Why Twitter sucks.

1 why twitter sucks

So we all know that Twitter is biased and that @Jack is a doucheful nincompoop, but let me tell you about my recent experience and what I learned.  Last week my Italian friend, Elena, had her account suspended.  This week my account is suspended for a tweet from 2016.  That means we are being targeted by freedom of speech hating, communist teachers, ANTIFA, Muslims, and bitter old cat ladies, in short, Demoncrats.

I have blocked members of their group before, they are copying behaviors invented and successfully used by Conservatives.  Leftist follow trains.  Unlike us their soul purpose is to silence the voice of reason and any narrative that contradicts their tyrannical stupidity.

Jack and his disgusting Liberal employees participate with this unamerican fascism in several ways.  They unquestioningly accept any report that conforms with their arbitrary and unreasoning rules.

Not only can I not see the image attached to the tweet, if I accept their ruling I admit wrongdoing.  In the mean time I cannot use Twitter.  I have appealed the ruling and while they are quick to report and attack they are very slow at listening to appeals.  Every day they sit on your appeal the odds increase that you will accept the ruling.

I really can’t wait until Jack and Zuckerberg are no longer relevant.  They need to be eternally humiliated and constantly tormented for their inexcusable, unamerican behavior, because that is what they are in favor of.  It is a moral imperative that this is the case.