The Global Warming Fallacy

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Liberal Progressives malign people as “science deniers” because they don’t agree with the proposed solutions for Climate Change not all of which are actually stated, some of them are concealed, like depopulation.  Global Warming is a Trojan horse for Global Communism.  Carbon Taxes will allow Liberal Progressives to control the means of production by proxy which is the definition of Communism. 

They want to control every aspect of our lives including what we eat.  One of the largest producers of Methane is beef.  When they control the means of production and people start dying they can say, “We are not responsible because we can only produce this much in order to save the planet.”  The problem is that decomposing bodies also produces Greenhouse Gases, specifically the ones that they are trying to control. All life on earth is made of carbon.  Trees burn, BAM! Greenhouse gases. 

I am not willing to forfeit the right to choose who lives and dies to these tyrannical ass-clowns.  Look at what they are doing with Social Media.  If you say something conservative they demonetize your YouTube channel or PayPal prevents you from receiving payments.  Google censors your posts.  They deleted the original Ban Sharia group, my group.  700 advocates from all over the world including Kurds, Atheists, Christians, Jews, and Hindus.  


3 thoughts on “The Global Warming Fallacy”

  1. Well if we do nothing we will eventually start running low on fossil fuels. They’ll become too expensive and people will start dying. Those that are most dependent upon civilization and world trade will be the most vulnerable. Hunter/gatherer substinence societies will be the best positioned to survive. The trick will be to find a way to refrain from large-scale use of nuclear weapons. I’m not sure that can be done without a highly centralized authority. What do you think?

    1. I think that any attempt to centralize authority will result in nuclear war & civil war. If it succeeded we wouldn’t want to live in a world where anonymous bureaucrats were writing policy in Brussels with now accountability to the people like they are doing in Europe as the allow Mooslems to rape and murder their children with impunity.

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