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The CNN Audience was “Loaded”.


Subtle Propaganda & Manipulation

The first thing I noticed as I was listening to the debate was the bias of the cacophony of noise coming from the audience.  The audience was applauding strategically.  What this means is that when a person speaks the audience would applaud with exaggerated, artificial, enthusiasm.  This communicates emotional data both positive and negative to the viewer about the candidates in an effort to influence their opinion.  If the audience had been allowed in at random there would have been many people applauding for Trump but the audience only communicated exaggerated negative emotional data in response to Trump at one time booing him for no particular reason without even listening to what he had said.  At other times there were exaggeratedly positive, prolonged  reactions to Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio.  It was immediately obvious to me that CNN had loaded the audience to influence viewer opinion.  This is a psychopathic strategy I refer to as “jingling the keys”.

I am going to deconstruct for you what I heard tonight in the debate, I am going to point out the cognitive biases and covert judgments of the Liberal Feminist perspective.  I will prove Politically Correct speaking is not only a threat to this nation PC thought is a danger to our survival because of the way the PC mind tacitly judges and presupposes without being aware of it’s processes and ignoring its results.  I will start this blog with an example.  Geraldo Rivera manufactured mock concern for his daughter’s safety when he zipped over to France to faun over his daughter after the ISIS attack.  This was an emotional appeal to his feminine audience and his way of communicating to his demographic that he is a “Good man”.  After returning to the United States and after the attack in San Bernardino Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, to which Geraldo Rivera responded that he was appealing to the fear of Americans and continued characterizing citizens as Fearful.  Was he a coward when he ran to Paris out of concern for his privileged daughter?  After all a person is more likely to be struck by lightning than to be the victim of a terrorist attack.  Is Saudi Arabia, Iran, & the UAE afraid because of not taking a single Syrian immigrant?  This is why Liberalism is a Mental Disease.  This is the fickle, arbitrary, self-referentially inconsistent nature of the Feminine/Liberal Psychosis, they presuppose the surplus created by the Male Minds (the people protecting us from harm)  while ignoring the warnings coming from those people and presupposing that they will be successful as they make it increasingly harder for them to do their job.  Liberal processes are not only stupid they are self defeating and dangerous.

Wolfe Blitzer incorrectly categorized Trump’s strategy to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country as isolationist.  That term comes from World War II when some people thought that we shouldn’t get involved in the conflict over seas.  That isn’t Trump’s argument or position at all.  He is saying that we shouldn’t allow our country to be invaded by terrorists that have told us exactly how they are going to come into our country, what they are going to do, and have already succeeded in doing so.  Jebediah “Low Energy” Bush opportunistically attacked Trump by arguing, somewhat stupidly, “How are Muslims going to fight ISIS when they are banned from entering the United States?”  Hello???  Why would they need to fight ISIS on American soil unless we let them into the country?  What is the correlation between Muslims being allowed into our country and then being able to fight ISIS in the Middle East?  Frankly, I despise Bush and I don’t want another one in office especially when his strings are being pulled by the arrogant, beady-eyed little Mole Karl Rove.

Killing their Families

I have said before that I don’t think Trump is a great speaker but he is a great thinker.  Muslims have used their wives and children as shields and soldiers for years, the Geneva convention didn’t conceive of that possibility because up to that point in time there had been no world war against Islam and Civilization.  When Trump says that we have to go after their families what he is saying is that family members who have guilty knowledge of the crimes their family members are plotting are complicit in the act of terrorism.  They don’t deserve to be protected from blame after the fact like what CAIR is currently doing for the Muzzrat family in San Bernardino.  And we shouldn’t not go after terrorists who are willing not only to jeopardize but sacrifice the lives of their wives and children and then act like hapless victims after the fact.  Muslim think tanks are intentionally manipulating the Liberal Fem-tard bias of Arrogant and Ignorant Elitists in this country to the detriment of America and the Civilized World.  Liberal insanity is more concerned about the rights of terrorists who despise us and whose children will grow up to kill us than they are concerned about increasing the quality of life of people in this country legally.  Loving those that hate you, and hating those that love is a form of hating yourself, yet another reason why Liberalism is an unsustainable psychosis.

Carly Fiorina patted herself on the vagina while she slapped everybody else in the face with her appeal to the Misandrist FemiNazis: “If you want something talked about ask a man to do it, if you want something done ask a woman to do it.”  Hey, Carly, can you make me a sammich?  She snarkily goes on with her pointy facial feature and stabby eyeballs to talk about ACCOUNTABILITY!!!  I’m curious, Carly, didn’t you have Non-Accountability woven into your Golden Parachute when you left Hewlett-Packard?  Were you “Accountable” to the thousands of employees that you gave the axe to?  or were you accountable to the share holders and the people who wanted to make a profit but didn’t have any real ideas but sacrificing the people on your own side?

Later in the debate after constantly interrupting conversations with a mosquito like nagging she snipes at Trump, “That is what Obama said.” drawing a false equivocation between Trump and Obama and conflating what Obama said with what Obama did.  Obama is a pathological liar (as is Carly Fiorina) whom the majority of Americans agree has failed to do what he has said he would do.   I am going to go on the record and say, Fiorina is one of the Worst possible options for president, forget the opinion that she might be more likely to win against Hillary, what kind of victory would that be?  Do you seriously think she wouldn’t do what she has always done?  She will make secret deals that put money in her pockets and she will sacrifice the American people.  She is worse than a politician, she is a business person that doesn’t have any ideas that create value, she is a shark, she is a pirate on the side of the people she is supposed to be representing.  Liberals and feminists are so stupid they will tolerate evil and failure from a woman or a minority but they won’t stand by idly by while a Man who happens to have been born Caucasian succeeds and does Righteous Deeds.

Is the world safer with dictators?

Tacit presuppositions, something can be done about it, something should be done about it, WE are responsible for it.  From the Liberal perspective anything a liberal does is correct because a Liberal is doing it and anything a Conservative does is wrong.  Look at how they mercilessly mocked George W. Bush when he was in office, and observe how they react in horror when anybody criticizes Barack Hussein Obama.  Observe how Hillary and Obama scramble to conceal from the American eye, failure after failure based on stupidity and negligence, stacking lie upon lie, refusing to take responsibility, admit failure, or admit that they were wrong.

Now let’s examine the cognitive biases for assigning blame and praise.  We conservative Americans are responsible for dictatorial regimes when:

  1. They arise, spontaneously of their own accord and we do nothing to stop them.
  2. We try to overthrow a dictator and fail.
  3. We try to overthrow a dictator and succeed.
  4. We free a people, institute a democratic vote and they elect a dictator.

As you can see there is no way to succeed from the perspective of the Insane Bleeding Heart Liberal who has no answers, isn’t willing to be part of the solution, takes no responsibility for the outcome, wants to use everybody else’s resources to solve the problem, and presupposes their authority to judge everybody else.

Dictatorships exist because of the Moral Inferiority and Cowardice of the people who allow them to rule and don’t oppose their power.  If those people aren’t willing to suffer to thwart evil they have no right to benefit from the fruits of Good.  There is a tacit narcissism involved in believing that America is at the same time responsible for everything bad in the world and that we must fix all of the evils in the world especially when we neglect increasing the quality of life for our own people to that end.  We don’t have an easy choice between Good and Evil we have a choice between the Greater of two Goods or the Lesser of Two Evils and that choice should be made in such a way as it maximizes benefit to ourselves and our friends while minimizing the benefit to those who regardless of what they say they are doing are in all actuality our enemies.  And because the Liberals have Lost the Peace we have no choice but to Win the War.   The ugly truth that we have to acknowledge is that Islam will never change unless they alter their own scripture, and they must choose to do that.  What we can do is make sure that Shar’iah law is never going to be legal in this country and anybody that comes over here must know that it is against everything we stand for.  We must constantly be suspicious of Islam and Militantly Vigilant against the rise of Evil Fundamentalist Muslim Ideology and we have to root out those weeds that have already found their way into our Proud Nation.

No More Nation Building

Trump made an excellent point about the 4 trillion dollars we spent rebuilding Iraq.  Why the hell are we responsible for rebuilding Nations when they aren’t responsible for letting those Nations become evil war machines?  These countries need to know, if you threaten the safety of freedom in the world you will be decimated and you will accrue no benefit to yourselves.  If you invest in Evil then Evil will be your reward and you have no one to thank but yourself.

Secondly, Just War Theory (Jus ad bellum) is based on returning the playing field to a state of equality or normality.  This seals a permanent status quo between good and evil, they must always exist on the earth in equal proportion.  Evil will always strike first, ignore the rules, and seek the complete destruction of Good.  Participation can only be forced because of the existence of a certain amount of Good in the world that can force compliance and Evil will always be trying, in peace and in war, to upset that balance.  Evil is only self interested and offers no quarter to Good.  We are expected to fight with one hand behind our back and act as though our foe is not Evil Incarnate, when everything they do confirms that they are.

Therefore I suggest an amendment to Jus ad Bellum which only really works for Civilized Opponents anyway.  Because the modern world is based on money any financial loss caused by aggression or non-compliance with the authority of reason must be compensated.  Likewise, if a group of people refuses to back down they must lose property (land) and resources.  We should take the oil so that we can provide for our veterans who are being neglected.  Not only did we not take the oil we allowed it to fall into the hands of ISIS so that it could be used to cause more pain and suffering on planet earth.  While letting them use our resources and laws against us, we refuse to use their resources against them.  Similarly, Israel should expand it’s borders every time it is attacked.  This is the only way that a status quo, if that is what must be, can be maintained between good and evil.

Jebediah’s Weak Close

“I know what I don’t know.” Jebediah.  Let me explain to you the irony of that statement.  He is making an homage to the term used by Donald Rumsfeld, “Unknown, Unknown”  which is shortened to “Unk-Unk”.  This term was created by a think tank that included Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Malcolm Gladwell.  The Neologism was used to explain an intelligence failure, an unknown unknown is something that you don’t know that you don’t know.  It comes from Taleb’s philosophy on epistemic arrogance which is over valuating the things that you know and undervaluing the things that you don’t know which operates on the cognitive bias that everything you have experienced has prepared you for everything that you will experience.  It also suggests that history has prepared us for everything we will experience in the future which presupposes that nothing will happen to us in the future that we can’t know about through history.  The reason why Jebediah sounds so stupid is because while being epistemicly arrogant he is suggesting he is epistemic humility which he is suggesting Trump doesn’t possess!!!  It is literally impossible to know what you don’t know, Jebediah is suggesting that he doesn’t think he knows everything and that he will listen to his military advisers (which is what George W. Bush did) which means that he knows it because they know it.  WHICH WOULD BE GREAT IF BETWEEN THEM THEY KNEW EVERYTHING, WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! I can’t tell you how incensed this makes me that he would intentionally misuse a term to sound like he was winning an argument like this, I smell Karl Rove’s fat little creepy fingers all over this turd scented strategy.

It was obvious to me, if you watch Jebediah’s face during his final statements, he didn’t even believe himself.  He didn’t say, “If you elect me president, I will do this…”  He distanced himself from lying and responsibility by saying “My record suggests.”  and then he stops and reiterates himself using another modifier that refuses again to commit.  In stead of promising to do something he says look at my record what is it telling you?  Putting responsibility on you to extrapolate what he will do in the future from what he has done in the past for the purpose of getting into this position of Power.

Finally, Charles Krauthammer, you little douchebag.  Using semantic arguments on my boy Donald Trump.  You must have been a pretty crappy psychiatrist, which explains why you are such failed media pundit.  You claim you only know what he says, you argue the he says “take them out” and “shutting down the internet” when asked to offer your opinion on what he means and not wanting to say anything positive about him you expose your EMOTIONAL BIAS by saying you only know what he says.  When have politicians’ actions ever been guided by what they said?  What did it mean when George Bush said, “Read my lips, no new taxes.”?  or when potus promised that Obamacare wasn’t a tax?  There are a myriad potential meanings, Trump could shut off the access of certain countries to the internet, he could shut down certain accounts, he could shut down the deep web, he could shut down certain web sites, it is stupid to think that he would shut down the entire internet…








Muslim Debate Strategies.


I’m going to be adding to this for the next couple of days, in order to show the psyche of the Muslim & how they behave in relationship and in conversation.  Because I am constantly trolled by Muslims on Twitter and G+ when I am reminded of one of their strategies I will add it to this and extend this blog.


Psychopaths are pathological liars.  Not only does the Quran state that Islam is based on a lie in another scripture it claims that the Muslim God is the best liar.  (Qur’an 3:54, Qur’an 7:99) Taqiyya & Kitman are but a few dispensations that Muslims have for promoting, defending, and concealing the truth about Islam and its intentions through lying.  ( Taqiyya & Hudna are combined in a false Muslim Cease fire in which they make an agreement to stop fighting in order to rest for a surprise attack later.


They engage you in these mind-numbing circular arguments, if you don’t agree with them then you have failed to grasp what is essentially Islam.  They will keep on redirecting your attention to scriptures in the Quran like a mother trying to change the way you feel about the thing that they keep on directing your attention to.  For me this is one of the most annoying strategies because it is a complete waste of time and it is meant to wear you out.  In logic this is called “argumentum ad nauseam”, unfortunately it can work on weaker minds, especially feminine ones.  They confuse the pleasantness of the person repeating themselves with the actual content of the Quran and the spirit of Islam.  Muslims might know how to manipulate the Feminine Bias of the Western mind better than any other people.  Remember that under a Meritocracy of pleasantness you can be an incorrect douchebag pleasantly but you are wrong for speaking the truth if it is unpleasant.


Because of the fact that the Quran and Mohammed contradict themselves completely at different times, as though Mad Moe was bi-polar, Muslims can lie and say the Quran teaches this or that.  Yes, but it also teaches the exact opposite, so as a philosophy it is invalid because it is self-contradictory.  If you read it carefully it says that real Muslims fight, the ones that stay at home are not as good.Quran (4:95)  Fighting was prescribed by Allah for Muslims. Quran (2:216) The philosophy of Islam is  Jihad centric and the entire religion is organized as an invasive war cult that spreads it’s ideology through lies, manipulation, back door deals, strategic positioning, and then inevitably, physical violence. Quran (3:56)  If you examine the names of Muslim terrorist groups it is a direct reflection of the actual philosophy of the “Religion” Boko Haram (Western Knowledge Forbidden) Taliban (The Students)  Jamaat ul Fuqra (Community of the Impoverished).  Zakat, Muslim tax, one of the 5 pillars of Islam is used to fund terrorism.  The meaning of Jamaat ul Fuqra demonstrates the connection between Zakat and the merciful feeding of the poor in Islam.  Muslims also solicit disillusioned and depressed youth in prisons and out of mosques for suicide missions.


Islam claims to be a Judeo-Christian Abrahamic religion after saying that the Jews and the Christians lied, but Allah is the best liar.  They think the Jews and Christians lied because Moses and Jesus were foretold but Mad Moe was not so they stupidly think the bible was altered.  They twist the rolls of Cain and Abel making Cain the good guy the victim of mind control of his brother who forced him to kill himself with the powers of his brain.


They reverse the rolls of Ishmael and Isaac, making Ishmael the good guy who received the blessing of god.  Adam was a Muslim, Jesus was a Muslim, everybody important was a Muslim, even though Noah obviously brought pigs on the ark which is haram, and Jesus turned water into wine, haram.  Oh, and one more thing, all babies are born Muslim, which means that they from their perspective are more the parents of your children than you are….  (let that sink in)


Even if you did learn Arabic they would say you have failed to comprehend it.  The Arabic Language presupposes a caste system, including slaves, that allows different interpretations depending on who is being spoken to.  The Word “Haram”, for example, means Forbidden but it also is the place where the Women, Wives, Concubines, & Sex Slaves sleep.  It is also where Male “Family Members” are allowed to enter for Recreation and other reasons.  “Boko Haram” literally means, Western Knowledge is Forbidden, which is why they kidnap, rape, and murder little black girls that have been given Western Education.


Psychopathy is also synonymous with aggressive narcissism.  In order to understand Muslim debate strategy you have to understand where their feelings of Superiority come from.  First of all, Adam was the first man and he was Muslim. From their perspective wherever they stand they are their own caliphate and they are above the law of the land.  As a linguistic philosopher I am a soft linguistic determinist.  If you deconstruct the psyche of the Arabic language what you find is that it presupposes and Arrogant, Aristocratic superiority.  The language itself puts on airs of royalty.  It is the language of liars.  Each word is given so many different interpretations because of who is being spoken too that it is impossible to nail it down into a single specific meaning or intent.  Whereas English has become the Lingua-Franca of Science, Arabic is the Lingua-Franca of arrogant, narcissistic, liars who think themselves kings.  Indeed what you will find in the Muslim world is that Muslims never pick up their own filth because they consider themselves royalty.  In Saudi Arabia the import Abeed (black slaves, yeah, it’s like that one word we can’t say) to pick up their garbage for them.


Muslims are the largest & fastest growing population of people on earth.  They are also one of the most illiterate.  They translate fewer books into Arabic than any other culture on the planet including Greece which translates 2 or 3 times more books into Greek.  This is part of their strategy for keeping a large society controlled.  There is a direct correlation between stupidity and violence.  Muslims only have one book the Quran (as well as the Hadith and the Sacred Hadith).  They have a priest class that can read and tells the illiterate masses what to think, say, and do.  You have to realize that this is essentially the opposite of evolution, resurrecting the priest class which hasn’t existed seen since Ancient Egypt.


There might be nothing more annoying than being condescended to by a stupid person that is obviously lying to you .  Because of the nature of the Arabic language, Arabic epigenetics, and the psychology of the Muslim religion, Muslims presuppose their superiority and their own correctness.  That means like a toxic overbearing parent that doesn’t respect your boundaries they believe they have the right to lie to you, manipulate you, help themselves to anything you have, & refuse to acknowledge when you have proven them wrong. remember please that Muslims are some of the worst parents on the planet.  They have the highest occurrence of child molestation for which their are provisions in the Quran and they have the highest incidents of honor killings.  So you are the abused child in relationship with psychopathic, overbearing, schizophrenic parent, when you are in relationship or conversation with a Muslim. Persia has always been synonymous with Tyranny which has always been against democracy, freedom, and Civilization.


Yet another one of their cloying, insipid strategies the “Moderate Muslims” repeatedly tell you that Islam is a religion of peace.  Why are they wasting their breath telling me?  Wouldn’t their time be better spent ministering to the Jihadis?  They aren’t exactly hiding on social media.  Don’t tell me that child rape, torture, and beheading are against Islam, tell the Muslims that are doing it.  The moderate Muslims can’t even defend themselves from the radical Muslims, why, the hell, should I listen to them???  Their arguments are contradicted and negated by the violent Muslims as well as the Muslim scriptures so they are therefore irrelevant and their testimony is invalid and a waste of time.  The only way the behavior makes any sense is if you assume they are trying to get you to lower your guard so that when you are attacked  you aren’t prepared to defend yourself.  Seriously, do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time talking to these people or anybody that associates with them.


Act like a victim while you are victimizing.  Take a gander at this little piece of bat shit insanity.  Muslims act like a persecuted minority everywhere in the world where they are not the majority.  Everywhere they are the majority the persecute EVERY MINORITY!  Muslims are not responsible for the evil they do.  Everybody else is responsible for the evil they do.  They are not responsible for being sane or tolerant of criticism of their prophet or their religion.  They are incapable of scrutinizing or controlling themselves.  Moham-head was justified in killing the Jews because they attacked him by existing and being evil & the Jewish woman that poisoned him is evidence to that fact.  She didn’t poison him because she felt victimized by his serial murder of Jews, she attacked him because Jews are evil.

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, the mother of the suspected Boston bombers, brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnayev, gestures as she attends a news conference in Makhachkala on April 25, 2013. The mother of the two brothers suspected of carrying out the Boston bombings on Thursday launched an impassioned attack on the US authorities over the death of one of her sons, as her husband planned to return to the United States find out what happened. The parents of the two suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, spoke to reporters at a news conference in the Russian region of Dagestan where they were living when the Boston marathon bombings took place. AFP PHOTO / NEWS TEAM / SERGEI RASULOVSERGEI RASULOV/AFP/Getty Images
Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, the mother of the suspected Boston bombers, brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnayev, gestures as she attends a news conference in Makhachkala on April 25, 2013. The mother of the two brothers suspected of carrying out the Boston bombings on Thursday launched an impassioned attack on the US authorities over the death of one of her sons, as her husband planned to return to the United States find out what happened. The parents of the two suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, spoke to reporters at a news conference in the Russian region of Dagestan where they were living when the Boston marathon bombings took place. AFP PHOTO / NEWS TEAM / SERGEI RASULOVSERGEI RASULOV/AFP/Getty Images