Better Dead Than Ted Cruz

better dead.png

In one of Bill Maher’s last episode he has apparently come to the realization that Barack Obama is not coming on his show REAL TIME because of Bill’s overt mistrust of Islam. Maher finally stopped trying to massage Obama’s erogenous bunghole and called him out on his bunk statistic that 99.9% of Moslems are peaceful.  His Special Guest, I can’t remember his name, refused to use the term “Radical Islam” and Bill informed him that unless Democrats could say that they would lose to the Republicans.  Nothing makes my heart go pitter pat more than when Left Leaning Centrists are forced to defend Donald Trump out of conscience.  He also mentioned the students at Emory University and the fallout from the #Triggering of the #Chalkening.  He closed his set by mentioning that he would be forced in spite of himself to support Ted Cruz I think mainly because Donald Trump once sued Bill Maher.  Humorously, he actually mis-spoke his line and instead of saying “Better Ted than Dead,” he said “Better Dead Than Ted,” which I happen to agree with it, hence the above Photoshop. 🙂

In the last episode he was forced to come even closer to Trump in order to defend him once again from more onslaughts not only from the Left but even from the Corrupt, Lying, Thieving Republicans.


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