In defense of Trump.


I am not like the liberal progressives, I’m not claiming to have psychic abilities & I am not offering testimony for Donald Trump, both of which are part of the strategies used by Lib-tards.  What I am is a psycholinguist with what was formerly known as Asperger’s syndrome, which is associated with a savant like ability to consciously edit one’s own consideration set to focus obsessively on certain topics and to achieve success in those endeavors.  I too have shadow syndromes of Autism. Tourette’s is also part of the spectrum that is Autism.

What I am suggesting is that the very aspects of Donald Trump’s personality that the Lib-tards think excludes him from serious consideration are part of the reason why Trump is perfect for the job.  In Japanese art they have a concept known as Wabi-Sabi, or perfect in it’s imperfection.  Such a term describes Trump to a T.  The various symptoms of Autism are associated with the MTHFKR gene which is responsible for most positive mutations.

I am not saying that I approve of some of the things Trump has done or said.  They are not things that I would like to see in the President of the United States, but I see those same instincts in myself and I understand them because of the prodigious amounts of anger and frustration that I must contain every day.  We have this feeling like time is running out.  We have this feeling that WWIII has already begun and the gloves are coming off.  Obama is letting the next generation of Islamo-Nazis grab up land, weapons, and resources while financially crippling the Greatest Military Power on earth and apologizing for our success as a civilization.  The U.S. is and has been the greatest moralizing influence on the world in recent history.

Lib-tards seem less capable than anybody else in detecting their own B.S. It should be obvious to them that Donald Trump is a highly functioning Autistic Savant.  What this evidences is their Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations.  They are perfectly willing to offer Mercy & Charity to people with disabilities to who do not threaten them and who agree with them.  The hidden subject is that they want these people beneath themselves not more successful than themselves.  It is a way in which they telegraph to people “I am the cool honky, I am not the angry cracker.”  It is a way in which they include themselves by apologizing for themselves.  They are unwilling to grant Victim Status to people that threaten their agenda or prejudices.  Donald is unwilling to think of himself as disabled.  He is unwilling to act like a victim.  I have respect for that.

There was another man that had Asperger’s Syndrome, he stopped being a doctor and took over a small portion of money to broker, he was the first and one of the only people to predict the sub-prime mortgage fall out and he invested all of his money correctly in that eventuality.  After the fact Alan Greenspan was asked why he hadn’t seen the dropout coming, Greenspan defended himself by saying that nobody had predicted it but he was wrong.  People pointed out to him that the Autistic Savant with Autism had correctly predicted the crash.  Something to think about.  Look where playing it safe has got us.



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