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The Obama Regime was supporting NEO-NAZIS in the Ukraine before Putin stepped in.

Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.

Plato (c.427 – 347 BC)

Part of the Obama Regime’s plan for destroying America was a private collusion with the leaders of the Muslim world.  Obama started his presidency with a pilgrimage to Mecca to speak with the “Supreme Leader” of Saudi Arabia, “where Islam began,”.  His term in office has been marked by secret meetings, agreements, and handshakes behind closed doors that the American People don’t know about and that circumvent the separation of powers created by the founding fathers to protect us from tyranny.  The congress is not considered “illuminated”enough to grasp subtle concepts and to make decisions for us…

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Fact Checking Jesse Watters

“He who justifies the wicked and punishes the righteous is an abomination before the Lord.” “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord…” but Muslims have provisions for lying and promoting Islam, as the Quran says, “Allah is the best liar.”  “Did you understand the Lie that Allah told? Only the Nations believe it, the Loosers.”

The Hobbit does have Christian themes.

Tolkien was a philologist and a linguist much like myself.  He was in fact so Christian that he converted C. S. Lewis to Christianity who had overt Christian themes in his literature.  In school they had a creative writing group known as “The Inklings”.  He did not overtly put Christian themes in his book but upon later inspection as he was editing it, he had to admit that the patterns were there.

People say, “Look, God’s not mentioned in The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. There’s no churches, no priest, no Bible. There’s no Jesus. How can you say it’s Christian?” And I said, “Here’s the deal. You can’t see that it’s Christian because you live in the Christian world where there is right and wrong and there is truth. I don’t know if you know any friends who don’t believe that there’s right or wrong and don’t believe there’s such a thing as truth. That’s the non-Christian world.” I mean, that’s the world without God.  J. R. R. Tolkien SOURCE HERE

Something that C. S. Lewis said actually helped me when I was psychologically profiling Richard Dawkins.  It helped me understand the environment that he grew up in and the impact that environment had on him.  At that point I understood what it was that he was concealing about himself based on his rhetoric.  Dawkins grew up in the same Atheist environment that Tolkien and Lewis grew up in but instead of rebelling against it his weaker mind bowed to it.

…If you have not been at such a school as Wyvern, you may ask what a Blood is. He is a member of the school aristocracy. Foreign readers must clearly understand that this aristocracy has nothing whatever to do with the social position of the boys in the outer world. Boys of good, or wealthy, family are no more likely to be in it than anyone else; the only nobleman in my House at Wyvern never became a Blood. Shortly before my time there the son of a very queer customer had been at least on the fringe of Bloodery. The qualifying condition for Bloodery is that one should have been at the school for a considerable time….

…At some schools, I am told, there is a sort of dyarchy. An aristocracy of Bloods, supported or at least tolerated by popular sentiment, stands over against an official ruling class of prefects appointed by the Masters. I believe they usually appoint it from the highest form, so that it has some claim to be an intelligentsia… Their position was emphasized by special liberties, clothes, priorities, and dignities which affected every side of school life….  …At the Coll the lowest social class of all were too young, therefore too weak, to dream of revolt. In the middle class—boys who were no longer fags but not yet Bloods—those who alone had physical strength and popularity enough to qualify them as leaders of a revolution were already beginning to hope for Bloodery themselves. It suited them better to accelerate their social progress by courting the existing Bloods than to risk a revolt …

It is possible that some readers will not know what a House Tart was. First, as to the adjective. All life at Wyvern was lived, so to speak, in the two concentric circles of Coll and House. You could be a Coll pre or merely a House pre. You could be a Coll Blood or merely a House Blood, a Coll Punt (i. e., a pariah, an unpopular person) or merely a House Punt; and of course a Coll Tart or merely a House Tart. A Tart is a pretty and effeminate-looking small boy who acts as a catamite to one or more of his seniors, usually Bloods. Usually, not always. Though our oligarchy kept most of the amenities of life to themselves, they were, on this point, liberal; they did not impose chastity on the middle-class boy in addition to all his other disabilities. Pederasty among the lower classes was not “side,” or at least not serious side; not like putting one’s hands in one’s pockets or wearing one’s coat unbuttoned. The gods had a sense of proportion.

The Tarts had an important function to play in making school (what it was advertised to be) a preparation for public life. They were not like slaves, for their favors were (nearly always) solicited, not compelled. Nor were they exactly like prostitutes, for the liaison often had some permanence and, far from being merely sensual, was highly sentimentalized. Nor were they paid (in hard cash, I mean) for their services; though of course they had all the flattery, unofficial influence, favor, and privileges which the mistresses of the great have always enjoyed in adult society. That was where the Preparation for Public Life came in. It would appear from Mr. Arnold Lunn’s Harrovians that the Tarts at his school acted as informers.

As I have hinted before, the fagging system is the chief medium by which the Bloods, without breaking any rule, can make a junior boy’s life a weariness to him. Different schools have different kinds of fagging. At some of them, individual Bloods have individual fags… …Fagging with us was as impersonal as the labor market in Victorian England; in that way, too, the Coll was a preparation for public life. All boys under a certain seniority constituted a labor pool, the common property of all the Bloods. When a Blood wanted his O.T.C, kit brushed and polished, or his boots cleaned, or his study “done out,” or his tea made, he shouted.  SURPRISED BY JOY, C. S. LEWIS AUTOBIOGRAPHY



Wake Up Lib-tards!!!

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Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders makes an appeal to useful idiots that have been buying Noam Chomsky’s tripe because they think he is smart & therefore correct.  Stupidly they assume that if they take his positions they will become smarter by proxy, this is known as the “Fundamental Attribution Error” thinking in terms of essences.  Noam Chomsky possesses the essence of smartness, if I regurgitate Chomsky’s shibboleths I will be smarter.

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Obama’s Baby

FRONTLINE "Dreams of Obama"
Obama should be tarred and feathered for his ISIS baby.

Obama should be tarred and feathered.

Nobody likes to talk about it because the subject is a real sticky wicket, I mean once you start the conversation you get sucked into a debate with the opposite landers that argue for vagueness (how do we really know???)  and tacit equivocations between good & evil that can only be made by an insane, suicidal person incapable of detecting their own horse crap.

Obama created a power vacuum in Iraq that was filled by ISIS.  His regime sent guns and ammo into Syria from Benghazi that ended up in the hands of ISIS.   He freed detainees from Guantanamo that went to train and fight ISIS.  He under reported their size and strength.  He over reported our success against them.  He said that they need jobs.  (Guess what, turns out they have jobs).  Then he starts talking about Global Warming being the largest threat to the survival of mankind.  The whole time concealing from us and the rest of the civilized world that ISIS has a $1,000,000 a day oil industry that we haven’t been attacking, (because of fear of global warming? from the power vacuum in Iraq allowing them to take over the oil fields?)


The Bodacity of Hope

It is bad enough that Obama is lying to, concealing from, and manipulating us, but on top of that he hasn’t changed his strategy at all in dealing with ISIS.  He tells Congress that if they declare war on ISIS but don’t include a clause saying that if they cross a border we won’t pursue them over that border, the law has earned his veto.  In this way he telegraphs to ISIS where they have to go in order to escape U.S. Military action and survive.  Obama is complicit, with ISIS if he isn’t responsible for them.  On top of that, he tells us (Americans) that if we lump all Muslims together, because the so-called peaceful Muslims expect us to fight their wars for them and won’t even lift a finger to fight off the evil that is concealed within their midst, that we are actually Causing the Existence of ISIS by the powers of our negative thinking.  Well I’m sorry Mr. Hussein Obama, I guess we didn’t imbue your Nobel Peace Prize with enough Magic Pixie dust because obviously we didn’t HOPE hard enough, did we?   Our reacting to your failure to protect us and the Muslim apathy towards crimes caused by radical Muslims somehow traveled back in time and created the ISIS threat, didn’t it?




Ritual Magic & College Antics


The occult is essentially psychology that you don’t know.  Modern psychology is catching up with the occult.  Some people are wondering why Obama keeps hiring Behavioral Psychologists.  Partly it’s because he is trying to wag the dog.

The Hidden Hand

Obama is very well connected behind the scenes.  He is directly associated with the antics of students on college campuses and their demands. One of the demands that black students are making is for a “safe space” room in the faculty building.  Many of their demands are ridiculous while insisting that they are rational.  They are already in a manic, histrionic state when they are making their exaggerated demands showing that they will become even more abusive if their insanity isn’t taken seriously.  There is no way that the demands can be accepted without incriminating oneself because to accept such childish demands would also demonstrate guilt.  This shows me that the manipulation and appeal to the feminine bias and instinct of the left is not accidental, it is conscious, deliberate, and willful on the part of the Obama Regime, they know exactly what they are doing.  Also if these demands are accepted it will make it impossible to change them at a future time and it leaves not defensive ground to stand on in any future conflict between faculty and students, and remember it was the students that started the conflict.  The Liberally biased teachers were catering to the whims of the minorities before this.

So what’s really going on?

Let’s go back to the demand that I originally stated, to have a safe space inside the faculty building.  Now one of the concepts I came up with in my psychological models is that there are different ways of encoding data.  I found when I was deconstructing actions in order to see how they create value for people that some forms of strategic behavior were used in order to communicate certain things to certain people.  I am going to go off on a tangent right now and tell you a little story.

You say “Tomato” I say Organic Tomato

I worked at Whole Foods Market for 12 years, so I know what I am talking about.  If you examine the rules governing Organic produce, about the segregation what you realize is that this ritual communicates data to the human being (Organic Computer).  If a organic produce comingles with Non-organic produce it is no longer organic.  Organic produce has to be stored above conventional produce.  This reifies in the psyche of the individual through the use of rituals that Organic is something real, good, and desirable.  People actually feel good about themselves because of eating organic food, they have a psychosomatic, placebo response, but people don’t necessary know exactly what organic means.  I once heard an employee say, “Everything in the store is kind of Organic.”  No, it’s not.  Organic is something very specific, there is even a rule about not labeling foods with percentages of Organic because it is considered confusing.

So while the innate goodness of Organic food has been reified in the psyche of the employee and customer, what if the actual standards of Organic foods are declining?  One of the things I found the most ridiculous is that for a period of time Salts and some waters were paying to get certified as organic and the organic certifiers were giving them certification.  While it is not part of the Organic standards the word “Organic” suggests that you are talking about something living and growing not water or a mineral deposit.  In order to save money many stores, (especially Whole Foods) is buying their produce from China, which is a highly polluted environment, the air itself can be cut with a knife, literally.  How is that organic?  1st generation Chinese people were the most insistent and vigilant about not purchasing any organic produce that came from China and yet more and more Organic Produce is being purchased from China as the cost increases.

In much the same way McDonald’s increases the perceived value of their food by extra packaging.  The unwrapping of their terrible food-flavored product that doesn’t rot and no animal or insect will eat, is a ritual that builds anticipation in the person who is about to get constipated because they are eating 3 pieces of bread and meat laden with Pink Slime which is laced with Ammonia in order to kill off any E.coli one might get from eating beef that was tainted with cow feces.  It is the power of ritual.  When I do my photo shops and I use different fonts, colors, layers, and borders that also has a ritualizing effect for the eyes as the person pores over the images I altered in order to convey something to them.

So, what is being communicated by the strategic demands of the college students?  If you allow them to have their “safe space” in the faculty building, you will essentially be granting them status as faculty.  The people that will avail themselves the most of the “Safe Space” will be the lowest common denominator, the most histrionic people who are attacking people with their issues, they will look for any excuse to use the room and get their way in every way at every moment.  The room itself is a shrine to their issues that reifies the realness their issues.  It is an assault on Western Education.  Why do you think saying “Meritocracy” is now a micro aggression?  Why do you think Obama is attempting to get rid of standardized testing?    It is a tacit equivocation between success and failure, between intelligence and stupidity.  How do we really know who is smart and who is dumb?  How do we really know what is good and evil?   How do we know who is a terrorist and who a freedom fighter?  It is arguing for vagueness.  The Liberal Progressives want a stupid, docile, slave class that depends on the Government to do all of their thinking for them, like a toxic mother figure with Munchausen syndrome by proxy.  It is a toxic relationship between the stupid majority and the corrupt and lazy oligarchical ruling class.  click here for a link to Plato’s 5 regimes.



The Obama Regime’s Mass Mind Control Experiment.


Intelligent Objects

Some of you know that I was raised Jehovah’s Witness and was constantly bombarded with hypnotic propaganda not only from “The Organization” but also from my father.  It had a peculiar effect on me, my brain automatically becomes irritated by anybody that is trying to wield undo influence on me.  The rest of society also has this instinct, although they possess it to a less extent than I do.  For this reason I coined the phrase “intelligent objects” in reference to human beings.  This term indicates that while objects are predictable, human beings are less so.  What is true about humans at one moment in time is not necessarily true about them at a later point in time.  Human beings can only be manipulated so far before they cease to be influenced by that form of manipulation.  This happens because of the constant way in which the Intelligent Object is constantly, unconsciously editing it’s consideration set (a term I appropriated and redefined from business philosophy and consumer psychology).

I had already profiled Obama as a psychopath over a year ago after noticing that he was communicating strategically and manipulatively.  I already knew that Hillary was being schooled in how to lie with out leaking any micro-expressions that would betray her.  I knew that because when she was lying she sounded exactly like Obama, speaking in an emotionless monotone, and pausing repeatedly when she started becoming emotional so that tension wouldn’t creep into her voice and betray her.  I also knew that Obama was using the best of modern psychology to influence black and Mexican minorities to feel a kinship with Islam.  obama-eric-holder

How did this all start?  What is their end game?  The plot is so twisted and convoluted I would make myself sound insane if I tried to lay it all out at one moment in time.  So I am going to keep this pithy and tell you what can be most easily proven.

In the book BLINK! by Malcolm Gladwell, he spoke of one of the latest psychological discoveries, in a test they would flash pictures of people with different ethnicities and they would have words on the screen with different human virtues or vices.  As quickly as possible, without deliberation, people were supposed to associate the characteristics with the faces.  One of the emergent properties of this test was that all people, including black people, associated black people with negative human characteristics.  I refer to this instinct as Superficial Aesthetic Snap Decisions.

Based on my theories I can assure you that this comes from Neural Myelination that is passed down through cellular memory.  Now what is important is that this instinct evolved over thousands or millions of years and exists because those instincts were associated with survival.

In a typical liberal fashion, liberal progressives blame the beneficiaries of this bias for the existence of the bias, as if it is part of some global, conspiracy orchestrated by white males.  Without questioning why this unconscious bias exists universally in the human genome, they decided that it was bad and set about attempting to reverse it, just as they did with the Cultural Universal of believing in God and the instinct to hire and promote men faster for certain positions.


As Obama started trying to manipulate the cultural stereotypes and common public opinion he found several things out, white people became depressed, addicted to drugs, and started committing suicide, which from his perspective was a good thing.  Also he tried to portray the Police as “occupiers” and our armed forces as “terrorists” he continued to use manipulative narrative and his popularity to make ISIS terrorists seem less evil, they were just confused, they needed jobs, misguided.  Lastly, and most importantly he started influencing how people in general feel about black people in general.  And what he found was that he could cause riots and get people to sympathize with the violent rioters, which was hunky dory as far as he is concerned because he hates America and he thinks capitalism is evil.  He wants to financially and militarily hobble America so that we can’t climb out of debt and be a moralizing influence on the world.  He wants to empower the United Nations and make a One World Government with a Muslim bias and remove Israel after which all of the Jews will be hunted down and killed and all of the Christians will be murdered, converted, or become sex property.

When everybody is Muslim and Israel and America are gone (also France, Germany, Britain, and the rest of the civilized world) religion will be irrelevant.  I mean what is the alternative?  Muslims are the fastest growing population of the stupidest and most violent people in the world anyway so either we have a world war and kill of all of the Muslims or he minimizes losses by stacking the deck in favor of Islam and empowers the United Nations with it’s Muslim bias which will look the other way.   Which is fine with him because he is not a real Christian any way, he is just waiting for the right moment to announce that we are all fools and he has been a Muslim this whole time, and then he will laugh maniacally, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! STUPID, YOU ARE SO STUPID!!! HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW I WAS A SECRET MUSLIM THIS WHOLE TIME???  IT’S CALLED “TAQIYYA” OR AS I LIKE TO THINK OF IT, TAH KILL YA!!!

Oh, yeah, one last thing, he is also working closely with Facebook and learning what they know about manipulating people by controlling what they can see and hear.  Facebook is also collecting a lot of data on you.  Facebook also has a Muslim bias and they are part of Obama’s attempt to get people to think Islam is cool and the Jews are lame.

Reuter’s article about mass manipulation by behavioral psychologists.

Obama: “Shameful””Non-American”


…but Hussein, you are applying a religious test, are you not?

“When I hear folks say that,” the president said, “when I hear political leaders suggesting that there would be a religious test for which person who’s fleeing from a war-torn country is admitted, when some of those folks themselves come from families who benefited from protection when they were fleeing political persecution, that’s shameful.” “That’s not American.”

Not only are you giving preference to Muslim refugees over Christian refugees, when the Christians are more persecuted and the target of forced conversion, genocide, and becoming war booty, the sexual property of jihadis but you know as well as I do that the test for presenting a Prima Faciae law suit demonstrating discrimination is based on showing statistical disparate impact being created. You are consciously creating disparate impact in favor of violent Muslim extremists because you are a closeted Muslim, I am not going to wait for you to pull off your mask and laugh and say that you were a Muslim the whole time and we are so stupid.  You aren’t fooling anybody, and you are an evil P.O.S.  Us real Christians have a little biblical saying:

Actions speak louder than words…”


Did you or did you not apply a religious test when you refused to arm Christians targeted for extinction in Africa and the Middle East?  And when you refused to arm the Yazidis?  Do you apply a Religious test when you criticize and lecture Christians but only praise Muslims?  Do you apply a religious test when you ignore the constitutional freedom of speech and say that the “The world should not belong to those who (tell the truth about) the Prophet of Islam”?

Your rhetoric is mis-applied because we ARE NOT electing them president, we are determining whether they are eligible for citizenry.  The reason that a religious test is appropriate is because THAT PARTICULAR RELIGION has an ideology that is diametrically opposed to everything that the Western Civilized World is based on.


Interestingly, Hitler was also a Christian in name who secretly despised Christians but had many positive things to say in favor of Islam…

Click here for a link of Hitler Quotes in favor of Islam.

Exercise in Futility


Perseveration or Perseverance

“The strategy that we are putting forward is the strategy that is ultimately is going to work,” “It’s going to take time.” Obama said

Who is to say that from Obama’s perspective, the one he is concealing, that it isn’t already working?  It just needs more time… Or he might be delusional and he thinks it is working.  Perseveration is when a crazy person keeps doing the same thing and expecting a different result, that is the definition of insanity.

He goes on to say:

“talking as if they’re tough”

“Folks want to pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do,”  “If they think that somehow their advisers are better than the chairman of my Joint Chiefs of Staff and the folks who are actually on the ground, I want to meet them. And we can have that debate.”

as if his opinions are not just opinions.  This in linguistics is called a fricative alliteration.  He chose percussive sounding words because it communicates aggression, it is explosive, he is leaking anger.  After he psyches himself up with a Froggy reactive defense he continues that he wants to meet the people that disagree with him.  That’s right, come talk to the angry black guy that just accused you of popping off at the mouth with your opinions.  Then he says he wants you to be as detailed as possible, he then talks down to you saying that you think you are smarter than himself and all of his Military advisers (the ones that disagree with him and the one’s he doesn’t listen to, the ones that have to step down if they don’t tell him what he wants to hear) and then he mentions that you don’t know as much as the people with boots on the ground either, but I mean seriously, there are only 50 of them, right?  Anyway he presupposes that the people that are there agree with him, but we would never know because they have to sign non-disclosure contracts am I right?

For some reason when I look for articles on this subject what comes up is which is an interesting tactic, very talented naming yourself and patting yourself on the back at the same time.  They of course are trying to spin this so it makes Obama look like he is winning, they keep suggesting that he has “haters” which would be a bad thing if he was a Playa or a Pimp but he is supposed to be the president of the United States, so more likely than not he is the hater. . . He says he wants people to give him detailed accounts of what we should be doing over to win, O.K. Obama, I’ll bite, you give me access to all the same intel you have and I will let you know where you are wrong and I will created a detailed strategy that will get better results than your own.  After stacking the deck in his own favor knowing that anybody that accepts that challenge will be arguing from ignorance, he courageously states that he wants to have that debate 😉

“That’s shameful,” he said. “That’s not American. It’s not who we are.”

Umm, your job isn’t to lecture to us like some kind of creepy, overbearing, father figure, your job is to protect Americans and to execute the American will (and by that I don’t mean destroying the American will…) and if you are ashamed of being one of us you are free to abdicate your position.  I will shed no tears.

I gotta give my boy Bill O’reilly props though he handled the challenge very well with his response.  In closing that idiot over at “VerySmartBrothers” said that Obama “Code shifts” when white people aren’t around.  No stupid, he has hired more behavioral psychologists than all of the presidents in history combined.  He was talking to white people and every single action he takes is calculated to elicit a specific reaction.




Chaitanya, Charlatan, & Shayateen

Thought Uncommon


In order to show the continuity between the mentality that Jesus himself confronted in ancient Rome I am going to demonstrate my theories on Proto-Indo-European and the evolution of Language, Thought, and Western Civilization.  When the Pharisees accused him of driving out demons by the power of Beelzebub the must have accused him of being Shayateen, the Arabic word for Satan.  It is important to realize that modern day Muslims refer to Christians as Devil Worshippers. Muslims claim Jesus was a prophet but of Allah but presuppose the doctrine of Mohammed, whose teachings are antithetical to those of the Christ, over that of Jesus.  Mohammed also instructs Muslims not to take Jews or Christians as friends.

This word, I believe, comes from the Hindu word, “Chaitanya” meaning Consciousness it is associated with Chit, which became the Chinese work chi and the Japanese Ki, meaning energy.  Also Chai tea takes its name from…

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Secret Society Wars VIII: Currency Wars


It has only recently become accepted because it has become impossible to conceal it any longer, that there are currency wars happening in the world right now.  I don’t consider myself a huge conspiracy theorist, I know that secret societies exist because I have traced their origins to ancient Greece and the early Philosophers.  I frequently get banned from conspiracy groups because my theories don’t have the same anti-Zionist, Illuminati, anti-American bias as everybody else’s.  Still I feel this is worth mentioning.  Because of the way my brain works, and the meta data that I am constantly picking up and remembering, combined with my obscene abilities of pattern recognition, I have an ability to string facts and events together in a way that makes a plausible narrative.

It is obvious to me the there is already a war going on in the world behind the scenes, that is why I started this series of blogs.  Every once in a while that battle slips into the open and I try to mark that moment with a blog and a few predictions, if my theories are correct my predictions should come true.  A few things happened recently that caught my attention, a bunch of holes were filled in, and a narrative started forming.  I am going to try to lay out the bare bones with as plainly as I can.

The History Channel recently had an episode of America’s Book of Secrets, I believe it was, that talked about the gold in the Federal Reserve, they said that Germany had asked to audit it’s 374 tons of gold and had been told it wasn’t available, for audit.  When Germany announced its intention to repatriate it’s gold they were told it would take 7 years.  It has been reported that 5 other nations have asked to see their gold stores since then.  Apparently that Federal Reserve allows anybody to store their gold with them free of charge.  What should be disturbing is that while the Fed is sanctioned by the U.S. Government it is privately owned.

China is obviously manipulating their currency to leverage itself against the United States, and gas prices are being driven down either to reduce the amount of money that ISIS can make selling oil on the black-market or to destroy the economies of Russia and Argentina, which is happening.  That was a major source of income for them and now they can’t make a profit on oil.  It seems also that somebody is intentionally keeping the price of Gold artificially low on the global level.  Everybody agrees that the people that are doing it are based in the United States.  The removal of the Gold Standard allowed the over reach of government, before they could only make so much money, so people compensated for things by bartering for them.  But when you can arbitrarily manufacture money you can control what everybody can make money for and what they can spend money on, a subtle form of behavioral control.

ISIS has recently started minting their own Gold Coins (Dinars) and distributing them.  There was doubt for years that they could even mint a coin, and people were skeptical about how much money they actually had.  Interestingly, their express purpose was that they wanted to avoid the “Satanic Illuminati controlled usury” the “Tyrant’s system”.

The Illuminatiam book which came out not to long ago made a few interesting assertions.  It said that Social Media was created so that everybody on the face of the earth could be monitored online anytime they interacted even when they thought they were the most secure, the book also said that the Illuminati are not going to allow a 3rd world war, lastly it asserted that money has value because they say it does and they are confident that all of society is under the power of their thought control and nothing anybody could do would thwart that.  What is interesting about the concept of money having value is that it suggests that money has value whether or not it is backed by gold or has something with intrinsic value to back it up.  This leaks guilty knowledge that the money isn’t backed up with any other form of value and leaks an arrogance that society will continue to function due to the collective power of the Illuminati’s will, whoever they are ( I know who they are 😉

So, where is the Gold?…

What disturbs me, as I have documented in this series, is how everything and everyone is connected.  Not only does it appear that Obama created ISIS it also that he has repeatedly defended them, at one time saying that they need jobs, at another time saying that he would veto a bill that allowed him to cross over borders in pursuit of ISIS and thus telegraphing to ISIS where they needed to go in order to survive.  Not to mention the brilliant way in which ISIS has been marketed not just to Muslims but to everybody, the anti-Jewish, Pro-Muslim propaganda coming from the Music Industry Illuminati, and their intimate connection with Barack Hussein Obama.  The fact that the Congress gave him all kinds of authority to make secret deals with Muslim leaders not the least of which was his pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia to meet with the “Supreme Leader” “where Islam began”.  Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, & Louis Farrakhan have done everything in their power to make Islam look attractive to children and minorities.

Obama has gotten way too close to the actors in Hollywood, he has given far too much power to the Muslim biased United Nations with 55 countries.  It seems as though he was trying to give ISIS time by under reporting their gains and over reporting how much damage we were doing to them.  It is as though he were trying to sway public opinion by manufacturing a kind of tipping point where people no longer care about Christians or Jews, where people not only are sympathetic to Islam but Idolize Islam.   If all of our children converted to Islam how would that change how we feel about terrorism?  Indeed the Obama Regime even said, “One person’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist.”  He defended ISIS at one point by talking about the Crusades as though ISIS is redressing some Historic Evil visited upon them and making things good again.  He has attempted to use his popularity, especially with youth, to get people to feel sympathetic to terrorists, refusing to call them Muslims even though they have the word Islam in their own name.

The other thing that bothers me is that Obama is obviously trying to socialize the United States, and ISIS is obviously using blitzkrieg warfare.  The love between Hitler and Islam was mutual but in addition to that, he created blitzkrieg warfare knowing that France and Britain were socializing and because Germany was a relatively small country he needed more resources in order to wage more war because he was bent on global domination.  That is exactly what ISIS is doing right now.  That is the entire world on their coin, a global caliphate.  Obama knows that Islam is the fastest growing population on earth because of irresponsible breeding with multiple wives, forced conversions, and forbidding anybody from leaving Islam.  His strategy which he worked out secretly with the other conniving Muslim leaders is that if everyone is Muslim (which seems inevitable anyway) then religion will be irrelevant, or society will be controllable, so we will empower the United Nations, usher in an age of Peace, and create a One World Government.  Obama will leave his term in office and take a position of High Rank in the United Nations, which will be a promotion, having permanently financially and militarily crippled the United States and having enabled the enemy and stacked the deck in their favor.

So here is what you can take away as my predictions, I think ISIS has a lot more gold than everybody thinks they do.  I think Obama is going to try to give all authority to the United Nations, he is attempting to give ISIS time to grow, and get more resources.  I think Obama will try to become a High Ranking Member (or get a promotion) of the United Nations after his term as president.

I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions, If Putin wasn’t bombing ISIS why would they blow up a Russian Jet?  If there is a clear distinction between the Free Syrian Army and ISIS then how come Syrian Refugees are attacking France?