Elizabeth Warren’s Epic Victory?

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Elizabeth Warren is claiming victory even though she has about half the Native American DNA of the Average White person in America.  That is not proof that her claims are true.  Her grandfather had “high cheekbones” and she claims that her parents had to elope because her father was noticeably Cherokee in appearance.  The test she took wasn’t for Cherokee DNA and it stated that what appears to be Native American DNA occurred about 8 generations back.

This proves that her story is a falsehood, but as we all know every snowflake deserves a participation trophy.

NY: Donald Trump Speaks On Staten Island 

Why we have an Electoral College.

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Let’s say that you live in farm country.  How close do you live to one another?  On the coasts, however, the population density is much greater.  We can stack people on top of each other.  Coasts have harbors and they can purchase goods from other countries, mainly because we are rich but what if we embrace the Socialist values of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?  Will we still be rich?

Now what if we were completely dependent on Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Russia for our oil?  What if we were completely dependent on China for our Steel and pork?

The people who produce goods have a much different perspective from those who only consume them.  They know what they need to survive and they know how they are connected with commerce in the United States. This is why their opinions are weighted differently.  We can’t afford to depend on other countries to create goods for us.  We would be at their mercy and dependent on their success.  Look at what happened to Venezuela.  For the vast majority of our evolution survival has been difficult and has only been easy for a relatively short period of time.   

*Any branch of foreign trade, says the Marquis d’Argenson, brings only an illusory advantage to the kingdom in general; it may enrich a few individuals, even a few big towns, but the Nation as a whole gains nothing and the people is none the better for it. ~The Social Contract

The Founding Fathers, in their infinite wisdom, created a form of Government in order to protect us from Tyranny in any form and one of those forms is TYRANNY OF THE STUPID MAJORITY.

  • SOCRATES: Would that the majority could inflict the greatest evils, for they would then be capable of the greatest good, and that would be fine, but now they cannot do either. They cannot make a man either wise or foolish, but they inflict things haphazardly.

  • SOCRATES: We should not then think so much of what the majority will say about us, but what he will say who understands justice and injustice, the one, that is, and the truth itself. So that, in the first place, you were wrong to believe that we should care for the opinion of the many about what is just, beautiful, good, and their opposites.“But,”someone might say,“the many are able to put us to death.”

(Plato’s 5 Regimes)

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Liberals and Laissez-faire Leadership

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I first discovered this strategy when Barack Obama had 2 years left in office after I had been duped into voting for him a second time.  Liberal Progressives accomplish nothing in office because they aren’t doing what they are supposed to be doing.  When they should be Governing, enforcing the Laws, and protecting citizens they are secretly doing stuff that they shouldn’t be doing.  Stuff that is illegal or unethical.  Instead of confronting the housing crisis or the heroine epidemic they are trying to figure out how to move the goal posts and disqualify potential opponents.

When they eventually get caught doing stuff illegally their defense is, “What are you talking about, I literally didn’t do anything. That is obvious from my record. Now you are accusing me of doing something Illegal?”  This is universally true of all Liberal Progressives and they get away with it because of the stupidity of the Useful Idiots and the people in their bubble who have contempt for the Working Class.  Jerry Brown, Andrew Cuomo, Bill DE Blasio, they all have the same M.O.

When Kate Brown was confronted with 2 years of wild fires that affected air quality and global warming she deferred to somebody who was supposed to make the decision to squash the fire and he deferred to someone else.  Blame and responsibility disappeared and the problem was never solved or understood, even.  What we eventually find out, as we did with Obama, was that the Liberal in charge was Micro-Managing the failure with infinite precision just as Obama did with ISIS.  Liberal Progressives don’t solve problems, they create problems for other people that they believe benefit themselves and their agenda.

Just like Obama they telegraph to special interests that they are on their side throwing them crumbs but never achieving beneficial change.  Do you remember the Obama Toilet?  What has Kate Brown done for you?

Definition of laissez-faire
1: a doctrine opposing governmental interference in economic affairs beyond the minimum necessary for the maintenance of peace and property rights
argued that the problem with oil prices was too much laissez-faire
2: a philosophy or practice characterized by a usually deliberate abstention from direction or interference especially with individual freedom of choice and action

(click here to watch a sting video that was released today.  Kate Brown has been using staffers paid for by Tax Payer money to campaign for her while they are supposed to be working for you.) 

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It reminds me of this girl friend I had who was always screwing up.  She wasn’t paying attention to what she was supposed to be doing for the relationship.  She was worried about what I was doing.  Her constant failure made me apathetic about the relationship which made her more worried and focused on controlling me.  I caught her spying on me and my neighbors told me that she came over to their houses when I hadn’t invited her, and pumped them for information about me.  I had to move 1,000 miles to get away from her because she wouldn’t go away.  


Republicans & Democrats never “Flipped”.

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So you hear this stupid shit all of the time about how the Democrats used to be pro-slavery and they created the KKK as the militant arm of their party.  Then, at some mysterious, unnamed point in time, Republicans became Democrats and vice versa.

I am here to tell you that the flip never happened because we aren’t talking about a line we are talking about a pendulum. I can’t explain it further without using Physics terms. 

Conservatives operate on a center-seeking force (centripetal) which is attracted to Reason.  Liberal Progressives, on the other hand,  are a center-avoiding force known as chaos (centrifugal) they aren’t defined by reason they are defined as being against reason. Liberal Progressives flee from a Natural, instinctive, gravitational pull towards reason, participation, & relationship.   Their will isn’t rational so they can’t do their will rationally.  If Rational People can be defined by a line then Irrational People are a Sine Wave bent on taking advantage of the Rational Person.  


How the left is Hypnotizing Useful Idiots.

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The image above will immediately, confuse, horrify, and encourage people for all of the wrong reasons.  I created this meme as a hyperbolic way of expressing what the liberal progressives are doing and how they are doing it. 

Read what the meme actually says.  Christian men have only existed for about 2,000 years.  White people are only about 6% of the Global Population and half of them are women.  That 6% of the Global Population is responsible for what All Rational People consider as, “CIVILIZATION”.  That is why so many people want to live in America and Europe.

I first observed this Logical Fallacy when I was observing the cunning rhetoric of Richard Dawkins in his book The God Delusion.   He made people feel as though they had been persecuted by religion for thousands of years and the normal human life span is less than 1/10th of a millennia.

In Non-White (dominant) parts of the world there is Cannibalism, Child Marriage, Narco-Cleptocracy,  Tyranny, and Genocide.  We don’t see mass immigration into Non-White countries.

It takes a special kind of Evil to take a woman who is known on some level to be Lying or Insane and use her as a Lightning Rod in order to start a conflagration of Insane, Inane, Histrionics.  There is a reason that they chose a woman that they knew was wrong and that is because the people doing it are Sadistic.  They wanted to scape goat an honest man based on a known lie and fool people into believing it.  They, the forces of darkness, can’t believe that they are losing their power.  That is why they Double Down and try to win again using the same failed technique.

And it will happen again, in the very near future.  It might even happen to you. . .  


Linda Sarsour is on the Wrong Side.

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As I was preparing this photoshop I was looking for a suitable image of Linda Sarsour.  I thought it was interesting that there are almost no pictures of her leaking negative micro-expressions.  The pictures are only like the one above, Emotionless, or they show her happy and positive.  I can assure you that is not the truth about her emotional state.  When a person gives you a blank stare like the one above they are either a sociopath or they are concealing emotion.  Literally, the only part of her body that shows is her face so if you are advocating for Sharia Law, as she is, and you can get killed or raped for having “Flirtatious Eyes” then you would have extreme control over the emotions that splay across the billboard that is your face.

Linda Sarsour, rest assured, is filled with contempt and hatred.  She said that Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brigitte Gabriel should have their genitalia removed (so they can’t reproduce) because they were critical of Islam and warned Americans that Muslims would try to bring Sharia Law to America.  To which Ayaan Hirsi Ali responded:

Now remember that Ayaan Hirsi Ali was raised Muslim and was subjected to Female Genital Mutilation at the age of 6. Ayaan also mentions the Muslim practice of marrying pre-pubescent children in her response.