Ted Cruz is a Rat! >:(



If you aren’t Intelligent enough to be incensed with Righteous Wrath at what Reince Priebus (Rancid Penis) and the GOP are doing let me give you some reasons.  Reince says that the GOP needs to be transparent with voters, they made Donald Trump sign a pledge to support whoever got the nomination, and they said that all of the rules are published for each state that explains how their Delegate Process works as voted on by that State.  They suggested Donald Trump was somehow Stupid because he isn’t smart enough to read and figure out how the Delegate Voting process works for each state but “Ted” Cruz isn’t himself reading all of those rules, the GOP is connecting him with Republican Leaders in every state that know how to Exploit the Arbitrary rules in order to create a disparate impact in their own favor.

Are the rules Un-American??? In a word, Yes!!!

One of the Major premises of the Declaration of Independence was that there should be NO Taxation without Representation.  Lying Ted Cruz says that Donald Trump supporters are low information voters.  Newt Gingrich says that the GOP Establishment doesn’t like Donald Trump because he’s not a part of their Secret Society, Newt is correct.  So, if the American People elect their Representatives what does the Delegate process tell us?  In order to answer that question we have to look at the Philosophical Calculus of Test Validity. What is the Unanimous Delegate vote for “Ted” Cruz actually testing for???  It should be representing the General Will of the Citizenry who elected them to be their Representatives.  Instead what we find is instead of being a BOTTOM UP Representation of the Will of the People it is instead a TOP DOWN Representation of the Will of the GOP which is Synonymous with Tyranny & Taxation without Representation which, as we know, is grounds for Revolution.



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