Ted Cruz’ Soft Bigotry of Low Expectation


Un Trust Ted

Nothing about this guy is true.  Ted isn’t even his name, it’s his nickname.  He has spent all of his life pretending to be everything but what he is, a sleazy, sneaky, unlikeable, creepy, mean-spirited, back-stabbing, social climbing, jerk.

At one point, when I knew nothing about him, I actually liked him.  At one time I was in favor of a Cruz/Trump ticket.  While I am one of the biggest contributors to the major Trump Community on Google Plus I attempted to help out the Ted Cruz community on there by posting my memes.  The moderator of the community, revealing his contempt for freedom of expression, asked me to remove my pictures from the group.  Then when Ted Cruz started attacking Donald Trump he used one of the ideas I HAD GIVEN HIM  against Trump.  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHERE THE JUMPING THE SHARK IDEA CAME FROM

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I try to teach people something and they use it against me or contrary to my will.  As I learned more about “Ted” what I found was that he considered himself quite the comedian in his younger days with a very raunchy sense of humor.  Also he loved the Fonz even thinking of himself as a Fonzarelli like figure.  Like many phony evangelists he thinks that he is the most deserving of the vagina because he is so Christian.  This is self negating and entirely self referentially inconsistent as well as being completely dishonest.  Not only does it mean he is a Fake Christian it means that he is constantly, consciously lying to people in order to manipulate them.

Recently he stated that women shouldn’t have to sign up for the draft.  He mentioned his young preteen daughters and said that he doesn’t want them to have to fight or something to that effect.  Well guess what, we aren’t going to be sending 6 year olds off to defend us from the Russians, idiot.  This is shameless pandering and an intentional emotional appeal from the creep who is supposed to be considered “World Class in Debate”.  He is attempting to appear to be manly but lets examine the logic behind his argument.  The world is becoming a more dangerous place every day and whether you want to admit it or not we are on the verge of World War.  Part of what is wrong with this country is that sentimental Femi-Nazis & Liberal Trolls who aren’t willing to do what is necessary to defend this country also have an equal vote.  People who aren’t willing to protect the country shouldn’t be allowed to speak as authorities on the defense of the country, nor should they have an equal vote.  In order for every person to be on the same page about the threats that our nation faces and what we need to do in order to protect Her, EVERYBODY needs to be willing to do their fair share.  This is the reason whey Israel is so successful because everybody has to serve for 2 years after High School.  That is the way things should be in America as well.  That is what is necessary in order for us to have a singular identity as a people.

Furthermore, this is discounting to women and it holds them to a lower standard.  It suggests that Real Feminism is defined by women who don’t want to serve or defend the country.  It assumes that women want to be championed by condescending men with this Romantic and Archaic mentality from the Dark Ages.  It shows a cognitive dissonance about the future and the current state of affairs in the world and lastly it characterizes the people defending and promoting Cruz as emotionally aberrated, religious Zealots, with a warped sense of Christianity and Patriotism.

Cruz’ campaign is intentionally attempting to brand him as some manner of Savior or Moses trying to “Free Christians” but in all reality he is attempting to create a kind of Fundamentalist Christian Rule, which I find highly undesirable, hypocritical, and offensive.

false christs

3 thoughts on “Ted Cruz’ Soft Bigotry of Low Expectation”

  1. Men still don’t respect women, According to your logic, the command of circumcision is still necessary. And Gen. 17 explicitly insists circumcision will be forever. You know it is kaballa that makes rabbis think that the mitzvah of circumcision is just as important as all other mitzvot combined. So it is the esoteric side of Judaism that supports circumcision the most.

    (As a side note, South Asian esotericism is strongly influenced by Indigenous Australians (e.g. Vishnu markings), most of whom include circumcision and even subincision in their culture).

    The religious movement Universal Medicine, set up by Serge Benhayon, stresses the importance of circumcision and euthanasia. Which is logical; botched circumsions do not have to lead to transgender surgery if euthanasia is available.

    There ought to be a Hebrew term for the surgery without the ritual, as the Jewish surgical method is far superior to that of American hospitals, that use clamps which are needlessly slow in amputating the relevant part, and to add injury to insult, leaves a lot of the tissue that allows HIV e.a. to enter.

    Although ultimately all mitzvot are choqq, as God could create the world in such a way that e.g. foreskins don’t lead to cervical cancer, it is the explicit mitzvot that are directly choqq. Circumcision of the male descendants of Abraham is not even meant to be a marker, as many neglect the command, and other people, not descendant, do practice it.

    According to Hal Lindsey, anybody with any trace of Abrahamic ancestry, regardless of the paternal or maternal line, falls under the Covenant of Genesis 12-17. Yair Davidy and Avram Yeshua agree with this, and Aaron Soloveichik thinks that all Latin American with any Marrano ancestry count as full Jews for purposes of e.g. a Minyan.

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