Lying Ted Cruz Campaign Coordinates with super PAC to attack Melania Trump.


In case you needed anymore evidence that Rafael Eduardo (Ted) Cruz is a pathological liar who allied himself with a sneaky, backstabbing, hateful, social climber in the form of one Carly Fiorina, above are screenshots to the P. O. Box for Carly Fiorina’s Campaign and that of the Anti-Trump super PAC MAKE AMERICA AWESOME. Below you will find links to those sights showing their addresses.  What is even more disgusting is that knowing he was responsible and benefitted from it he accuses Trump of an article posted about him which created the Cuban Mistress Crisis, knowing as he did that this story was being researched months before and originated from the Marco Rubio campaign.  It would have come out sooner but the Propagandist Schmuck, Shill, Ben Shapiro, whipped out his tiny White Knighting Schmeckle  blocked the story when he worked for Breitbart before he tried to cause a scene by quitting because of a non story claiming that a fellow reporter was thrown to the ground by the head of Trump’s campaign.  They forced this story into the media in spite of the fact that there was no evidence for it and when that evidence came out if proved she had lied.  These Liberal Media pundits need to stop trying to wag the dog and telling the American People what to think and trying to distort the lens through which the Media Views Reality.  Your job is to report the News, you goddamn evil, cowards, not to manipulate events, tell people what to think, make the news, or choose presidential candidates.  When this Revolution comes to fruition, rest assured you are not innocent and you won’t escape American Justice.

Link to Liz Mair super Pac

Link to Carly Fiorina Campaign


3 micro expressions have become a permanent part of Carly Fiorina’s facial personality based on here repeatedly returning to these emotional states: Disgust, Contempt, and Anger.  Two of them are used in thin slicing to predict the end of relationship.  Paul Ekman said that a person in a permanent refractory state is an insane person.  During the debates Carly telegraphed a lie that she has used so frequently it has become formulaic and even has its own cadence.

Ted Cruz
Creepy, Lying, Lecher, & philanderer, Rafael Eduardo Cruz attacks loving wife Melania for her successful modeling career and then hides behind his defense that women and children are off limits, hoping that his many dalliances won’t come to light.



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