Psychological Exegesis of the Muslim Adam and Eve


In one of my recent blogs I explained how Muslims twist the Judeo-Christian scriptures and portray Cain as the good guy, demonstrating their descent from Cain.  They also claim that Adam was the first Muslim while at the same time thinking themselves not tainted by original sin because of rejecting modern education and scientific authority.  You will remember that the serpent said that being like God you will be able to judge good and bad.  Muslims believe they have circumvented the taint of the original sin by rejecting Modern Education. This gives them the conceit that they are above the laws of all other countries.  On top of everything it is a tacit argument from ignorance but also, and this is weird, an argument from authority, from their perspective they are authorities on holiness and piety because they are ignorant.  It is also important to realize that “Israel” literally means “Wrestles with god”  while “Islam” means “Surrender or Submit to Allah”. In order to wrestle with god or to disagree with god or argue with god you have to be somewhat closer to being on God’s level.  The relationship between God and the individual is framed completely differently.  This characterization should inform you that Allah and Yahweh are not the same entity.  Allah is a tyrant, a dictator, and a despot that demands obedience and doesn’t allow any conversation with himself.  What you see repeated in Islam is that if you don’t do what you are told or if you try to reason or disagree you will be killed.  That is the god they worship.

When the Hebrew language was created it was a coupe, until that moment in time languages had many more characters and they were much more complicated.  All of the western languages and alphabets (alpha beta) evolved out of this language.  Until that time there was a literate priest class that protected all knowledge and prevented society in general from being educated.  In this way they controlled society, simpler languages were Revolutionary and allowed other people to communicate between one another and to share their knowledge.  It allowed the dissemination of fliers and tracts when the printing press came along.  It allowed people to voice their opinions on politics, to disagree, and to satirize, mock, and ridicule people who were corrupt or evil.

In Muslim Majority countries women are often not allowed to have an education or to work let alone leave the house without a male family member or drive.  Boko Haram kidnapped, raped, and murdered Christian girls because an educated woman is an abomination in their eyes.  Marriage in Judeo-Christianity was a business contract (recently it has become something different, amorphous and undefined) in Islam marriage IS a property contract.

When Islam was created it devolved religion, resurrecting the dead priest class with an illiterate majority hanging on every word of an Imam issuing fatwas and telling them what to think, say, and do.  Gone was the plurality and variety of sources of inspiration that would allow one to be exposed to other ideas.  It has been very successful for them too, they have the fastest growing population of the stupidest and most violent people on earth.  There is a direct correlation between stupidity and violence, which is why Islam is responsible for the vast majority of the violence that happens in the world.  Brigitte Gabriel explained in her book BECAUSE THEY HATE that Saudi Arabia translates fewer books into Arabic than Greece translates into Greek.  Greece has one of the least literate populations and they translate 300% more books into their language than does Saudi Arabia into Arabic with one of the largest populations.


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