Southern Poverty Law Center & the FBI

splc unholy alliance

Tucker Carlson just broke this story tonight and it really hit a cord with me because I immediately knew that it was true.  Creeping Normalcy is a Cognitive Bias that the average human is blind to.  Because a “natural” uneducated human is blind to it they can be manipulated with it.  Creeping Normalcy is explained by the illustration of slowly increasing the temperature of the water in a pot with a frog in it.  The frog relaxes and doesn’t jump out until his ass is cooked.

 “Liberal Progress” is the same thing.  It seems pleasant at first until you find the source of the energy and the intent behind it.  But the mask has slipped and we realize that people who are still democrats are either Unforgivably Stupid or Consciously Evil.

Everybody worth talking to knows that the Southern Poverty Law Center has completely corrupted their original purpose.  All structures of authority which are blind to the strategies of psychopaths are eventually co-opted for the benefit of psychopaths because Authority when abused, is POWER over others.  One can’t abuse their authority if they have a Universally Bad Reputation.  But Psychopaths can’t do their will Rationally because their intend isn’t Rational.

Social Media sites like Facebook hired the SPLC to tell them what is and is not “Fake News” and “Hate Speech” which is defined arbitrarily with subjective terms.  There “definition” disparately impacts Conservatives 100% of the time.  Now we find that the FBI considers them an Authoritative source which exposes uprisings of potential terrorist organizations.  If this is investigated I guarantee that you will find some of the people working for the SPLC came from FBI and CIA backgrounds.  This is a Liberal Agenda and a Conspiracy in order to Reify  an opinion between 2 or more complicit parties who claim to be unbiased.

Received Knowledge is knowing that came from another source, usually a trusted source.  As an individual returns to the same source they develop a sense of trust for that source.  When they feel that you won’t question their Authority they realize that they can slip Fake News past your Bull Shit filter for their own benefit, because you are HYPNOTIZED.  God has been extracted from you in the form of Personal Authority because you can no longer think for yourself.  

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