Thought Technology

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As a linguistic philosopher I spend a lot of time thinking abut what a word is. A word is like taking a lasso and throwing it around a bunch of random objects and then describing a relationship between the objects. Sentences are just longer versions of words as are paragraphs, chapters, and books. Words are embedded in a matrix called language. What a person says characterizes him, others, and the relationship between them. Modern research shows that we might actually remember things with the use of narrative. If that is the case then the character we are playing in the play that we think we are in (the story we are telling ourselves) determines what facts we remember, and how we string them together.

The mind is an association making machine. We remember things by how we associate them with other things we know. The stronger and more spontaneous the emotion the easier the association is to make and the stronger our ability too remember. Linguists like Stephen Pinker have done a good job of making it unpopular to be a linguistic determinist with their mockery and strategic rhetoric but they are only looking at how it is wrong with extreme prejudice.

One minute Pinker appears to be arguing for the Tabula Rasa and the next he is quoting Noam Chomsky to support his arguments and make himself look smart. There is no doubt that Stephen is smart but he is wrong about linguistic determinism.

I am a soft linguistic determinist. I believe taht words are thought tools. If you don’t know the word your brain can’t move in that pattern. Pinker’s arguments suggest that a child living in a Mexican barrio is as linguisticly sophisticated and as intellectually capable of making an educational contribution to the world as Ludwig Wittgenstein. Which is absurd as i will demonstrate in this book.

Barak Obama and the Liberal, Elitist, Feminist progressives are actively controlling how people think right now with their word assassination and equivocation (<span style=”text-decoration: line-through;”>TERRORIST</span> Freedom Fighter) George Orwell’s INGSOC is alive and well. Pinker’s rhetoric makes it easy to conceal the fact that female communication rituals in the form of Radical Political Correctness are being forced down the throats of Americans right now to emasculate their minds.

Many of the Neologisms and phrases that I coined and define in this book were created by me so that I could better understand how I think and so that other people could look at the world through my eyes and understand it as I do. As I was creating my psychological models and rationalizing modern psychology with the perspective of the ancient philosophers I realized that the world was becoming more and more psychopathic and this was undesirable as well as unsustainable. The only way to stop this downward spiral was for everybody to be able to recognize psychopathic strategies/narrative and be able to confront it or at least not participate with it. Imagine if we started instilling this knowledge in our children in grade school not indoctrinating them in what to think but teaching them how to think. They could pick better friends, invest in better relationships, and become better more successful people.

As a philologist and a student of Proto-indo-European. I have long been interested in what concepts and words move into what other languages and remain there, enshrined in a way, and done homage too by the people that remember and use those thought tools. Anyway, though you might not agree with me on everything I hope that as you read this book you will look through my eyes and see what I see.


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