Secret Society Wars VIII: Currency Wars


It has only recently become accepted because it has become impossible to conceal it any longer, that there are currency wars happening in the world right now.  I don’t consider myself a huge conspiracy theorist, I know that secret societies exist because I have traced their origins to ancient Greece and the early Philosophers.  I frequently get banned from conspiracy groups because my theories don’t have the same anti-Zionist, Illuminati, anti-American bias as everybody else’s.  Still I feel this is worth mentioning.  Because of the way my brain works, and the meta data that I am constantly picking up and remembering, combined with my obscene abilities of pattern recognition, I have an ability to string facts and events together in a way that makes a plausible narrative.

It is obvious to me the there is already a war going on in the world behind the scenes, that is why I started this series of blogs.  Every once in a while that battle slips into the open and I try to mark that moment with a blog and a few predictions, if my theories are correct my predictions should come true.  A few things happened recently that caught my attention, a bunch of holes were filled in, and a narrative started forming.  I am going to try to lay out the bare bones with as plainly as I can.

The History Channel recently had an episode of America’s Book of Secrets, I believe it was, that talked about the gold in the Federal Reserve, they said that Germany had asked to audit it’s 374 tons of gold and had been told it wasn’t available, for audit.  When Germany announced its intention to repatriate it’s gold they were told it would take 7 years.  It has been reported that 5 other nations have asked to see their gold stores since then.  Apparently that Federal Reserve allows anybody to store their gold with them free of charge.  What should be disturbing is that while the Fed is sanctioned by the U.S. Government it is privately owned.

China is obviously manipulating their currency to leverage itself against the United States, and gas prices are being driven down either to reduce the amount of money that ISIS can make selling oil on the black-market or to destroy the economies of Russia and Argentina, which is happening.  That was a major source of income for them and now they can’t make a profit on oil.  It seems also that somebody is intentionally keeping the price of Gold artificially low on the global level.  Everybody agrees that the people that are doing it are based in the United States.  The removal of the Gold Standard allowed the over reach of government, before they could only make so much money, so people compensated for things by bartering for them.  But when you can arbitrarily manufacture money you can control what everybody can make money for and what they can spend money on, a subtle form of behavioral control.

ISIS has recently started minting their own Gold Coins (Dinars) and distributing them.  There was doubt for years that they could even mint a coin, and people were skeptical about how much money they actually had.  Interestingly, their express purpose was that they wanted to avoid the “Satanic Illuminati controlled usury” the “Tyrant’s system”.

The Illuminatiam book which came out not to long ago made a few interesting assertions.  It said that Social Media was created so that everybody on the face of the earth could be monitored online anytime they interacted even when they thought they were the most secure, the book also said that the Illuminati are not going to allow a 3rd world war, lastly it asserted that money has value because they say it does and they are confident that all of society is under the power of their thought control and nothing anybody could do would thwart that.  What is interesting about the concept of money having value is that it suggests that money has value whether or not it is backed by gold or has something with intrinsic value to back it up.  This leaks guilty knowledge that the money isn’t backed up with any other form of value and leaks an arrogance that society will continue to function due to the collective power of the Illuminati’s will, whoever they are ( I know who they are 😉

So, where is the Gold?…

What disturbs me, as I have documented in this series, is how everything and everyone is connected.  Not only does it appear that Obama created ISIS it also that he has repeatedly defended them, at one time saying that they need jobs, at another time saying that he would veto a bill that allowed him to cross over borders in pursuit of ISIS and thus telegraphing to ISIS where they needed to go in order to survive.  Not to mention the brilliant way in which ISIS has been marketed not just to Muslims but to everybody, the anti-Jewish, Pro-Muslim propaganda coming from the Music Industry Illuminati, and their intimate connection with Barack Hussein Obama.  The fact that the Congress gave him all kinds of authority to make secret deals with Muslim leaders not the least of which was his pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia to meet with the “Supreme Leader” “where Islam began”.  Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, & Louis Farrakhan have done everything in their power to make Islam look attractive to children and minorities.

Obama has gotten way too close to the actors in Hollywood, he has given far too much power to the Muslim biased United Nations with 55 countries.  It seems as though he was trying to give ISIS time by under reporting their gains and over reporting how much damage we were doing to them.  It is as though he were trying to sway public opinion by manufacturing a kind of tipping point where people no longer care about Christians or Jews, where people not only are sympathetic to Islam but Idolize Islam.   If all of our children converted to Islam how would that change how we feel about terrorism?  Indeed the Obama Regime even said, “One person’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist.”  He defended ISIS at one point by talking about the Crusades as though ISIS is redressing some Historic Evil visited upon them and making things good again.  He has attempted to use his popularity, especially with youth, to get people to feel sympathetic to terrorists, refusing to call them Muslims even though they have the word Islam in their own name.

The other thing that bothers me is that Obama is obviously trying to socialize the United States, and ISIS is obviously using blitzkrieg warfare.  The love between Hitler and Islam was mutual but in addition to that, he created blitzkrieg warfare knowing that France and Britain were socializing and because Germany was a relatively small country he needed more resources in order to wage more war because he was bent on global domination.  That is exactly what ISIS is doing right now.  That is the entire world on their coin, a global caliphate.  Obama knows that Islam is the fastest growing population on earth because of irresponsible breeding with multiple wives, forced conversions, and forbidding anybody from leaving Islam.  His strategy which he worked out secretly with the other conniving Muslim leaders is that if everyone is Muslim (which seems inevitable anyway) then religion will be irrelevant, or society will be controllable, so we will empower the United Nations, usher in an age of Peace, and create a One World Government.  Obama will leave his term in office and take a position of High Rank in the United Nations, which will be a promotion, having permanently financially and militarily crippled the United States and having enabled the enemy and stacked the deck in their favor.

So here is what you can take away as my predictions, I think ISIS has a lot more gold than everybody thinks they do.  I think Obama is going to try to give all authority to the United Nations, he is attempting to give ISIS time to grow, and get more resources.  I think Obama will try to become a High Ranking Member (or get a promotion) of the United Nations after his term as president.

I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions, If Putin wasn’t bombing ISIS why would they blow up a Russian Jet?  If there is a clear distinction between the Free Syrian Army and ISIS then how come Syrian Refugees are attacking France?


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    I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions, If Putin wasn’t bombing ISIS why would they blow up a Russian Jet? If there is a clear distinction between the Free Syrian Army and ISIS then how come Syrian Refugees are attacking France?

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