Mitt Romney hurls a grenade at Donald Trump



It is insulting how stupid the GOP leaders seem to think that Republican Voters are.  Mitt Romney, who is obviously a hatchet man for Marco Rubio, tries to make a big deal out of Donald Trumps taxes.  He can’t help but leak that he is trying to provoke Trump by suggesting he isn’t as rich as he says he is.  Knowing full well it is bad policy to release your taxes when you are being audited by the IRS and ignoring that obvious conclusion that Obama is using the Internal Revenue Service in order to harass Donald just as he has used it to attack other conservative groups.

Romney’s Taepodong turns out to be a dud, SCUD, Dude. :/

Mitt Romney and the backstabbing Republican Party know full well there is nothing wron with Trump’s Taxes, BECAUSE  he is getting audited year after year.  If the Tax Audit isn’t finding anything untoward why would anybody else?  One thing we know he isn’t doing is letting Super PACs run sleazy campaigns so that he can disavow any knowledge of their sinister underhanded dealings. He is also not accepting donations like Hillary Clinton’s creepy campaign or her illegitimate Clinton Foundation.


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