The Chosen People of the God of Reason


The words “Practice” & “Process” come from the word “Praxis”.  In order to be a rational person you have to have a valid Philosophy (which is your soul) & that Philosophy has to inform your behavior.  Your Philosophy can be falsified by being wrong, being arbitrary or invalid (for example if your philosophy didn’t apply to everything or could only be used to prove the Philosopher correct), or the person who claims to subscribe to the philosophy not observing the Praxis of the philosophy.  Due Process is based on the idea that


The word “Trident” means three teeth, the Hebrew Letter “Shin” is symbolized by a tooth.  This goes back to an Ancient Metaphor used for psychology that existed in India and Egypt before it existed in modern Christianity.  The Father, The Son & the Holy Spirit.  This represents the Id, the Ego, & the Super-ego in the human psyche of the individual but also in humanity as a whole.  God the Father is the Authority of Reason, God the Mother (Shekinah/Shakti) as Mercy & Charity which is more necessary when children are young and completely dependent on others to provide for them.  At this age Children are also not capable of being responsible for their mistakes, but the ancient people’s had an age of accountability which ended the Authority of the Mother & at which time the child should become a responsible citizen who respects the Law of the Land.  If they are not capable of doing this then they will not be a citizen but a slave or the sub caste, the tamas guna in India.  God the Son represents Coercive Authority of Punishment and Action.

The philologist Nietzsche came to the same conclusion when he said,

“Christianism is Platonism for the masses.”

Not only does this show a common thread between all legitimate religions, it demonstrates a connection to the Math Cults that possessed the secrets for building Great Civilizations from scratch based on Rational Relationship & understood the psychology of MANKIND.

When a man creates a philosophy and others adopt that philosophy it becomes a religion.  People that adopt that philosophy adopt the soul of the original philosopher and become part of that Soul Group.


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