Was Scalia Assassinated?

Antonin Scalia,
Obama claimed to be a Constitutional Scholar, he constantly argued from his own Authority while ignoring the Constitution and consciously violating the Separation of Powers that protects American Citizens from Tyranny in any form.  No sooner do the Wheels of Justice grind into action and the Supreme Court prepares to step toe-to-toe with man who was elected president but promoted himself to Negus then the most conservative Constitutional Scholar on the Supreme Court and the largest threat to the Obama Agenda mysteriously dies and no autopsy will be performed…

I don’t like to be conspiratorial but we are living in dangerous times so it is necessary and important to maintain an attitude of suspicious vigilance.  Eternal Vigilance after all is the price of freedom.  I will now report on certain things that bother me about a series of unfortunate events that suggest either fate has a sense of irony or something untoward is at foot.

In criminal profiling you need to prove motive and opportunity. We already know that Obama has abused the our espionage capabilities to spy on our Allies, namely Israel, and our representatives.  What would lead us to believe that he wouldn’t use them to spy on the highest court in the land?  We already know that the Supreme Court was angling itself at Obama because of a clause that says, the President must faithfully execute the law of the land and Obama hadn’t been doing that.  In order to retroactively cover his has he had started deporting illegal immigrants because of the amount of negative attention his Sanctuary Cites were attracting.  Do you really think that Obama didn’t know what was about to happen with the Supreme Court?  Do you not find it suspicious that the largest threat to his Legacy mysteriously dies at this particular time?  Not only that, other news outlets refused to carry the story after it was first reported.  It had to be retracted that he had died of a heart attack.  The News organizations instead were forced to report that he had died of “Natural Causes”.  How is a heart attack not a “Natural Cause”?  Furthermore, it was apriorily, definitively, categorized as a “Natural Cause” and no autopsy would be performed.

Eagerly, Barack Hussein Obama lurches to decree that he will fulfill his presidential duties and appoint a Supreme Court Justice to replace him.  Correctly, Mitch McConnell says that Republicans will block any nominee for SCOTUS because the American People should have a say on who gets the promotion.  Liberal retards argue that Obama was elected president so therefore he represents the will of the American people, showing their complete delusionality about how time works and conflating the present in which he has the lowest approval rating ever with his last election.  Also completely ignoring what’s happening in the current election with the massive support for non establishment candidates and the complete derision and mistrust in which Hillary Clinton is being held.  Furthermore, by the same logic the Senators and Congressmen are elected officials and also reflect the will of the people, so they would therefore be justified in blocking his promotion.  To top it all off we have seen the majority of public opinion moving right in a landslide while the progressives are attempting for force ideological fascism, and remove fundamental constitutional freedoms against the General Will of the citizens.


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