both ways, if you are descended from Adam you are tainted by original sin.

What this means is that we were there, White People that is.  Caucasians are named after the Caucasus mountains in Russia.  The Amazons spoken of by Plato were inspired by the Sarmatian race (Caucasoid) native to Iran.  The Hebrews refer to us as the Edomites, which is associated with the Garden of Eden, and the first stone on the breastplate of Aaron, Odem.

The entire philosophy of civilization (the Western World) comes from the philosophy of the Augur cult who interpreted bird omens.

From the separation of powers in the constitution to the philosophy of science, to the first King of Rome, to the two invasive months in the Western Calender, everything we are came from the Augurs.

The third eye or Ajna Chakra (knowledge) has two wings on it.  According to the philosophy of Yoga there are two serpents in the body, one male and one female, the ida and the pingala.  As they are refined they move up and through the body until the reach the 3rd eye chakra, where they drink the Ambrosia or Amrit, the food of the gods.  The third eye is the Garden of Eden, literally.

10The disciples came to him and asked, “Why do you speak to the people in parables?”

11He replied, “Because the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. 12Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them. 13This is why I speak to them in parables:

“Though seeing, they do not see;

though hearing, they do not hear or understand. Matt 13:

What the ancients understood was that society itself could be divided into those who think like men and those who think like women.  The Left Wing of “O-pinions” had a feminine bias, and the Right Wing had a masculine bias.  The Left side was also predisposed to being manipulated by evil which is why “sinister” means left handed and in Kabbalah the via negativa is known as the left hand path or the path of evil.  In witch craft there are two spins, Left and Right, or Widdershins & deosil (with the sun).  History has proven this, repeatedly, like a fractal.  Plato said that  democracies lead to the worst tyranny.  Obama appears to be attempting to prove this true right now as he tries to make evil equal to good, failure equal to success, and people’s issues equal to reason. He attempts to allow freedom of speech for one group while punishing it for another.  He rationalizes one group responding to words and Ideas with physical violence and he holds people to different standards concealing his narrative and operating on a concealed, unspoken, agenda.

While comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler they attempt to preempt a conversation about what they have been doing.  Turkey’s leader Erdogan models his government after Hitler’s.  Obama created ISIS and protected it, not attacking it’s oil as it used blitzkrieg warfare to snatch up land and resources to use for more war, at the same time Erdogan was buying oil from ISIS.  Syrian Immigrants in Germany are openly recruiting for ISIS on the streets as Angela Merkel’s dubious history comes into light.  Obama was supporting the rise of Neo-Nazi fascists in the Ukraine before Puttin stepped in to end it as his presence was requested there.  The Nazi movement came not out of the conservative right but out of the progressive left.  Nazi Germany was obsessed with cleanliness and health, they had the first list of carcinogens for the Nazi superman to avoid including cigarettes.

It was and is Moslems that worship to this day Adolf Hitler.  The global agenda of the Obama administration is to create an IslamoNazi hybrid ideology that will culminate in the conversion of every religion to Islam in which case religion will be irrelevant and then to create a New World Order under the Leadership of the United Nations, and to force the compliance of all of the now Fascist Dictatorship who in turn will be able to force the compliance of all of their citizens.  This is done under the guise of saving the earth from destruction of Global Warming, and therefore it is a moral act.  They are saving us from ourselves, so they aren’t motivated by self interest and the corporations aren’t attempting to solidify their authority permanently, it is an act of sacrifice on their part.  (eye roll).

The two wings of Opinion suggest that their is a choice to be made and a right to disagree.  This is harmful for the Global Fascist Agenda.  In Islam there is no right to disagree, there is no conversation, there is no vote.  There is no art because any depiction of an animal or a man is an act of Idolatry.  There is only one god, he doesn’t have a feminine counterpart (like the shekinah or holy spirit) and there is only one prophet and one message.  Do you really want to live in a world ruled by the United Nations where Saudi Arabia leads the Human Rights commission and Sharia Law (which claims to be above all other constitutions and man made laws) is granted recognition?  Think about it.


Trump is not helping ISIS.


There are a few moments in time that stand out in the life of an individual.  I am not particularly a religious person I consider myself more of a spiritual person.  Like the Founding Fathers my God is the God of Reason and I believe that God was the model for the Judeo-Christian God.  A few years back (I am 39 now) it became obvious to me that I had a calling.  Everything that I knew, everything that I had learned, taught not is the colleges but out of an aggressive curiosity to learn and understand, had prepared me for this moment and God had been with me all of the time guiding my interest and focusing my attention.  At that point my entire life and my purpose began to make sense, that epiphany, that baptism of spirit gave me the strength to endure, with a sense of humor the baptism of fire that Donald Trump and myself are going through.

What I learned, and what I am going to explain to you is the psychology of liberal insanity and the strategic communication that they use to manipulate society and confuse the individual.  We are going to deconstruct their misconstruction and divine what stimulated their need recognition and what is motivating them to what end.  Never has a presidential administration been this deceptive and non transparent, never has an administration (in my lifetime) over reached their authority in maligning a candidate for president especially when he was supported by popular opinion.

Liberals are mounting a smear campaign against Trump using the argumentum ad Hitlerum which is a tacit form of demonization.  If I am calling you the devil then I don’t have to listen to anything you say because everything you do is evil and you are the worst form of the bad.


The Liberals are actually suggesting that Trump is contributing to recruitment by ISIS.  What they are doing is suggesting tacitly that he is responsible for ISIS.  Did Trump travel back in time?  This is a teleological argument and an emotional appeal that only works on the useful idiots that have been indoctrinated into the authority of the left that don’t have the ability to think analytically themselves and that make a tacit argument from authority about the sources of their received knowledge.

Let’s take the way back machine to the Ukraine, our government was propping up a Neo-Nazi leader there which was why Putin stepped in (remember that Russia helped us fight Hitler) because his presence was desired by people observing the rise of Fascism.  This administration was investing in that Fascist revolution.  The same Obama Regime that created ISIS by arming the resistance in Syria, that concealed from us and the world that ISIS has a $1,000,000 a day black market business, and that didn’t target their wealth because “global warming is the biggest threat to mankind” while they were using blitzkrieg warfare, snatching up land and resources so they could actuate their plot for global domination (don’t believe me? Look up the design of the ISIS coin.)

The Liberally Insane Psychopaths use strategies that come from the consciousness of the Toxic Mother Figure.  This False Mother Figure creates Psychopaths.  Her purpose is to usurp the Authority of the Father (Reason) by spoiling the child (Id) and expanding her personal authority (In the form of Mercy and Charity for the Evil/Undeserving).  As such they use certain communication strategies: Act like you are not doing what you are doing, blame the other party preemptively for doing what you are actually doing (insane making behavior I refer to as the opposite lander strategy), always appear to be the second cause of the good (righteously indignant victim or champion of the victim, Toxic Mother defending spoiled child) not the first cause of the bad (secretly create the problem and then step in to fix the problem & don’t really fix it just allocate resources to expand your authority).

There is yet another strategy I have seen the Obama Regime use that comes from the Toxic Mother Figure, I refer to it as “Jingling the Keys”.  With this strategy the TMF attracts the attention of the OCC (over-coddled child/psychopath) by making noise or by controlling the attention of the child (Liberals do this by controlling the media, music industry, and film industry) and then communicating emotional data to the child in order to get the child to come up with what they think is their own idea.  They can’t communicate what they want through analytical data because then in being explicit they are complicit in the actions of the OCC.  What they will do is pardon them after the fact for doing what they wanted them to do in the first place.  Because psychopaths are manipulative and narcissistic they perceive themselves as responsible for everything, like god they think they are in control of everything and everything happens because of themselves.  They are so important that their has to be a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to take them down, it can’t be that they just suck and they fail.  A large group of people have to be working together to thwart their awesomeness, otherwise that means that they are just delusional and can’t get any results and I am sure we can all agree that isn’t possible.  What this also means is that in the mind of the psychopathic, manipulative authority their is a tacit bifurcation between being the active cause or the passive cause. What that means is that depending on who the TMF is talking to she can take responsibility for or reject blame for anything done for them by someone else and what you will find is that is what they do.

What does this argument tell us of how Liberals perceive Muslims.

“All narrative is doxography, everything said characterizes the speaker.” Joxua Luxor

The Lib-Tards say that Trump is helping ISIS.  When Trump says Islam is the problem and calls for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, he is throwing responsibility back to Islam to cure it’s own disease.  He is saying, you claim to be a religion of peace, physician, cure thyself.  The Libtards ignore the fact that we have tried to be part of the solution, we have been silent for 7 years, we encouraged the Arab Spring and we supported them with our weapons and money, we were not suspicious of them, we invited them into our country, we allowed them into our government, military, and CIA even.  Instead of protecting us and thanking us they used the opportunity to sneak up behind us and position themselves to opportunistically stab us in the back when the opportunity presented itself.

The Libtard perspective is tacitly narcissistic, presupposing that we, Americans, are responsible for everything that Muslims do.  Delusionally the argument suggests that if we are pleasant, put down our arms, and accept them into our midst they will do the same with us but that hasn’t proven to be the case, that has proven to be the opposite of reality.  The United States under the “leadership” of King Hussein did nothing while the Islamic State expanded it’s caliphate and murdered Christians, raped women, and took them as sex slaves.  The Libtard perspective argues from ignorance being hyper vigilant against those closest to itself who would, like a father figure, defend them.  Familiarity breeds contempt and the Libtards assume that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  They know NOTHING about Islam, the Quran, or what it teaches.   If I had one super power I wish I had the ability to zap all of these idiots that are arguing in defense of Islam into the heart of Saudi Arabia or Iran.  I wonder how long would they last?  How long would it be until they were thrown in prison, stoned to death, or beheaded as Infidels and Sharmouta.  It is the soft bigotry of low expectations as Bill Maher said.

Yet another undetected assumption of the Libtards is that because of what Trump has said and wants to do, people will join ISIS en masse.  That is so stupid.  Not only can we not discuss the psychology of the people who are sneaking up on us and want to kill us if we do tell people what they are thinking, and plotting, if we defend ourselves from it that will merely speed an increase the fury of the attack.  This presupposes that Libtards know that Muslims are not peaceful and Islam is not a religion of peace at it’s core.  That our defeat and assassination is inevitable and they have consigned themselves to bide their time, run out the clock, and opt for a slow peaceful defeat over any effort to confront the problem.  Not only that, because they are feckless cowards they courageously insist that those who would rather mount a resistance and solve the problem submit and kiss their asses goodbye.  These prophets of doom have had the revelation of our destruction and have resigned themselves to that future.  That is utter horse crap.

The so-called peaceful Muslims who have had NO success reforming Islam will magically become “Radical Muslims” and attempt to kill us if we point out what the Quran teaches, what Islam preaches, what Mohammed did, and what Muslims are doing.  They who never shut up in their criticism of us yet they want to move to our country and avail themselves of our Liberties and welfare while being arrogantly contemptuous and judgmental of us, are not allowed to be criticized by us.  We have to be in the relationship with them for their benefit to our detriment and in fear of their judgment.  Because of their privilege of Permanent Victim Status they get to live in Glass Houses and practice their Religion of Throwing Rocks.



The Comparison Set in my Profiles.

Leonardo-da-Vinci-Vitruvian-ManWhen I am constructing a psychological profile on a person, which I do on everybody I am in relationship with, I compare the individual to the rational man, based on every exchange, action, and word.  I am sure that many people will react negatively to this idea, and that is a reflection of the impoverished state of reason and relationship which has become the norm in todays world.

It seems obvious to me that we would want to intimately understand the people that we are in relationship with, but relationships have deteriorated into superficial, personality addictions, we like someone not because of who they are but because of how they make us feel, based on the way they look or someone or something they remind us of.  People are playing characters, they aren’t being honest or authentic.  Nowadays both people in the relationship are acting like they are something they are not.

buddhaIn my psychological models, no action is necessary, so every action is meaningful. You eat because you want to live, etc.  Being that their are two types of behaviors rational and irrational there are also two types of minds, male and female or sociopathic and psychopathic.  Every interaction creates an end that is either sociopathic or psychopathic (based on how I define those terms).  Whereas, a rational person can remain consistently rational, a psychopathic person must act psychopathicly (irrationally) in order to do their will.  They think this makes them smart and unpredictable but just the opposite is true.  It is because they can’t behave rationally that they are predictable, they will try to take some unfair advantage, they will attack, they will not have a reason, and they will not warn that they are about to attack, of this you can be sure.

A reasonable person can only be defined in relationship, in relationship with reality, in relationship with other people, in conversation.  Shared states are participation, agreement, conversation, and understanding.  


Also, it depends on the environment itself, is the environment rational?  is the other person rational or are they being strategic.  To remain rational while the other person is being irrational is irrational because it is unsustainable.

A rational relationship has to be sustainable, it has to succeed, it has to create a surplus of value, not a deficit (which is to say it has to create more value than it consumes).  It has to allow all parties to do their will.  No person in the group can be given more value from the group than is sustainable based on their contribution to the group.  A rational relationship has to increase the value of the members and the members have to increase their ability to create value for the rational relationship.  This presupposes that in this rational relationship, which we eventually see is a philoish, or a philosophical family, people learn, they grow, they teach, they only relate to one another in a positive and educational way, not in a negative strategic way.  You increase the value of those around you.  You help them become rational and get better results in the world.  This is the relationship of all relationships, the original perfect idea of relationship.

Everything said can have value in one of 3 ways, it is true, it is useful, and it makes you feel better.  Of these 3 the least valuable is making you feel better, this is true of female minds including children, and they irrationally esteem this communication of positive emotional data over the other three.  Children are irrational, emotional creatures, so it is necessary to communicate to them positive emotional data that is not always true or useful until they get to an age when they are capable of being non-delusionally in relationship with reality.  This makes more sense to the female mind than it does to the male mind, because as Deborah Tannen says women ventriloquize, interpreting to the husband the emotional data communicated by the child.  Evolution compartmentalized the female mind to be more interested in and sympathetic with babies.  From the female perspective the emotional/irrational reasoning of the child is more valid than it is to the male mind which is more interested on survival.  But the end result of both instincts determines whether the relationship is rational or not.

When I build my psychological models, every deviation from reason communicates to me something about the person I am in relationship with or conversation with.  Does the person identify with reason?  If reason is their highest good, then reason informs their behavior and narrative.  How and when they deviate from rational relationship leaves traces, clues as to who they are, their psyche, their soul, how they are in relationship with the world and the individuals in the world, rationally or delusionally, authentically or strategically, psychopathicly or sociopathicly.