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I wanted to start doing pieces on psychopathic behaviors and strategies in the work place.  This will be my first addition.  Functional psychopaths always argue for and defend authority.  They argue in favor of authority and for the correctness of authority and the infallibility of authority.  They do this because they are social climbers and they wish to possess that authority.  They argue for the expansion of the authority.  

I know what you are thinking:

“Isn’t problems with authority on the psychopath checklist?”

Why yes it is but in my psychological system it is a sociopathic trait.  You have to understand how the categories were created there is an entire teleology of events and the definitions were not fleshed out correctly.  It is still very confusing even for professional psychologists.  

Authority is an up down relationship, a vertical relationship and not a horizontal relationship.  Psychopaths are natural…

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Deconstructing for Value

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My philosophy is about maximizing value and being efficient with value.  My psychology is about deconstructing for value based on my models.  Every event, everything said, every interaction creates value for someone.  What I do is deconstruct the event, narrative, action, or thought process to discover who it created value for and who it depreciated to see if it created a psychopathic, a sociopathic or a rational process.  It is most meaningful to do this with specific instances and those are the very instances that people project their issues onto and get the most offended at.  Which doesn’t make my models less correct, it actually makes them more correct.  What you have to remember is that everything that I post more or less is part of the same integrated model and comes from the same perspective and philosophy.


Above is an example of two narratives, that of my ex-gf and…

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THE COVER IS THE BOOK: How Women Predispose Themselves to Manipulation by Psychopaths

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For those of you that don’t know Toms gives shoes to poor kids through out the world for each pair of shoes you buy.  Now lets say that you are a woman and you want a sensitive man.  You see a man wearing these shoes and you think, “OHMIGOD, HE IS SO SWEET AND SENSITIVE!  I LOVE HIM!”  Well allow myself to inform you that I work in retail and TOMS shoes are the most stolen item, I swear for every pair sold another pair is stolen, and probably mostly by young men looking to impress girls with them.  If you don’t actually buy the shoes then that little starving kid in Africa doesn’t get any shoes.  So where did these scathingly brilliant female creatures go wrong in their decision making process?  Superficial aesthetic snap decisions.  


The book is not the cover!  There is no law anywhere that…

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The Old Gunslinger Paradox

Cowboys and Aliens

There is a strategy by young psychopaths in relationship with their legacy.  As the old gunslinger gets older the odds that he will eventually get taken out increase.  Young bloods adopt a strategy betting that they might be the one to take him out and inherit his fame.  This creates an environment where as the old gunslinger is getting older he is bombarded with conflict as he simply tries to stay alive in the face of unreasoning opposition.  The young bloods aren’t interested in whether they are fighting for something they are just trying to solidify their reputation and legacy.  So every gun toting pecker wood takes a pot shot at the old gunslinger.

Guilt by Awareness

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This is a tautology of the, “you smelt it you dealt it” argument.  It is basically that you by being aware of the problem are causing the problem, or your being aware of the problem is the problem.  This argument is only valid from the perspective of an ignoramus or a consciously strategic psychopath that is manipulating a situation for their own benefit and you have just thrown a wrench into the works.  

They will try to turn it around on you.  Why are you looking for problems?  Why are you looking for that person to be doing something wrong in the first place?  The behavior could be sanctioned and they could have protection and their could be more people aware of what is going on then you know.  

It could also be used by a lassez-faire leader that can’t attempt to fix a problem without incurring…

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“remove the web meet the spider.”

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Lynn: This is one of your sayings, could you tell us what it means?
Joxua: I use it in reference to psychopaths.  They do not have creative intelligence or problem solving abilities, not in so far as, they engage in win/win scenarios.  Psychopaths do not create value for other people.  What they have is the intelligence to steal value that has already been created.  Psychopaths create problems for other people that benefit themselves so if you are in a business or you work for the government and you see something weird that shouldn’t be that way, if and when you fix it, you piss off the spider that created it.  They know its wrong, they know it doesn’t work but it benefits them.  Psychopaths do not create real solutions to problems.  They don’t solve the problem so it goes away.  They are like a doctor that keeps on treating the…

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