Hookers for Hillary Clinton

hooker spit

Hillary’s Disgusting & Pathetic

Publicity Stunt.

If Hillary Clinton wasn’t so repulsive she might be pitiable unfortunately the only merit she has earned based on the sex appeal she is attempting to acquire is the same as that of a sexagenarian, geriatric, ménage à trois. I think it’s obvious, I think we all can see, I think it’s quite apparent that Hillary is jealous of the sex appeal that Bernie Sanders has.  Apparently she is trying to get the Bernie Bros on her side by getting the Sluts on her side.  The problem with her stupid plan is that people that are attracted to Sanders are not attracted to him because they can be manipulated by such overt pandering.  Frankly, its insulting that she would think it would be.

I relish the fact that Liberal Progressives are willing to show their true colors by stooping lower and lower.  What I find curious is that they constantly reveal themselves to be hypocrites while attempting to appear to be moral authorities.  If you believe in Equal Work for Equal Pay shouldn’t men be able to make the same amount of money doing sex work?  If men and women were the same and equal, would this not be the case?  Where is the Lobby demanding that women pay male sex workers the same rate that female prostitutes make?

Do you really think that all of these Lusty Ladies are actually voting for Hillary Clinton?  Really?  I find that highly improbable.  Furthermore, you can bet money they got something in return for it.  Maybe they were cheating on their taxes like the good Reverend Al Sharpton…  :/

Lastly, I have always thought that the phrase, “Hooker Spit” should be a swear.  Think about it.  Try it sometime.   People will gasp just like you said a profanity because Hooker Spit is one of the most vile substances in the world.  There.  I said it.  I feel better. 🙂


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