Glenn Beck, Prophet of Doom


A week earlier Glenn Beck was describing Epigenetics & Cellular Memory which has already been proven to exist in animals, scientists are trying to suggest that it doesn’t also exist in humans because they think it sounds racist & it goes against their liberal agenda. While they argue that humans have 99% identical DNA they conceal the fact that in the final 1% our Neural Myelination is contained, and in it lies every pattern & thought our ancestors engaged in. This in turn creates our instincts, interests, abilities, and predispositions as well as our sense of Morality.   Glenn Beck demagogues Donald Trump & his family trying to Hypnotize his Zombie Cult into a state of Petrified Horror by Comparing RACE HORSE THEORY, which is a Rhetorical Tautology of Epigenetics to NAZI Eugenics.  Race Horse Theory doesn’t suggest or encourage the killing off of the genetically unfit.  Humorously, Dumbass, Glenn Beck, recently found that the same Behavioral Science that he uses to Manipulate his audience was being used to Steal his audience from him and get them to vote for Hillary Clinton.  Maybe his Dumbass should have thought of that in the first place instead of using his Jedi powers to usurp the will of his listeners.

Race Horse Theory suggests that some people are naturally meant to lead because they have been bred for that purpose.  The Experiences their ancestors had has predisposed them to be skilled at leadership.  Cellular Memory & Epigenetics are the reason why some cats are scared by Cucumbers, because their ancestors developed the Survival Instinct to be afraid of Snakes.



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