Cruz & Rubio can’t compete so they Cheat.


The New York Times which is an openly Liberal Progressive Rag with a Leftist bias is owned by a Mexican Billionaire and recently bated Marco Ruby-Red-Robot-Boy and Ted “Cruise Fizzle” Cruz to demand that an OFF THE RECORD interview with Donald Trump be released to the public about his realistic expectations about Immigration Reform.


Not only is this an egregious violation of Journalistic Integrity it confirms what Donald Trump has said about the Media.  It also shows that both ALL of the Establishment Politicians both Liberal & Conservative will stop at nothing to thwart the General Will of the people and prevent the People’s Choice, Trump, from getting into office.  It proves they are NOT afraid Trump can’t beat Hillary Clinton, they are afraid he WILL beat her.

Both Rubio and Cruz have stooped to new lows in the very recent past as the Moneyed powers scramble to Wag the Dog of Public Opinion.  I have been aware of this for a while but I will speak about it now for the first time.  . .

hidden hand
The Hidden Hand is a Satanic Illuminati gesture that telegraphs one is part of a Secret Society that controls all events in human history for the ultimate purpose of establishing a New World Order in the form of a One World Government in order to consolidate all Authority to those Moneyed Powers for the purpose of absolute control over every individuals, thoughts, words, and actions.  Stalin and Karl Marx used this gesture in almost every photograph. 

I don’t know why, but for whatever reason Ted Cruz deliberately leaks this gesture.  Maybe he is attempting to hitch his wagon to the youth vote that embraces the Satanic Illuminati imagery that subliminally infuses the symbolism used by the Musicians.  But this obvious collusion between the New York Times with it’s express desire to “Latinize” the United States of America is pretty suspicious at this particular moment in time.  Also of interest is the way in which the other candidates have been copying my narrative and contradicting me with it.  Former Mexican President, Vincente Fox recently used the GOP establishment shibboleth, “False Christ” to refer to Donald Trump.  I was the one to level that accusation at both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.  Donald hasn’t been marketing himself as the most Christian Candidate, he hasn’t been praying in the streets like the Hypocrites or pandering to the worst elements of the Fundamentalist Christians.  He isn’t a closeted Theocrat like Ted Cruz, and he isn’t being funded with money from Rich Mormon Super PAC’s.  Ted Cruz has been selling himself to the Evangelical community as a Modern Day Messiah and he is even too sleazy and creepy for them to vote for him.

“I know why I get bad treatment in The New York Times: because it’s owned by Mexico,” Trump said. “I don’t know if you know. A rich guy in Mexico (Carlos Slim) actually has power at The New York Times. I wonder why they don’t like us, you know? I just wonder.” ~Donald Trump

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