American Educational Reform


I am calling on Donald Trump, when he is elected, to institute Massive Educational Reform.  Education should be affordable and useful.  Our children should be taught how to survive in the world as it is, not as Liberal Progressives think it should be.  They should be given the skills needed to survive.  We shouldn’t be importing people from 3rd world countries who have invested in better education than we have so they can become de facto rulers in our own Nation because we couldn’t afford the education they have.

Other countries are learning in High School what our children haven’t learned after Graduation, with honors, from College.  Every Nation in the world is Leveraging themselves against the former Gold Standard that was America by investing in the education of their own children, how is it that we aren’t investing in ourselves?  Instead we are importing people on H1-B Visas, who are essentially Low Wage Slaves, to take the high paying jobs that we aren’t educating our own children for.

Our children are being Indoctrinated (Not Educated) into the Authority of Fat, Lazy, Tenured, Union Teachers who have no fear of losing their jobs and the possess nothing but contempt for America.  They harass and bully any student that comes into their class who is white, male, conservative, or Republican.  They are Initiated into a Meritocracy of Issues that Reifies the delusions, stupidity, and greed of one group of people while ignoring the contribution and sacrifice of another group of people.  It isn’t Communism that is paying the Salaries of these College Professors it is Capitalism & they are Strangling it.

If we can’t figure it out for ourselves, we should be Benchmarking the most successful educational programs world wide.  Education is a moving target because there is this thing called “Evolution” and the Philosophical Football Field is constantly changing.  We are not hating anybody by winning or being successful.  Awesomeness isn’t a finite resource and I’m not exploiting the Resource of Awesomeness.  As we raise the level of our game, our Hopeful Opponents will raise the level of their own game & that will create an improvement of the overall quality of life in the World.  We don’t follow the lead of our own Reflections.

We should be teaching Freudian Psychology in High School, Philosophy, Science, Rational Debate, every Logical Fallacy, & every Cognitive Bias.  When a child graduates High School they should have learned a skill where they can go anywhere in the world and be gainfully employed.  We shouldn’t be forcing the smartest students to learn at the speed of the slowest children or subject themselves to the same curriculum.  Best Practices should be followed regardless of the failures of those who can’t compete.  We shouldn’t be investing in Failure we should be investing in Success.  If we don’t invest in people that create value for society then we won’t have a surplus of value with which to protect those people who can’t or won’t create value for society.  The people who won’t create value for society, because they hate America, are investing in their own failure because it is only a matter of time before they have nobody to protect them from our mutual enemies.


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