Feminist Stupidity & Louise Mensch

This Photoshop got Louise Mensch to change her Twitter profile picture.

Louise Mensch, Professional Internet Troll and Butthurt Never Trumper talks tough on social media, cussing at people and then she turns around and reports their account, acting like a victim, and bragging about it when their account gets deleted.  She is a self-described Conservative so you think she would be in favor of the 1st amendment, but should we be surprised by this Hypocrisy on her part?


In May 2012, Mensch used her Twitter account to condemn abusive and threatening tweets that she had received, describing them as “misogyny and bullying”. The tweets were subsequently reported in the mainstream press, and she received support for drawing attention to the issue from Jeremy Vine and Isabel Hardman, among others.[42] In March 2014, Mensch was herself accused of cyberbullying after she sent a series of tweets to a journalist, which included personal remarks about his appearance.[43]

In May 2015, after that year’s general election, Mensch was accused of cyberbullying leader of the ‘Milifandom’, teenager Abby Tomlinson.  Mensch denied the accusation, asserting that she had only criticized Tomlinson. ~Wikipedia


Twitter recently updated its report protocols allowing people to be reported for “hate speech” including criticisms based on sex and religion, the first amendment exists to protect hate speech as long as it isn’t inciting physical violence.  The fact of the matter is that this manner of harassment only applies to the citizen when it comes to their Professional life and not when it comes to their Personal life.  This becomes an INVASION OF PRIVACY that trespasses the Natural Boundaries of Reason.  As a self described “Conservative” she should know this and not abuse a Report Function on a social media site.  If you are going to act like a man don’t be surprised when you get treated like a man.  As we see she is biased in her own favor and against men because she is Willfully, Arbitrarily, creating disparate impact in her own favor but only temporarily.


Her behavior is predicted by my Psychological Models.  Familiarity breeds contempt and while the female mind competes with the Western Male Mind in order to establish dominance over it there is a blind spot where the real enemy is concerned, perhaps caused by cognitive dissonance.  She is counter-incentivizing the men that would protect her from Islam while at the same time giving credence to the idea that criticism shouldn’t be allowed.  Islam is already using the Stupidity of Western Pussies to take their Constitutional Protections and Freedoms away from them.   Under a Meritocracy of Pleasantness it is possible to be a Lying, Incorrect, Douchebag  Pleasantly but it isn’t acceptable to state the truth if someone gets offended by it.  Because of the Rational Praxises of Agonism and Parrhesia our founding fathers in their wisdom protected unpleasant Freedom of Speech.  She should be ashamed of herself but she is probably to self serving as all False Feminists often are. 




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