Heil, Hillary, Socialist Communist!


What is Hillary?  Based on what she has been doing she is a combination of a Socialist and a Communist.  Her basic conception is that if you are an enemy of the Middle Class you are a friend of hers.  She doesn’t care if the Government is owned by the Corporations so she doesn’t mind that Russia has influence over our nuclear capabilities. She doesn’t care if China has owns our computer technology or all of our pork production.  She doesn’t care who wins as long as she is included and the Middle Class loses.  The jobs that have been created by the negotiations and “Charity” of the Clinton Foundation which is really just an excuse to fund their expensive lifestyle, are arguably only slightly better, if any improvement at all, than living in abject poverty.

Hillary wants to increase the minimum wage.  How generous of her when the value of the dollar is plummeting and nobody has any jobs.  How thoughtful when all of those jobs will go to the illegal immigrants that they are flooding the country with and attempting to make them dependent on handouts from the Government.

That’s wonderful that you are a liberal progressive and you are very generous with giving away other peoples stuff, but there comes a time when you have to think about your own self preservation and this is that time.  I wish your douchey, liberal, sentiments were only dangerous to you, but they aren’t.  You have lived your life in order to make people better than yourself miserable.  You don’t have a positive existence because you don’t live for anything  Everything about you as a liberal progressive is being a thorn in the side of the people that protect you, fight for you and your freedom, and create the surplus of value that you steal from them and give to people that hate them.  Well, look around you, this is the Utopia, the Heaven that you have created.  Let’s be honest, it’s a Hell that you carved out of Heaven because of your Greed,  Hatred, and Stupidity.  It exists and has gotten worse because you were too arrogant to admit that you are wrong.  Like a crazy person you refused to recuse yourself and take your hands off the wheel as we race towards the precipice of the cliff.  I hope there is such a thing as incarnation because I fear that you won’t learn your lesson until everybody is dead.  Everybody else is going to have to experience your karma for you.  You bury your head in the sand as evil creeps closer thinking that some magical force, maybe the power of your optimism, is going to alter reality.  Like a crazy person you perseverate, doing the same thing over and over, saying the same thing over and over and expecting a better result.  You are delusional.  I hate you.


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