Marco Rubio A.K.A. Bubble Boy

Hot Pink Bubble Boy

What follows is what journalist Mark Sullivan wrote of what Daugherty saw in that moment:

Harding was worth looking at. He was at the time about 35 years old. His head, features, shoulders and torso had a size that attracted attention… an effect which in any male at any place would justify more than the term handsome – in later years, when he came to be known beyond his local world, the word “Roman” was occasionally used in descriptions of him… His suppleness, combined with his bigness of frame, and his large, wide-set rather glowing eyes, heavy black hair, and markedly bronze complexion gave him some of the handsomeness of an Indian. His courtesy… suggested genuine friendliness toward all mankind. His voice was noticeably resonant, masculine, warm… His manner as he bestowed a tip suggested generous good-nature, a wish to give pleasure, based on physical well-being and sincere kindliness of heart.

“Why we fall for Tall, Dark, and Handsome” BLINK Malcolm Gladwell

This is what frustrates me, if women are so smart, if women are equal to men, if women think like men, why is it so easy to win elections by manipulating their feeble, female, brains?  And why is it considered sexist to point it out when it is going on?  The fact of the matter is that as long as women aren’t forced to scrutinize themselves and how they think they are a danger to themselves and everybody else which is why women, historically, were not allowed to vote.  Barack Hussein Obama had huge feminine appeal and he turns out to be one of the worst presidents in the history of the United States if not the worst.  When I call women on their stupid shit I am treating them just as I would any man who also happened to be an idiot.  Welcome to equality girls, now pick up your fair share of the load and start busting those buns.


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