Ted Cruz’ Secret Mormon Coup.

donald trump TKO

Donald Trump is the Perfect Amount of Christian.

I thought it was weird when Glenn Beck came out and endorsed Ted Cruz. He opened his speech with these words, “Faith in God is Paramount”.  He continues to suggest that Trump, states he personally, flying in the face of God, will Make America Great Again.  Telegraphing that he is setting himself above God and the America People.  What I think is Egotistical is framing yourself as the most Christian Candidate who through the power of your own Holiness, not based on results or experience are somehow going to Magically do better when NOBODY that has worked with you and NOBODY that knows you likes you or will work with you.  Cruz and Beck try to frame Trump as a King but the only way Cruz will be able to get people to participate with him is by forcing their compliance with his Closetedly Theocratic Tyranny.  Nothing he is saying can be true because he is trying to appear more Trump than Trump is.  He is using his talking points and adopting the issues that Trump himself brought to the table in the first place.

Even more suspicious was when Mitt Romney, who like Glenn Beck is a Mormon, venomously attacked Donald Trump for not releasing his taxes which are already being prepared.  Romney leaked his Envy by comparing Trump to himself and how his taxes had been demanded, Mitt Raw Money, in the vein of Hillary Clinton, suggested there was some disparity between the way Donald was being treated and the way he himself had been treated on this subject.  The difference is this, Hillary Clinton’s name is synonymous with LYING, she is currently being investigated by the FBI, and she can’t even say about herself with a straight face that she is not a LIAR.  When given a second opportunity to redress that mistake she declined.  The Clinton Foundation has taken many questionable donations.  Mitt on the other hand was a Corporate Raider that made his money buying distressed businesses and selling off all of their assets and firing all of the employees for financial gain, that is why people suspected that  he might be cheating on his taxes because he made his money doing Morally Reprehensible things.

mitt romney

I don’t know if you know this, I do because I am a Linguist and an expert on Proto-Indo-European but, “Cruz” literally means Cross in Spanish.  Whereas Donald Trump is a Centrist who can appeal to Independents and steal votes from Democrats.  Ted Cruz tried to change the Center by moving farther Right and pandering to the Fundamentalist Religious Nut Jobs.  Pat Robertson & Jerry Falwell Jr. who are Christians with Good Reputations both endorsed Trump.  Pardon me for being suspicious of Mormons but I am.  I find their adoption of Freemasonic Rituals bizarre as well as their infiltration of the actual Freemasonic lodges.  As far as I am concerned Mormon’s are too much like Muslims with their penchant for Multiple Wives and Child Brides while at the same time they deny the Creepyness of their so-called Prophets.  They are far to manipulative, strategic, and non transparent for my taste and I question their motivation and intention.  It should be a warning to everybody that the Evangelical Community and the Latino Community is rejecting Cruz.  When Trump beats Cruz in his home town of Texas that will hopefully demonstrate that Cruz is not to be trusted.

I don’t trust anybody that wants to do my thinking for me or make my decisions for me in secret negotiations behind closed doors.  That is called “Taxation without Representation”.  I want my leaders to tell me what is going on and then I will tell them what to do about it.

“Tricks and Treachery are the practices of fools that don’t have the brains enough to be honest.”  Benjamin Franklin


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