Ted Cruz, Master Debator :/

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Donald Trump’s refusal to appear at the Iowa debate was a brilliant strategic move.  Sun Tzu said that one should force the other to come to him on the battlefield not to go to the battlefield because of being drawn their by one’s opponent.  Everyone was so prepared to attack Trump at the debate that even when he wasn’t present everything said revolved around him and characterized him as the biggest threat.  Cruz completely fumbled the ball and tried to win by acting like a victim.  The rest of the candidates acted like a bunch of little girls with their catty posturing.  Rand Paul was allowed onto the main stage and was proficient at demonstrating why he wasn’t even an option for president of the United States.  The other candidates who were arguing that they wanted to debate substance got exposed themselves as nothing more than opportunistic posers regurgitating party shibboleths and spouting well rehearsed talking points that you can bet money will be altered or not acted on should they actually make it into office.

For all of his bluff and bluster Ted Cruz showed that he was only capable of drafting off the Trump Train Juggernaut and when he had the lime light to himself he showed that he was nothing but the shadow of the Donald, a mere apprentice.  He demonstrated that he wasn’t presidential.

– See more at: http://www.great-quotes.com/quotes/author/Sun/Tzu#sthash.cB1KN68e.dpuf

I am still voting for Trump and only Trump for a Presidential candidate. I am tempted, should Trump not get the nomination, to back Bernie Sanders.  My reasoning is that if I can’t have the candidate who I know will save the United States of America from destruction, at the very least I can ram the failure of the Liberal Retards down their throats and force them to take responsibility for how stupid and wrong they were when Bernie proves to be a dismal failure.  Are you really so stupid that you think Moslem nations are going to participate with a President who is that overtly Jewish?  Lol, you can’t pry failure from the Kung Fu grip of Lib-tards, they are determined to snatch failure from the jaws of victory.

Finally, Chris Christy and  Ben Carson made themselves look pretty good.  Don’t get it twisted.  I’m only thinking about them as cabinet members or Vice Presidents. . .


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