Obama’s Baby

FRONTLINE "Dreams of Obama"
Obama should be tarred and feathered for his ISIS baby.

Obama should be tarred and feathered.

Nobody likes to talk about it because the subject is a real sticky wicket, I mean once you start the conversation you get sucked into a debate with the opposite landers that argue for vagueness (how do we really know???)  and tacit equivocations between good & evil that can only be made by an insane, suicidal person incapable of detecting their own horse crap.

Obama created a power vacuum in Iraq that was filled by ISIS.  His regime sent guns and ammo into Syria from Benghazi that ended up in the hands of ISIS.   He freed detainees from Guantanamo that went to train and fight ISIS.  He under reported their size and strength.  He over reported our success against them.  He said that they need jobs.  (Guess what, turns out they have jobs).  Then he starts talking about Global Warming being the largest threat to the survival of mankind.  The whole time concealing from us and the rest of the civilized world that ISIS has a $1,000,000 a day oil industry that we haven’t been attacking, (because of fear of global warming? from the power vacuum in Iraq allowing them to take over the oil fields?)


The Bodacity of Hope

It is bad enough that Obama is lying to, concealing from, and manipulating us, but on top of that he hasn’t changed his strategy at all in dealing with ISIS.  He tells Congress that if they declare war on ISIS but don’t include a clause saying that if they cross a border we won’t pursue them over that border, the law has earned his veto.  In this way he telegraphs to ISIS where they have to go in order to escape U.S. Military action and survive.  Obama is complicit, with ISIS if he isn’t responsible for them.  On top of that, he tells us (Americans) that if we lump all Muslims together, because the so-called peaceful Muslims expect us to fight their wars for them and won’t even lift a finger to fight off the evil that is concealed within their midst, that we are actually Causing the Existence of ISIS by the powers of our negative thinking.  Well I’m sorry Mr. Hussein Obama, I guess we didn’t imbue your Nobel Peace Prize with enough Magic Pixie dust because obviously we didn’t HOPE hard enough, did we?   Our reacting to your failure to protect us and the Muslim apathy towards crimes caused by radical Muslims somehow traveled back in time and created the ISIS threat, didn’t it?





2 thoughts on “Obama’s Baby”

  1. I don’t understand why he hasn’t been arrested. This has to be the biggest Conspiracy ever put together to Destroy America. It all goes back to the ” One World Order,” and their ” Open Border,” policies. America is the biggest stumbling block to stop it. That is why he is among us.

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