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You think I’m kidding…


I wish I was joking.

Heil, Hillary, Socialist Communist!


What is Hillary?  Based on what she has been doing she is a combination of a Socialist and a Communist.  Her basic conception is that if you are an enemy of the Middle Class you are a friend of hers.  She doesn’t care if the Government is owned by the Corporations so she doesn’t mind that Russia has influence over our nuclear capabilities. She doesn’t care if China has owns our computer technology or all of our pork production.  She doesn’t care who wins as long as she is included and the Middle Class loses.  The jobs that have been created by the negotiations and “Charity” of the Clinton Foundation which is really just an excuse to fund their expensive lifestyle, are arguably only slightly better, if any improvement at all, than living in abject poverty.

Hillary wants to increase the minimum wage.  How generous of her when the value of the dollar is plummeting and nobody has any jobs.  How thoughtful when all of those jobs will go to the illegal immigrants that they are flooding the country with and attempting to make them dependent on handouts from the Government.

That’s wonderful that you are a liberal progressive and you are very generous with giving away other peoples stuff, but there comes a time when you have to think about your own self preservation and this is that time.  I wish your douchey, liberal, sentiments were only dangerous to you, but they aren’t.  You have lived your life in order to make people better than yourself miserable.  You don’t have a positive existence because you don’t live for anything  Everything about you as a liberal progressive is being a thorn in the side of the people that protect you, fight for you and your freedom, and create the surplus of value that you steal from them and give to people that hate them.  Well, look around you, this is the Utopia, the Heaven that you have created.  Let’s be honest, it’s a Hell that you carved out of Heaven because of your Greed,  Hatred, and Stupidity.  It exists and has gotten worse because you were too arrogant to admit that you are wrong.  Like a crazy person you refused to recuse yourself and take your hands off the wheel as we race towards the precipice of the cliff.  I hope there is such a thing as incarnation because I fear that you won’t learn your lesson until everybody is dead.  Everybody else is going to have to experience your karma for you.  You bury your head in the sand as evil creeps closer thinking that some magical force, maybe the power of your optimism, is going to alter reality.  Like a crazy person you perseverate, doing the same thing over and over, saying the same thing over and over and expecting a better result.  You are delusional.  I hate you.

Open Letter to Lou Dobbs.


Correlation is not Causation

The first thing that has to be remembered is that Correlation is not Causation.  The frame that the Obama Regime is forcing is that global warming is CAUSING terrorism.  You can ask your friends over at Fox News about me, I have had Obama profiled for a while now so I am going to assume that you know that.  Obama has a finger in every pie, he got leverage on Al Sharpton through the IRS just like they got Al Capone and Willy Nelson.  Obama never stopped being a community organizer and he is secretly training the next batch of organizers who are currently active on the college campuses and in the streets and protests.  Chicago is peaceful because Rahm Emmanuel did Obama a favor by accepting his current position.  Make no mistake, Obama has more influence on what is happening in this country than anybody could possibly conceive.  He has a strangle hold on the Music industry and is leveraging himself on the News Media and the Acting Guilds.

Obama is privy to the best most up to date science and it is only because I have an intimate understanding of all of the subject matter that Obama considers himself a master of that I know what he is doing and why he is doing it.  He considers himself a modern day Solomon but nothing could be further from the truth.  In all actuality he is more like King Akhenaten and either he will damn himself or this nation to destruction but he is hell bent on accomplishing his purpose.  Obama will not stop pushing the issue until he is confronted by someone who has the ability and the will to resist him to the end.


Tyrannical Relationships are Up/Down Relationships

Obama is really not that hard to figure out, what he thinks is just so sinister and cynical that to actually speak it labels you as a racist and precludes you from the conversation. At the same time anybody who listens to you is also black balled.  Since the beginning of civilization there have been two human instincts at war with one another, democracy & tyranny.  Where survival is difficult people are more likely to adopt masculine values, coercive authority, the authority of physical violence.  Where survival is easy people are more likely to adopt feminine values, the authority of reason, but God forbid that survival is too easy for too long because people assume that what is normal is also good and correct.  The also take it for granted.  This turns into a toxic form of Mercy & Charity for the undeserving.

When I am doing a profile on a person I observe their behavior and rhetoric to discern the Highest Form of their Good, and the Lowest Form of their Evil.  This creates a polemic in the psyche of the individual because they are not truly separate but they are antithesis of one another.  Everything a person says and does has to take them in the direction of doing their will (the sum of their actions). You will notice that white people were faster in creating technology, which is responsible for pollution, which is responsible for global warming.  The people living in the deserts of Africa and the middle east and in the rainforests didn’t create the majority of technology (which is destroying the earth from Obama’s perspective) it was white people.  That is why he is so eager to apologize for the United States and collapse the border.

Listen to what he is saying, “Global warming is the single biggest threat” to survival.  Darker skinned people though more violent and less likely to create technology are more capable of surviving in HOT WEATHER.  The presupposition that he is making is that they are unsuccessful because of the conditions that they live in, for which we are responsible.  What he and the Liberal Elitist Douchebags are precluding is that they might be living in the conditions they are living in because they create them.  Obama is giving the ISIS caliphate a running head start so that once they get embedded they can grab the oil in Africa and the Middle East and then we will have to acknowledge their sovereignty.

There is a direct correlation between stupidity and violence.  There is a direct correlation between skin color and violence.  If correlation is causation in the case of global warming and terrorism then why not between those categories?  Why do you think he is getting rid of regimented testing?  Why do you think the colleges are watering down the curriculum and selecting who is allowed with extreme prejudice?  Why do you think Egypt is concealing the DNA of King Tut?  A meritocracy of reason and results also creates a disparate impact.

Obama is, in a way, excusing terrorism by blaming it on America.  We are responsible for it because of pointing out the evil Islam does.  We are responsible for it because we contributed more to global warming than anybody else.  How do we stop it?  By shutting up and paying attention to the outbursts of angry black people in our country, opening our borders, and letting Obama rack up a National Deficit that we will never be able to climb out of while he imports Muslims to suck the money out of the welfare, vote for Democrats to give them welfare, and engage in vexatious litigations sponsored by the D.O.J. to bankrupt the state judicial system.  By admitting that we have white privilege.  By admitting that we are racist because we have attacked black people by existing and being visible.

Just because things are getting bad isn’t a reason to engage in terrorism, but Obama is attempting to suggest that we have CAUSED the terrorism that is happening right now, like when Reverend Jeremiah Wright spoke profusely about, “Our chickens coming home to roost.”  I can’t remember who said it, I think it was on the Nightly Show but a snarky remark was made about ultra-violet light being a cure for everything after Bill Nye made a statement about race:

Bill Nye said, “So everybody’s from East Africa . . . You migrate into Mesopotamia . . . You have to have lighter skin. It’s this balance between Vitamin D production in your skin and the breaking down of . . . folic acid. Then you migrate across Eurasia . . . Then there’s an ice age. All the snow’s frozen up in the mountains so you can walk to . . . [Alaska]. And then you come down the west coast. [Racism] started because you have these tribes and they have different skin colors as a result of ultraviolet light.”

What I find interesting is that there are actual smart people that are lying about or concealing what they know.  Of course our DNA is almost exactly the same, what is different is the neural myelination that is passed on through epigenetics  to our children that predisposes them to be more creative or more moral.  We know that racism exists, what we don’t know is why it exists.  What we find today is that darker skinned people are more tribal and less open minded and accepting than lighter skinned people.  Indeed, white people are a mutation of Africans, who is to say that we were accepted?  Oedipus was left on the side of a hill to die as part of a post natal abortion.  The presupposition is that the people that have benefited from tribalism evolutionarily are the cause of it, this has to do with the female bias of the Western Mind blaming the Victor which is unconsciously categorized as masculine.  This is known as narrating or narratizing, a cognitive bias in which one doesn’t realize that one is connecting facts with a story and not evidence.

If you examine proto-Indo-European as a philologist, what you find is ideas and a philosophy that comes from Greece, Egypt, and India  that no longer exists in those places because the people that possessed those secrets were chased west and as that happened language evolved as well as Western Thought and Science itself.  Ask yourself this are Muslim women allowed to date or marry Jewish or Christian men?  How about the reverse?  Which is more likely, a Mexican doesn’t want his sister dating a white guy or the reverse?  In the West we don’t think of our women as property.  A good amount of Muslim honor killings are from Muslim women dating Non Muslim men.

Obama is stacking the deck in favor of Islam because they can subsist.  Look at the diet of the Nation Of Islam.  Look at Obama’s early bow tie phase.  See how he is holding his head up, those are all implicatures that the NOI recognize as him showing solidarity with them, the exuding of exaggerated arrogance, the gaudy bow tie that looks like something a grandfather would wear, and the attitude just begging you to say something about that visual assault to the senses.  Jay-z recently was honored by Lous Farrakhan for a song that he worked on which was an homage to the NOI.  Michael Jackson would stomp around the stage a kind of synchronized marching used by the NOI.

Obama knows that there could be an extinction level event or maybe the powers that be are planning on creating one.  An electro-magnetic pulse to wipe out all of the technology and pollution causing devices, maybe?  Instantly, back in the stone age?  Hitting the reset button?  But first, let’s make sure there are lots of Muslims living in close proximity to everyone that are secretly being told about the plan in the mosques so that they won’t be surprised when it happens.  That way they can instantaneously institute Sharia law, Night of the Long Knives style.  I haven’t yet figured out who the strategist behind all of the strategizing and coordinating is, but I can tell you two things, whoever it is has a comprehensive knowledge of Hitler’s philosophy and an understanding of his psyche, and the other thing I can tell you is that Obama ranks very high in that hierarchy. . .

Obama might also be leaking guilt, in Islam there is a provision under their law for leniency for anyone who commits a violent crime during a Haboob.  A hot desert sand storm.

O Allah, I ask You for it’s goodness and I seek refuge with You from it’s evil. ~Haboob Prayer remember the Djinn or Genie is also a Dust Devil or a wind  😉




Obama’s Baby

FRONTLINE "Dreams of Obama"
Obama should be tarred and feathered for his ISIS baby.

Obama should be tarred and feathered.

Nobody likes to talk about it because the subject is a real sticky wicket, I mean once you start the conversation you get sucked into a debate with the opposite landers that argue for vagueness (how do we really know???)  and tacit equivocations between good & evil that can only be made by an insane, suicidal person incapable of detecting their own horse crap.

Obama created a power vacuum in Iraq that was filled by ISIS.  His regime sent guns and ammo into Syria from Benghazi that ended up in the hands of ISIS.   He freed detainees from Guantanamo that went to train and fight ISIS.  He under reported their size and strength.  He over reported our success against them.  He said that they need jobs.  (Guess what, turns out they have jobs).  Then he starts talking about Global Warming being the largest threat to the survival of mankind.  The whole time concealing from us and the rest of the civilized world that ISIS has a $1,000,000 a day oil industry that we haven’t been attacking, (because of fear of global warming? from the power vacuum in Iraq allowing them to take over the oil fields?)


The Bodacity of Hope

It is bad enough that Obama is lying to, concealing from, and manipulating us, but on top of that he hasn’t changed his strategy at all in dealing with ISIS.  He tells Congress that if they declare war on ISIS but don’t include a clause saying that if they cross a border we won’t pursue them over that border, the law has earned his veto.  In this way he telegraphs to ISIS where they have to go in order to escape U.S. Military action and survive.  Obama is complicit, with ISIS if he isn’t responsible for them.  On top of that, he tells us (Americans) that if we lump all Muslims together, because the so-called peaceful Muslims expect us to fight their wars for them and won’t even lift a finger to fight off the evil that is concealed within their midst, that we are actually Causing the Existence of ISIS by the powers of our negative thinking.  Well I’m sorry Mr. Hussein Obama, I guess we didn’t imbue your Nobel Peace Prize with enough Magic Pixie dust because obviously we didn’t HOPE hard enough, did we?   Our reacting to your failure to protect us and the Muslim apathy towards crimes caused by radical Muslims somehow traveled back in time and created the ISIS threat, didn’t it?




Guilty knowledge & Liberal Psychology

bill maher

This was pretty interesting, Richard Dawkins also seemed to get very tense and leaned back.  His reaction was a bit much for Maher’s lame Chaplin joke.  More interesting is what this unscripted moment says about Dawkinites.  Richard Dawkins cult of followers also suspects that he is inclined to being a pedophile and immediately reacted to defend him and prevent the topic from being addressed.  Apparently you can’t even use the word “pedophile” in the proximity of Richard Dawkins anymore.  :/

Tacit Bifurcation and Psychopathology

2013823182358219734_201With the concealed narrative of psychopaths their strategic communication is hard to spot because they do not openly state the logical fallacies and cognitive biases they are acting on.  They insist that they are sane and rational while at the same time consistently creating a disparate impact for themselves and the people they project their sense of self onto.  It is possible in rhetoric, apologetics and polemics to subtly warp and distort reality for the purpose of manipulating the minds of others.

To Bifurcate means to make categories that are false or misleading.  If the person stated what they think openly it would ruin their reputation and  marginalize their credibility, because they would look insane to everybody.  This is why psychopaths use a concealed narrative.


In order to expose this form of strategic communication.  I created some terms to make their strategy more obvious to those not skilled in debate, philosophy, and rhetoric.  When deconstructing a persons narrative you want to look at the tacit categories cause of the good and cause of the bad.  This deals with the way the frame events and statements, they draw an imaginary line and one thing or a group of things are always bad and the things they project their sense of self onto are always good.  The Form of their conquest is the social climbing behavior they use to set the world right in their eyes.  They have to keep changing the world in the same way in order to do their will.  The sum of their actions have to do their genuine will.

As you observe the strategic rhetoric of Mr. Barack Obama, you will find that he consistently creates disparate impact in specifically the same way.  America, Israel, white people, the police, and the military are always the cause of the bad, and violent, uneducated, brown to black people are always the cause of the good. Not only are they not responsible for the evil they do, they are not doing evil, and if they are doing evil it is only because the evil white people are forcing them to do it by not laying down and letting evil (I mean good) run rampant through the world.

Obama’s Highest form of the Good, His God, is also concealed or openly lied about.  He is only a christian in name, not indeed, you remember the rhetoric of Reverand Wright?

Barack-Obama-Jeremiah-Wright-620x372The whole thing about psychopathic narrative is that it switches.  The story keeps changing.  Obama twice had the Freudian slip saying that he was a Muslim, he chose the most Imam like “christian” pastor he could find.  The only part of Obama’s narrative and behavior that doesn’t keep changing is the same behavior that he keeps falling all over himself to keep quiet.

jake tapper

I can think of another certain person who also hated Israel who sympathized with Muslims and hated Israel and the Jews… He had a tiny little mustache.

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